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  1. Zero


    I know I was selected for my experience with military related subjects and was put into an officer position to help lead the U.N. group and that is why this is difficult for me to say but I will not leave people waiting for me. I personally have no interest in DayZ or DayZRP anymore. The community has gone down hill since January and I have no interest in participating here anymore. People will probably be irritated with me but I will not force myself to role-play as I will not enjoy it and in return I will end up giving mediocre RP. I am sorry Matt and everyone else, it was difficult for me to come to this decision and to make this announcement. Perhaps if there is a major change in the environment around here I will return, until then I am just going to be a lurker.

    @TheMatt924 @Chief

    1. BostonRP


      https://www.dayzrp.com/stats as of 7:20 PM EST. Things are beginning to change I would say. 

      Hope you come back soon Zero. :(

    2. Chief


      I'll remove you ASAP, but just know you always have a spot :) 

    3. Skinner


      I'm sorry you feel that way man, I didn't intend to put a lot of pressure on you by making you the captain, but you're right the main reason you should be here is because you are having fun not because you feel obligated. You were one of the first people to support me in my role as leader of the UN and if you ever change your mind you always have a place with me. See you around!