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  1. Zero


    Someone, please, God, ban child role-play. It's bad. It's cringe. It doesn't belong here.

    1. Mexi


      It's roleplay, I don't particularly like being told what to do ICly by someone I know OOC is a 16-18 year old but I put up with it.

    2. Karma


      So because you don't like it it should be banned? Some of the best RPers I've run into are child RPers and it adds something different when its done properly. As long as they aren't being trolly who cares what age they chose to have their character?

    3. Fenrir


      That signature greeting from a child RPer "Haaaiiiiii"

      *Feels Queezy*

    4. Karma


      Also as for it not belonging here, Its the apocalypse, kids still exist. There will be kids who survive and are still running around and trying to survive. so its really not that much of a stretch 

    5. ExoticRP


      +1 Zero

    6. Lyca


      Some people do it very well and good. When it's not done good you can speak to the people and give advice. 

    7. Brayces


      I typically say anything under 13 is way too much to try and RP effectively. ?

      But in saying that, I enjoy RP'ing as a kid, specifically a young teen. Once I stop getting hit on while RP'ing a char. my age even after telling people to stop I'll stop RP'ing a child character! But since that won't ever happen... Guess I'm stuck RP'ing a 14 year old!

      Since ya know, even 16/17 year olds (my last char) aren't free from the creeping IC which for some reason bleeds into OOC. ?

      On the flip side, RP'ing a kid char gives people a chance to use them as a mirror. Often times I will find that in RP people have to tackle the hard task of trying to explain difficult situations or issues to a kid, which then forces them to explain how they're doing something and why they're doing it. Or they have to take care of the kid, keep them safe from harm or even throw them into the fray so they can grow up faster! It's all depending on who someone else is playing.


      It's a fun and interesting dynamic. Saying that though, I dislike RP'ing with other kid characters because it's hard enough RP'ing as a young teen and staying IC but even harder to RP a young teen and be around other kids and try and connect as children. @[email protected]



    8. Zero


      The problem is when you start asking me to act like your avatar is a small child when it's obviously a full grown man and you're running around with automatic weapons participating in firefights. No one did it up until late 2015 and 2016. Before than it was a common idea to just say that the children are off the map or staying safe in a camp or house away from the danger. Now I am being told that I should find it believable that there are children running around a town full of Mafia members and anarcho-communists that cut off peoples head and keep them as trophies. It's stupid. Just RP within the mechanics of the game.

      I don't have a problem with 17-18 year old characters.

    9. Lyca


      There are children who are much larger than "normal". As long as there is put effort into the rp and it is realistic I don't see a problem. 

    10. Brayces


      Sadly, DayZ doesn't give us any character creation options ... ? SO everyone is the same height and weight ..

      Well, I for one, do not use any guns larger than a pistol nor carry any bags bigger than a Hunting pack. Because, as you said, it would be way to hard for a child to hold such weapons and it would be unrealistic!

      I have my char use a bow and a bat and even then she doesn't typically take on infected on her own (Unless I'm OOC running somewhere ya knoooowwwwbooooiiii) 

      But, some people want to RP differently and are welcomed to it. If you dislike someones RP just don't RP around them! Easy peasy! Say your char. HATES kids with a PASSION OF A THOUSAND SUNS and use that as a excuse to not hang around any kid chars. 

    11. Karma


      @Zero Your logic of "Just RP within the mechanics of the game." Doesn't work in the case of a game like DayZ, a lot of RP relies on people improvising a little, just as a example you cant actually lose a limb in game mechanic, but there's plenty of people who RP that out. It takes a little imagination at times to RP in a game as limited as DayZ

    12. Zero


      Which is typically a small percentage of the population. Out of thousands of students in the area I live in I only knew of three guys that were the size of an adult. 

      @Karma and the game mechanics allow people the ability to cover their characters through the use of clothing, making it more believable to RP out a prosthetic.

    13. Fenrir


      Just a thought...

      If i emote it correctly, can I play as a black bear wandered down from Russia?

    14. JkpFrog


      Ehhh, I'm with Mexi and Karma on this one. It's all roleplay, and some folks are decent at that kind of RP, and others not so much. Haven't run into that many kids on the server compared to adults anyway. Only time it's frustrating is when someone plays a kid character unrealistically (like they never get intimidated,  don't think about the realities of a kid in the apocalypse, etc) -- but same thing could be said of any type of character.

    15. Karma


      @Fenrir Because that is totally on the same level as playing a kid character

      Image result for eye roll gif

    16. Brayces


      @Fenrir ?That would be TrollRP! Ya silly billy! You do not appear as a bear in avatar, but with human avatars we have people playing; 

      Disabled People (Physically)

      Missing limbs

      Scarred faces/body

      Old People

      Young People

      People with Beards and without Beards (Before the santa beards)

      Bald people

      Long haired people

      Fat people

      Thin people


      This is where the Role Play part of DayZRP comes in. You get to play a role! As long as it is human and not trolly/meme-y then we typically allow people that freedom in Role Play! If you were to ...RP as a bear in the forest, that would be TrollRP as a bear is not a person (Sorry bear activists). Maybe when we get modding! I wouldn't mind appearing as random animals that run into camps causing a ruckus for people to RP about!

      GGRRR! Shoulda tied up your food stores! I'm a hungry hungry bear!! 



    17. Fenrir


      @Brayces But, but, but....

      I'd be a nice bear that turned up in camps with that "hiyyyyaaaaa" look on my face

      And people would feed me then I'd leave, that's all honest ?

      Image result for Black bear

    18. Zero


      I'm going to RP as a bear now.

    19. Brayces


      @Fenrir As adorable as that would be, if you strolled around as a peoples they may not believe you!!

      ? Though, I'm totally excited when we get modding. If I'm able to I'd legit spawn as a Cow, or Bear or Dog or whatever modding we had and just create a interaction ICly! 

      I'd go in and mess with peoples camps and see if they could kill me, or maybe let people go on hunting trips for deer and chase me?! ? Or be a bird and plop of people from above!! Hehe, I can't wait! ?I hope it's a mod in the future! THEN WE COULD TOTALLY HAVE EVENTS "BEAR ATTACK IN LOP!!" "DEER AMBUSH IN VYBOR!!" ?

    20. Malthis


      I enjoy playing a kid character. I honestly felt the same way about kid characters until I gave it a try. The majority of the kid characters that I encountered on RP servers weren't believable and there was a small handful that stood out as believable, and I try to use that as inspiration for when I play mine as a way to drive my RP to be better. Unfortunately as there's no way to customize the models of the characters there's always going to be a certain level that's up to the imagination of other people, it's why I like that this server has text RP to help out with the description. I keep a copy/pasted description for my character to help those people immediately identify that I'm a short teenager. 

    21. JkpFrog


      Exactly what Brayces and Malthis said.? Heck, I'm currently playing a character with tattoos and despite a lack of them in game, no one minds when that feature's pointed out in relevant situations. We all tweak the things we can't via text/emotes and stretch folks imagination in RP.

      And for the weapons thing that was pointed out much earlier -- any time anyone uses a gun or weapon they wouldn't be able too normally it doesn't make sense, but that's usually just a sign of someone not thinking something through.

      Even if at one point kid characters weren't RPed out, doesn't mean that they forever have to be played as staying off somewhere in a cabin or dead. Plus, the same thing could be said for women since most backstories on the server have the guys wife/daughter on the server as dead or in hiding. Growth can be okay! And some still are RPed that way. 

    22. Infamous


      while you are at it ban ERP

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