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  1. Zero

    Suggestion : Remove kuru?

    I would be fine with removing it all together, but part of me believes if you want to be a cannibal there should be negative effects or repercussions for your character choices.
  2. Zero

    Suggestion : Remove kuru?

    Remove the laugh, sure, but keep the negative effects such as hand shakes.
  3. Zero

    Bring back the crosshair

    I voted no but after thinking about I realized that it should just be implemented as we’ve already seen people went around the system and it gives them an unfair advantage over others.
  4. Zero


    I have John Moody's head in my backpack wrapped in a plastic bag.


  5. Zero

    Can we get rid of this sound bug?

    Why did it ear rape?
  6. Zero

    Awimba's end

  7. I can’t prove you wrong because you’re right. It’s become a glorified pub server. I just want to make suggestions to make it not a glorified pub server anymore. You’re also right that it would effect “non pvpers”. The thing is the people that want this or longer healing times want it because they believe it will enhance their RP experience as well.
  • Zero

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    Unless they get handicapped and it becomes a burden to continue the same play style. The only thing this suggestion would do is enhance RP and promote it. Lots of people already think that the server has become nothing but DayZ Faction Wars with how arcadey the game feels and how much fighting there is.
  • Zero

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    Medical RP and this game in its current state are an absolute joke. As it stands the healing mechanics promote a more arcade style which in turn promotes a PvP environment of people getting shot. Healing in 5 minutes then jumping back into PvP.
  • Zero

    Make blood / heath only regen by using blood bags / saline

    The suggestion is simple. In the mod medicine and heath mechanics were much more complicated and medical supplies actually served a purpose. My suggestion is to make health only regen by using actual medical supplies. I think this would help make medical supplies be used and make medical RP prevalent again. No more useless doctors or game items. No more running and gunning, the regening health in ten minutes or less.
  • Zero

    Settlement / Possible eventual faction & Rp hub

    Except they made some exceptions but ended up getting ass fucked by the hostile groups enemies. Ain't no winning here. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Zero

    Settlement / Possible eventual faction & Rp hub

    Sorry pal, but your pact of non aggression will never work. The Free Medics were the ultimate "pacifists" and got attacked to the point they stopped playing the game. Settlements will never work unless Roland implements settlement rules again or something similar to CTC.
  • Zero

    Fairwell Tombstone [Open Frequency]

    *Cain would get on his radio and listen to the man.* "Shame to hear about what happened to your home Mr. Jaegar, there are still good places to settle down out here in South Zagoria. Who knows, maybe we'll run into each other some day. Good luck out there." *He would release the PTT.*
  • Zero

    Your meant to be War Hero

    *Cain would hear the mans broadcast* ”Damn, you sound like a bunch of psychopaths. I mean torturing a man? What did you do after? No doubt you probably cooked the poor man up on a spit and ate him.” *He would release the PTT*
  • Zero

    Add Limp Animation to the Emote Wheel

    I suggested this months ago. +1
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