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  1. [Open Frequency] Hallowed Be Thy Name.

    *A voice comes over the radio.* "You will not stop me or halt my mission. The Lord has sent me. I am his sword and his shield." *The transmission ends.*
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    Here you go you fuckin commies. @G19RP @BorisRP @Cosmo


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      love that show. Got the one where G W was a coke head and a drunk?

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      :D better red then dead

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    Bruh why you ain't on meeee steam?

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  3. The Deal With It Attitude

    I am just going to post my opinion (and some facts) as it's part of the larger issue. I have seen and been a part of Law and his friends RP. It's not great. It's trolling, simply put. He has done trolly groups that have made no sense. Myself and others should not be the least surprised that he was banned over this given his history. However, as a friend of Aiko I will say this. She should not have made the report verdict and someone else should have. On another note, they shouldn't have been perma-banned in my opinion. The only time I have seen troll RP result in a perma-ban was when the player playing as a transvestite woman with a penis recorded pornos with three others in the middle of kab with pretty much the whole server as a witness. As a result, I am not surprised this over-reach happened, but on the other hand I think sometimes Rolle and the admins should absolutely utilize rule 4 and I don't care if they do so in this sort of manner as long as it's justified. In this instance, it wasn't. Quick rule 4's like that should be done in extremely drastic circumstance such as if there were to be another tendie war or a mass kos spree. With all that being said. I have put over 4,000 hours into this community over a three-four year time span. I spent my high school years here with my friends, always followed the rules, made groups that changed the server and people's stories. I was burned just like Chief by the staff team and then labeled as a piece of shit banter brigader. Which I find hilarious as only two of them even liked me, the rest hated my guts. I was threatened with a perma-ban despite being an outstanding community member (a few warning points and one caution excluded). I was expecting to be perma-banned over something ridiculous, so this sort of behavior isn't a surprise to me. It's doing nothing to help the community and it has turned away a lot of people from playing. TLDR Version : Rolle and the admins should be able to exercise their rule 4 abilities in manners like this (total perma-ban, short notice) but in this instance it wasn't justified and was probably worth a five day ban with fifteen warning points. There are a few things wrong with how the report was handled but since this isn't my community, my opinion (or the facts rather) do not matter I guess.
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      bwahahahah thanks lad

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      Good ole days 

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    Back to the old profile. RP is dead but cowboys are forever.


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      Ur gay Cyka.

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    Hello there scumbag community member Boston, ruin anyone’s life today? 

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      Yeah, plenty.

      And you fellow scumbag community member Zero?

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      Well I burned some people alive and threw them off the roof, no big deal.

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      As long as you were not discriminatory during. That would be going too far.

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    Desu Desu Beni-Kun


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      Get the fuck out. 

      -Edit- Just saw the video. Lmao.

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  6. Lore Wipe

    It's determined by the admins. Last lore wipe was after two and half years (might have been three, can't remember) I believe. It's really usually asked by the community then the admins put it to a vote between them and that's what decides if a lore wipe happens.
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    *Impatiently waits for reply to radio thread.*


  7. [Open Frequency] Hallowed Be Thy Name.

    *The crazy man wearing a cowboy hat hears the transmissions and decides to respond.* "God has sent me on a mission and you are the devil attempting to test me. I will be observing you, just like I did today. " *He releases the PTT button.*
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      please give chief back his voice. 

  9. Legbutts (LGBTs) of DayZRP

    I simply provided you with information to counter your arguments, which are true and can be verified my friend. I do not care if you're gay or trans. My entire point is what is the point in celebrating something that is simple human nature as it's 2018 and for the most part people have accepted the community. You will get punched in the face or publicly disowned to the point you will not be able to hold a job if you discriminate or hate against the LGBT community. I personally hate racists and bigots but what is the point in all of this? Social justice has paved the way for it to be seen as normal.