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  1. Zero


    You know, I really don't mind being robbed, it's part of the game. I know people will raid bases and steal vehicles. But what the actual fuck is the point in this bullshit? I was doing a neat little thing of being a traveling merchant, using the vehicle as a store. Pulling up into towns and opening the trunk to let people select from my wares. Then this asshole, whoever did it, decides to essentially grief my shit for what I assume is the only reason of "For the lawls". They even went through the trouble of pulling off all the doors and shooting out the tires, then putting it in a position where it can't be pulled out. Seriously go fuck yourself, this is part of the reason I don't even enjoy getting in game anymore. Lmao.


    1. APositiveElmo


      This is why we perfected car bombing.

    2. Zero



    3. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      As a wise man once said "There is no cure for being a cunt."

      I mean, this sucks because I can see it's not about the gear. You're using that as a means of providing an interesting RP experience, and having someone take that away for no reason is shitty.

    4. Oliv


      That's actually very disappointing.

    5. Lad


      Another situation that cements the idea that to some people this server is not for RP but for "the lawls".

      Very, very disappointing.

    6. turtlemilk


      Guess my Uber will be late :( 

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