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  1. Zero


    I like it.
  2. Zero

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Ok. I guess almost four months or so of running with Anarchy then being with them dynamically doesn’t make me a part of the group.
  3. EndeavourRP

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    #justice for jeerry 2k18

  4. “Never stay in one place for too long, always stay on the move.” A man with a sick sense of humor, Harlan has spent his life in the Florida Everglades. Although his father was a shrimp boat captain, Harlan never took to the family business despite enjoying the lifestyle that came with the industry. Instead he took to becoming an alligator trapper. After Hurricane Katrina, Harlan’s father could not recoup from losing his boat and Harlan himself began jumping from job to job and place to place in order to keep food on the table. He's worked anywhere from Texas in the oil industry to welding in Florida. Eventually he found work on a fishing boat headed for European waters. Harlan never was one for speaking about his personal problems or making friends. Most will find that he's a man that let's his actions speak louder than his words. From past experiences he's never settled in one place for too long and instead likes to be on the move constantly, unfortunately this led him to be stranded in a country he doesn't know much about and doesn't care for either. - Survive - Attempt to find a small fishing boat and live the rest of his days ferrying people up and down the coastlines None None
  5. Zero


    A good ending to a long played character. Many might miss ole Jerry, but all characters and their stories should have an ending. If his death results in story conflict and the advancement of other peoples story then I will be happy. o7 

    1. G19RP


      I will kill all those motherfuckers #justiceforjerry

    2. MrPanda


      Anarchist hearing Jerry's death on  the radio


      "Guess you all want a ass whooping"


  6. Zero

    A Mans Last Words

    *Jericho tapes down the PTT button on his radio as he spies on the town of Stary, he breathes heavily as he tries to transmit to one of his brothers.* "Hondo, I'm positioned near Stary. I don't see any militia movements, I think most are sleeping. I'm going to loop around and try to find where they are hiding their weap---" *He pauses as the crunching of leaves nearby can be heard.* "Shit." *An AK racking back can be heard, followed by the voice of Sasha.* "Who the fuck are you?" *Jerry would stay silent as Sasha demanded an answer* "Who the fuck are you? Give me name before I blow your fucking brains out." *He sighs, the PTT button having been taped down.* "No one important for you to worry about." *Wolfgang would speak from behind cover* "Well, well, well, if it isn't Jerry. We have been looking for you. Why don't you drop that nice rifle and come along with us." *Jerry chuckles.* "I ain't doing shit for you." *Sasha would be demanding for him to surrender his firearm.* "Put it down before we paint this field with your brain-matter." *Jerry gives off a lowly growl as he complies. The sound of him being hit with the butt of a rifle can be heard.* "Get moving." *A few minutes pass before anything is heard again, the sound of Wolfgang's plays over the airwaves* "Now Jerry, you're going to tell us some information about your anarchists friends, or we're going to light you up like the fourth of July." "Jericho would chuckle and shrug.* "I don't have any anarchist friends, just a bunch of assholes that like to blow shit up as they say." *The sound of the wood hitting against him can be heard once more.* "We know about your blue armband." *A moment of silence would pass.* "I don't know what you're talking about." *Wolfgang would speak.* "Cut off his ear. Do it Sasha." *Jericho screaming can be heard shortly after.* *Sasha would laugh, but then a scuffle could be heard. Jerry screams madly.* "Fuck you!" *Sasha would yell out in pain.* "He fucking cut me! Fucking kill him!" *Jerry would begin laughing madly.* "Fuck you, fuck your town, fuck your militia. You're all going to die, you're town is going to burn!" *Wolfgang would scream at him.* "I'll give you one last chance, denounce Anarchy!" "I ain't denouncing shit asshole!" *Riker's screams of pain echo through the field and radio after a shot rings through the air.* "I.. I ain't pissing my pants for you." "Well, I guess this is it then. Any final words?" *Jerry would laugh weakly.*" "There's a lot of people in your town that you shouldn't be trusting, that's all I got to say." "Kill him with his own weapon." "For your crimes against Stary Sobor, I sentence you to death. Fire!" "Wait, wait, noOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo!" *The sound of AKs firing can be heard, followed by infected screaming and coming closer to where the radio was located.* "Let the infected have this one, they haven't eaten in awhile." *The leaves crunch under their boots. The sound dissipates shortly after..*
  7. Zero


    Trying to find a German guy by the name of Toby that I helped yesterday. Not sure who he is OOC. 😂

    1. EndeavourRP



  8. Zero

    A Message to the Militia

    *Jerry coughs violently as he holds down the PTT button on his radio.* "Whoever fuckin shot me up for trying to kill that infected with my knife, I am coming for you and your militia. I thought I was burying my war axe. I was trying to help people, but after being shot up today by one of your boys, the militia attempting to intimidate me to leave the town, and then trying to kill some of my comrades consider this a message of war and an issuing of your death sentences." *He releases the PTT button and peels off the fractured plate carrier.*
  9. Zero

    Lore poll

    What we need is a new map to be honest. Chernarus is overdone, some-where set in the U.S. would be dope.
  10. Zero


    I miss the clowns.

    1. EndeavourRP



    2. Mexi


      Same, the fact that you don’t know who you’re talking to and if they’d come out of the woodwork instantly was a nice thing to have around.

  11. Zero


    I remember when we were just given a few radio broadcasts and everything was left up in the air for speculation. I guess the days of groups like The Family, Blackwood, New Moon, 501st, and many other hostile groups advancing the story are gone and we have to have everything handed to us. You can't really blame the community for being stagnant when we banned over 100 players that made RP interesting and then refuse to give them another chance despite some of them maturing a great amount. No, we would rather see the community die not with a bang, but with a whimper.

    1. Eagle


      You mean banned over 100 players who showed their balls shit on people in the form of a meme etc?

    2. Zero


      Not really talking about them or the people who posted other people's nudes, they don't deserve to come back. But people like Moody, Boston, Stitches and Squillium? Or other people in the banning that just posted fuck dayzrp or something? I've talked to some of them and they regretted it. It seems all perma-bans are denied out right, what is the point in having the option to appeal? 

    3. gElmo


      Sounds like you're blaming the staff team for not accepting bad behaviour to boost numbers. Doesn't make sense to me at all.

  12. Zero

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Kompaniya (Open Recruitment)

    I agree with Para, every time I see you write something it just makes me not to want to even log into the website or play the game. It's as if you are just trying to find things to complain about and not really give constructive criticism. If it's a Chernarussian group, it makes it more unique to use Czech or Russian translation anyways. Just naming it 502nd Recon Company sounds boring. On a second note, I like the graphics, group looks cool, hope to RP with everyone soon.
  13. Zero

    502nd Rozviduvalʹna Kompaniya (Open Recruitment)

    Maybe it's time for me to bring out my COBR character.
  14. Zero


    John Moody. He is the hero DayZRP needs, but not the one it deserves.

  15. Zero

    Stary Sobor

    *Jerry keys his radio.* "Damn dirty Chernarussians, always spreading propaganda." *He releases the button.*