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  1. Zero

    DayZRP 20.6.1

    So western weapons are rare again?
  2. That magazine looks funky in that AK not gonna lie. A quick google search brings up a 100 round drug magazine made in South Korea. If you were going to do this concept why not just repurpose the drum magazine model?
  3. It’s something new so no. Can’t be having anything different.
  4. Would like to see deer isle but definitely not as a Chernarussian territory. If you’re going to introduce a new experience let it actually be new. Keep the Deer Isle lore as set by the map creator.
  5. Well, if that's not stupid I don't know what is.
  6. I was just wondering if it is possible to have items exchanged for something that is of equal value. I bought the shemagh when it first came out and and used it twice but would rather have the one that you can convert into different face masks.
  7. Asked about this awhile back as to why a lot of new things were never added to make the map better. TLDR version was the devs said it tanks performance too much. Even small prefabs apparently caused some pretty big hits. Maybe we can have expansion mod soon and have an overgrown chernarus.
  8. I’m gonna go with a bag fat N O. I remember when I advocated for this. Then one patch was released. Automatic guns were impossible to get, even sub machine guns were difficult to find. It was absolute dog shit. From what I recall the only large group that I can think of that had them was Anarchy. As you can imagine it was pretty terrible when only one group had a steady supply of the only guns that actually work well.
  9. It would be nice if you could toggle the UI. Perhaps while holding the map pressing M would toggle it off and on? Not sure if that would be hard to mod in.
  10. - user was warned for this post -
  11. I would @ the big man but I don’t do that anymore.
  12. Okay but there are also other alternatives. Chiemese and Stuart Island come to mind.
  13. Why are people so hell bent on repeating the same things over and over though when there are viable options available? I don't know the story behind why we can't use Deer Isle, but it's been heavily developed as you can tell from the various videos of which I doubt you took the time to look at even briefly. I suppose I can look forward to another 1,000 days of the same villages copy pasted over a 15x15km space so that's a plus, lol.
  14. With every lore wipe it seems we don't get much in the way of change. The lore itself changes, sometimes with little detail as to provide a more clean slate to do anything you want. Sometimes it's extremely detailed and in some cases that has led to some limited ways of making groups. With every iteration though, it has always been the same central thing which has led to the same groups. Foreigners vs nationalists, bordering countries invading, and the same backstories in essence. People have been open to a change in map as long as it could equal Chernarus. What if there was a way to do that? Deer Isle has gone through some heavy updates. Is it time to try and move away from Chernarus, perhaps this could change up the RP style drastically instead of leading us in the same directions over and over? Perhaps it's too late for this even if it was decided that it would be a good idea (due to the lore wipe coming in three or so weeks.)
  15. Yes, we need this. "We're digging yo graves boy." @Otto
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