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  1. Zero


    Can we just start editing the map and letting big groups make map edits? This shit is fucking ridiculous. The Saviors were making a huge town, had a compound, town center, and were going to begin walling it off and now all their shit is gone. What's the fucking point?

    1. JimRP


      Walling off an entire town? lol

    2. Zero


      Making like a Woodbury settlement or something, sounds cool to me to be honest, it would be a legit settlement but ALL their supplies were wiped because of the server crashing.

    3. Kain


      +1 honestly. We need settlements until we can be sure that basebuilding is fucked up the ass


      It's 2 AM, I am big dumb dumb

    4. Stradic


      Can we not bring this back?


    5. Alex


      I don't get why we can't do mod settlements like Stradic said. Basebuilding is dope, but barricading and editing the map to make settlements around areas of houses or small towns makes far more sense IC.

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