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  1. Zero


    This community has become one giant joke in all honesty, we can't even joke around with other community members anymore. Wot a meme.

    1. Wulf


      The problem is people looking at stuff through the filter of a heavy frown.

      If only they would embrace the bantz... Ah well. :D

    2. Zero


      @Fenrir Ain't even mad though, it's pretty sad how it's become though. Rolle goes on vacation and then the staff team goes ham and begins issuing points for petty shit? I realize that making "non contributing posts" is a 'rule break' now, but that's a fuckin stupid rule, come on mate. This use to be a something that use to issue warning points for if you were flaming with gifs or just making posts over and over that weren't needed.

      I've heard some recent horror stories from people that have seen what goes on behind the scenes and it's pretty sad. I've been here since the beginning of 2015, we use to be able to have fun on the forums and be friends but now it's just a joke. 

    3. Wulf


      I agree completely. Non contributing posts is almost purely subjective. Like in my case, My recent follow up post in Staff feedback getting points hours after me posting it, was IMO only issued due to Salt resulting from my original post regarding RedSky's report and also due to the fact I didn't go down with RedSky and the bois in that report. Otherwise why did it take hours to issue? And why was it issued not long after the Verdict of said report. 

      Not to worry though, got an appeal up and I'm keeping my eye on the ones responsible for this bullshit ;)

      For me though I've been here for around a year and I've been active for around half a year now. So i tend to hold back when it comes to criticizing anything. But whats happened to us recently is straight up insulting. To the point I have to say something, which then gets me points because humans cant take criticism and get salty. 


    4. ShanePVP


      ohhhhhhhhhh shit sonnnnnnnnnnnn ^^^^

    5. Zero


      @Fenrir I don't know anymore man, I wanted to be staff so I could help the community and be a bigger part of it, but now I don't even want to think about it. Half the time it looks like they don't even know what they're doing or what they're suppose to be doing and the other half they're running the place like a military POW camp. At first I was in agreement with a lot of these new rules but now they're talking about adding more and more. Don't smile or have, you'll be lined against the wall and a firing squad will be used.

    6. Doom


      hi. Im here

      Would agree with all stated above. 10/10

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