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  1. I say don’t get ahead of ourselves. Wait until the bugs are ironed out. If you jump the gun and go ahead with it now and it’s a flop there’s little potential that it will be tried a second time.
  2. Perhaps I shall make my return soon.

  3. Smh, where is my diamond tho? Is it cause I don’t call you daddy? @G19RP
  4. Beep boop. 

    1. Samti


      Baap Beep

  5. Is this what they have been doing while I’ve been gone?
  6. My man has obviously never seen barbed wire before. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uXG9v1_X8jc
  7. I don’t have to see to even imagine it. I remember when those guys made the base on the one island and just plopped down random buildings that made absolutely fuck all sense being there. Apartment buildings and other ridiculous things on an island that only had like two log cabins. If we are going to do custom bases can we at least use the mod template where it has to be realistic? The bases in mod looked like survivor bases. Not even a government entity could build these new types of structures.
  8. I have the suggestion of making farming a more valuable way of acquiring food. I say we revert the loot tables to .58 levels and make farming a requirement to survive. Instead of finding food you now have to farm, hunt, or fish. I think this will open up new ways of rping. Bandits could force farms to give them tribute. Farms could also sell their food for other goods. It’s been three years already, the canned goods should be gone anyways!
  9. They’re broken so no one uses them at the moment. However when they were working correctly a lot of people used them.
  10. Yeah I can see that being frustrating, especially if they start doing it at every well, but if this were done in say Kab, I wouldn’t have an issue with it as there are three other wells in a 1 kilometer radius or so. Still, some people taxing for water rights or holding up people for avoiding their well would be pretty sweet.
  11. The cat ears are just a symptom of a bigger problem. I haven’t even been around for a bit but the videos I am watching that are of recent roleplay and also the memes I have seen disappoint me greatly. I mean pornos and fan fictions are funny but not what I want in my roleplay. I expect this type of stuff on non-whitelisted servers. It seems that the place has slowly gone from serious RP to Altis Life levels. It’s not something I have ever wanted to see personally and disappoints me. I don’t exactly look forward to returning if this is what I have to expect.
  12. Just to add on my comment, I would recommend some people to watch “The Book of Eli” and pay attention to the raiders and other baddies in the movie. That is something I think a lot of people want to see when they come to DayZRP. Checkpoints and highway robbery is a cornerstone of bandit RP but can get old, the other things in the movie are pretty awesome and I would love to see more of what’s in that movie in RP.
  13. I can understand being upset, but at the end of the day there really isn’t a reason to be, we are all here just to have fun.The group thread looks nice and pays homage to the previous one. I decided to bring back a group called aegis at one point which Gary Cash was a part of. It didn’t pan out the way I wanted but Gary ended up being inspired by it and eventually made a group with the same goals just under a different name, in some aspects it was the same in name. Gary has went on to make that group very successful and it has affected a lot of people’s RP in a positive way.
  14. I see complaining when there should be people adapting to this situation and putting some thought into why it was done. Out of all the bandit groups I’ve seen over the years I have NEVER met one that did one simple thing that would provide some great RP. Claiming water sources and putting up security around them. You could literally block resources and FORCE people to pay you for water rights. This is an excellent avenue of roleplay that no one has done. Take some inspiration from this. Adapt and overcome.
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