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  1. Zero


    I think I'm finally happy with my backstory.

  2. Zero

    Bringing the Main Teamspeak Server Back

    No. Discord has more features.
  3. Zero

    Trying to understand Rule 3.4 better.

    No you can do medical RP and act out injuries, you just have amnesia of the events surrounding your death, like who killed you or what led up to your death. This sort of prevents the endless cycle we use to have of everyone initiating on each other and doing executions without PKing, which was dumb.
  4. Zero

    Transmittng Radio Chat through In-Game chat

    Yes, it's dumb that it was removed. Apparently they just says it's bad RP now, but since Bad RP is just a blanket thing, everyone assumes it's not a rule-break so they don't report it.
  5. Zero

    Go back to old Premium Rank Names.

    How about na.
  6. Zero

    Bring Teamspeak Back

    Except from what I've previously experienced the owners of those TS's did not offer DayZRP staff members power in order for them to handle DayZRP matters and could freely ban whoever they want.
  7. Zero


  8. Zero

    🔥 Marshmallow on a stick 🔥

    Hell yeah.
  9. Zero

    Map Extension

    Jesus Christ, God please no. The map is too big as is. We need a SMALLER map.
  10. Zero


    Look it's you and Tony.

    @CaliforniaRP @groovy tonyRP


  11. GaryCash

    • GaryCash
    • Zero

    Holy Shit-- Richter caine is back!

    1. Zero


      Yeah but since I didn't really get to use the character I redid the backstory to something else and just kept the name. 

    2. GaryCash


      oh new character technically i see

  12. Zero

    Remove snow map

    Please remove snow map spring is soon.
  13. Zero

    Reintroduce Timed Persistence Wipes

    I had a feeling that removing persistence wipes was going to utterly fuck the already broken CLE. If we want bases we’re just going to have to allow map edits, it’s that simple. Bring back wipes.
  14. Zero

    Bring Teamspeak Back

    Personally I don't see the issue. How does it cause drama? How is it cringe? It seems like people are just complaining to complain at this point. There's never been an issue with the copied TS and OOC hate and I highly doubt there ever will be. I also don't see the issue with using Discord. If you want communication between groups, use either Discord or the copied TS. Problem solved. The "issues" that people state about Discord I have never heard a majority of people that use it complain about those so called issues and it just comes down to personal preference.
  15. Zero

    • Zero
    • Watchman

    How to make cool graphics like you for character page?

    1. Watchman


      Oh boy

    2. OskuRP



    3. Zero


      Is this google?

    4. Watchman