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  1. On the topic of useless mods I suggest taking a gander at Quadley's Tools and Melee Weapons, which just adds a million retextured bats or duplicates of already existing items on the server such as Kukiris.
  2. Namalsk was in this lore and had anomalies.
  3. I would like to suggest these two mods. One adds anomalies from stalker and has a configurable panel for the server and the other is a mod that accompanies it which allows you to detect the anomalies. Mods can be found here and here.
  4. You are entirely correct, but that is just the dynamic of the server right now. Staff has a choice to make and they will have to live with that choice. Unban the "undesirables" or live with the dwindling server. I think that if they unbanned others the server could be potentionally fixed. Back in the day there were so many hostile groups that they were usually at war with each other and every now and then they would hold up the ones not partaking in the conflict. This was extremely balanced. The fact is the server needs balance in the types of RP or it stagnates like it is right now. Here is the thing though that has already been said a million times, people will not come back unless it's a blanket amnesty. I don't know why we are hiding behind this narrow minded world view of they don't deserve a second chance though. I will probably be the first to say this but five years ago I was an ignorant bastard. I have said and done things I regret. I use to be narrow minded. Then five years passed and I experienced the world, met different types of people, and realized they were just like me. Being banned is in a way similar to serving a sentence in jail or prison. I think that once you have served your time, reflected on your decisions and the consequences then you deserve a second chance in society. This situation is no different. I hope that staff can realize that people do genuiely change, even if they did really messed up things in the past. I can be your prime example. While I was angry and voiced my opinion this week on a decision, I have not shit posted. I have not flamed, and that is because I realize that type of behavior is frankly immature. I have grown as a person and I think a lot of people that have been banned but they won't allow amnesty have also changed, but we will never know unless they are given a chance. The worst thing that happens is they end up banned again. I don't think it would cost the server anything considering the situation it currently finds itself in. I know this has been said a thousand times already, but I think it requires long deliberation again. The new amnesty was already something that was highly controversial. I think the same thing should happen with the consideration of unbanning others that weren't considered the first time around.
  5. I can almost guarantee you that the latter is true.
  6. ^ This guy.. 27-29 people is not enough for a sustain a RP community and storyline. If it were a PVP server, yes, but this isn't a PVP server. How many times can I run into the same character and receive the same RP before it gets boring? A few weeks max. Especially how everyone clings to their characters and refuses to PK even when they are trying to be the villain of the entire server. Of course some people just bail when the power scheme is shaken up a bit and they suddenly are on the losing side, which just makes the situation worse.
  7. The people they need to come back won't come back because it isn't a blanket unban and they ain't coming unless everyone is unbanned.
  8. Lol either you’re oblivious as to what has been going on in the server for years or you’re choosing to blatantly ignore the actions of particular people. This is nothing new to DayZRP. It is not my cup of tea. But neither is people playing underage chars and ERPing. But it appears those same people can not only do that but also do the exact same type of RP that Oz did and not get permanently banned. Maybe you should also talk to members of your staff team as well. I find it funny how we selectively choose to dish out the punishments. I will point out hypocrisy and when something is wrong when I see it as I always have. There’s a lot of equally fucked up or worse shit that is roleplayed or even implied in the server but it gets a pass. My issue is that you selectively draw the line at that particular incident when members of your staff team and other members of the community have the done the same thing (and it has been widely known by other people in game) but nothing was done about it until now with one person in particular. I find cannibalism to be extremely vile but it’s allowed to be roleplayed. Thinking about it sometimes makes me physically sick. Can we ban that? People torture people on this server. That’s a pretty abhorrent practice as well. I’ve seen people RP disemboweling characters and hanging them with their intestines. Pretty disgusting if you ask me.
  9. I will make an addendum of not threatening to ban my friends for the same kind of RP that other staff members do or have done and the same type of RP that has been overlooked or found acceptable in my entire five years of being in this community. Thank you. Why we go out of our ways to nit pick and find reasons to alienate or ban the ever dwindling player base I will never know.
  10. I played on a server for one day that has a no "offline" raiding rule and it took me 30 minutes to realize how stupid it is. Half of the police stations I came across I could not go into because they were "bases". Picture this, half of the buildings you come across are now not enterable because realistically you won't run into the person while they are home. Under the rules of this other server you have to walk up, knock on their door, ask if anyone is home and you can only raid if they respond.
  11. When people focus on developing stories and the role-play instead of hoarding gear and just logging onto show everyone how big their pp is then me and mine will start playing again. Until then au revoir my friends.
  12. "Mr. Governor, instead of relying on civilian volunteers to secure these supply lines you should have a vetting process. Perhaps hire PKM or other mercenaries and let them lead the assault. At least that way you won't have random yahoos running around shooting random people."
  13. Ah yes I would love to have to sleep in the middle of RP or perform all other daily tasks that I already hate doing IRL.
  14. No it shouldn't be allowed but there is no way to regulate it so this thread is pointless imo.
  15. *A battered leather journal contains the thoughts of a broken man known as Jericho Riker.* Currently in possession of: Jack Sands Father, Who Art Thou? I was lost but now I am found Taken
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