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  1. Zero

    Possible Mods to add

    Will admit, that clothing mod has some sick items in it. The gas mask and cowl looks badass. Only issue has been stated already, either they don't want their mods on a monetized server or they don't like Roland.
  2. Zero

    The main reason for Combat Logging

    I'd be fine with character wipes for any rule break to be honest, though it would suck if I began the logout process and someone suddenly ran up out of no where. (The character remains in the server even after disconnect, though I'm sure these instances would be so rare it would be pointless to even factor it in.)
  3. Zero

    Testing a new map on S2

    If you're making it Chernarussian don't you have to change the signs to Russian now? I am under the impression everything is in English.
  4. Zero

    Decrease the spawn of NVGs?

    Yes and while we are at it lower the spawn rates of military weapons.
  5. Zero

    Deer Isle = Separate Active Character

    This isn't a bad idea, could be coded into to where you can't switch the map once you have it selected. Though I had always wanted to do a story-line with my current character. I wrote in that he has a small ship used for smuggling. The end goal was to end up in Taviana, Namalsk, or the United States. It would be weird if everyone else magically was in the U.S. though, so it'd probably be better just to make certain characters only playable on certain maps.
  6. Zero

    Testing a new map on S2

    I would say yes if it wasn't Chernarus. I'm personally tired of this un-relate-able country that has more foreigners then ethnic Slavic people, it's unrealistic, we've been in the same place since 2012, and it's become tiresome. If you're going to do a new map, just keep it as being United States / Maine. Take into consideration that there is quite a few of us who are simply tired of playing because of the reasons listed above, I know I'm certainly one of them. Besides, in the lore Utes is suppose to be a military stronghold.. Meant for high-ranking military / government officials and their relatives or Chernarussian refugees... The whole point in moving a large chunk of the military infrastructure to Utes was to ensure that there would be a functioning command structure, the island allowed them to keep the infection from wiping out civilization, as they could just blow up anyone approaching the island.. At least that's what I can recall. It would make no sense to make it Utes.
  7. Zero

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    I can deal with a lore wipe every 2-3 years. Wiping any where less then that, I won’t even bother playing here with what little time I do have left. On the other thing I would go so far to say that the majority of people are tired of this boring ass map set in an un-relatable portion of the world. New map, smaller map, map changes, do something different.
  8. Zero

    Make the map smaller? Evolve the story?

    Ok dude. Everyone is tired of playing the same shit since 2012. Let Roland change some things for once. I’m sure you can find somewhere else besides the fringe of the map to hide your camp at.
  9. Zero

    Phoenix's new and improved quote wall

    Finally, I am recognized. I’m a god damn artist and these are my master pieces.
  10. Zero

    Let's Talk About Dexamphetamine

    Maybe because it's a role-play server, lmao.
  11. Zero

    Increase AR spawn.

    Yeah so after playing this week I noticed that everyone had a god damn AK or Armalite rifle. It was kind of ridiculous because no one cared, I ended up giving away free AKs. I would say decrease the spawns or start moving some western weapons to heli crash only.
  12. Zero

    Lack of cars are killing the server

    Cars don’t work once the cap goes past 60. Blame Roland.
  13. Mugin

    • Mugin
    • Zero

    Nice Skeleton.

    1. Zero


      He's laughing because you're a doo doo head.

  14. Zero


    There is no reason or point to own a 1911 in 9mm. 1911s are meant for .45 and 10mm. 

  15. Zero

    What do you want from us?

    TLDR. Just kidding. Lore stuff is fun to read. I like it. It adds to the stories of those who are here for the more in-depth role-play. The issue with these large scale events and why people don't want to be in them? RCON messages are boring as fuck. No one wants to read about a big super cool explosion. They want to physically see it. People want to see these jets strafing these strongholds like they do in the lore. They want to see the VDV troops actually paradropping into Chernarus. They want to see APCs rolling around an area because the military wants something from the region. They want to see the map change if a city gets bombed from being a part of one of these events. The issue isn't with the staff itself. The issue lies within the lack of vehicles, features, and admin tools not being granted to the lore-masters. This was even highlighted as the issue when Anarchy was a group. We didn't feel like being scared of the big bad gobermunt men because they could do nothing to us. There was no physical presence. No threat of being blown to bits by a drone or air-strike. You get the gist.
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