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  1. Got a new profile song for those special people out there in the community. 

  2. Anyone know how I can map a push to talk key on FiveM/GTA RP mod?

    1. SarcasticSurgeon


      Settings > Keybindings> Press enter > GTA Online > Push to Talk > Bind key > Profit!

    2. Zero


      I forgot to mention that I was on a controller. RIP. @SarcasticSurgeon

  3. I made a meme. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

    @Rolle @Chief


  4. *Mikhail listens in as someone replies to his broadcast, he slumps back in his chair.* "And you didn't stop him? Why?" *Mikhail pauses.* "Perhaps you are the one who is scum. Shut your mouth about the military. I know what they did, do you think I agree with it? No, I don't! They bombed innocent civilians and we have to live with that, but the Russians were trying to tear Ukraine apart. And what of when the infection came? instead of shelling the city Yuri gave the order to hold fire so more civilians could evacuate! Do you think that is scum?! He volunteered to find supplies to feed these families here in this camp, women and children! He went alone because he knew how dangerous men are in South Zagoria and he thought he could avoid everything and not get into a bad situation. And you proved him right and wrong at the same time, how do you people live with yourselves down there?" *Mikhail looks at the map and then continues.* "He was bringing more ammunition and food here, to get rid of the infected at our gate.. To feed everyone. He had a truck waiting near the border, but I guess it's yours now. Thank you for dooming us, whoever the fuck you are." *He releases the PTT button and begins to ponder his next move.*
  5. *Mikhail presses down on the PTT button as he sits down at a communications table within a small makeshift village on the outskirts of South Zagoria. The hustle and bustle of chatter can be heard as he broadcasts. He speaks with an obvious and notable accent.* "Yuri, this is Mikhail. Where the hell are you? If I have to remind you again, the supplies we needed to feed the camp are dire. Families need to be fed Kapitan, the children are going hungry.. If you're not back by tomorrow I will have to send out a patrol, but we can't spare much as is. Hurry up you old man!" *Mikhail releases the PTT button, hoping that everything is okay.*
  6. Fate of Character Pages

    From what I understand all character pages will be deleted.
  7. LoreMaster Progress Thread

    If the lore wipe gets pushed back I'm gonna be a bit upset. I just perma-killed my favorite/main character because I thought we were dropping the most dank lore ever in a week. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Sooooooo bored.

    1. Boston


      Would you be interested in doing some DayZ Roleplay?

    2. Zero


      Yuri's dead.

    3. Boston


      Make another.

  9. @Dew @Joffrey @Dusty @EveryoneFuckingElseThatWasThere Great RP with PAU even though you broke apart my mental state and crushed me by pointing out my failures to the homeland. RIP Kapitan
  10. I made a meme.


  11. When DayZ SA enters beta.


    • Zero
    • William


  12. Done trying to be friends with some people. Lot of two faced individuals around here, just be careful who you befriend in this community. 

    1. TheMatt924


      Sometimes people can surprise you, someone you thought was an edgy prick might actually be a pretty reasonable guy. However, one thing my time here has taught me is this: Once a snake, always a snake. Backstabbers and never change.

  13. I don't think anyone wants to ask anymore questions they just want to look at the lore already. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  14. I have updated the Radio Etiquette - Military Roleplay Guide to include additional information gathered by myself. Some additions include more keywords and a further explanation on how fire-teams / squads would communicate over the radio. If you have anything to add or see something I should change please hit me up.