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  1. Zero


    I'm sure there has been but in all of my time here, I have never seen or can recall of a person PKing that is a strict bandit character that PVPs on a daily basis. Only people I have seen willing to PK that play hostile have been ones that do strict IC and RP like The Family or Roach's characters. 

    1. Mexi


      That or RP out a wound.

    2. Zero


      What gets me is when you capture them and ask to PK after they've tortured and initiated on a day to day basis and they refuse to PK or perma-scar, then the next day they capture you and have the audacity to ask for PK rights.

    3. Mexi


      Asking for PK rights before any RP has taken place during the capture, now that is a true meme.

    4. ShanePVP
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