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  1. Zero


    So was that "sickness" fix not implemented with the new mod update? .-.

    1. Ghost of Osku

      Ghost of Osku

      It was slightly tweaked but the actual fix is yet to be implemented.

    2. Zero


      I honestly wanted to keep it in the game because it was fun having something besides just bandits to worry about. After experiencing it though no one seems to care about getting sick and it seems like it's just a nuisance. 

    3. Lyca


      Well cause the mechanic is totally bullshit. I dont blame people tbh. 

    4. VoodooLR


      Its fixed. Just need to put a bullet into anyone coughing and sneezing :trolle:

      (You can have that group idea on me)

    5. Zero


      @Voodoo well some white names apparently made a death squad and were going around executing anyone that was sick lmao

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