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  1. *A man with a Russian accent would come over the radio.* "Patriots of Chernarus.. Sons and Daughters of South Zagoria. There is an enemy among us. One that has revealed itself many times. This enemy slithers through the grass like snakes and feeds on the blood and hard work of the innocent. This enemy is communism. Chedaki have once again shown themselves to us. They did not take enough in 2009. They wish to wage a war of genocide against the citizens of South Zagoria and to take from those that work. They will not stop until the rivers run red with the blood of children. They took many lives in the civil war, dumping the bodies of men, women, and children alike in mass graves, thinking they would be forgotten. But they were not forgotten and they never will be. The communist dogs have infiltrated a village many know as Eden. They have forced the people into a corner with guns to accept communist rule. Are the people of this village patriots of democracy and the Republic or are they supporters of communism and dictatorship rule? It is hard for me to say. What I can say is this. It is time we liberate the people of South Zagoria once and for all! We must take back our land! We must take back our peoples! We must eliminate this cancer from our homes!" "Slava Chernarus! Slava South Zagoria!" "LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC!" *The man would stop speaking and music would play.*
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    Death = PK

    Death = PK. Always has been a bad suggestion and always will be. You realize that the people that do hostile RP are typically experienced in the PVP side of things and if they wanted to could just find reasons to execute thus PKing your character that you spent hours upon hours writing lore for? Ez clap. Death = PK is a no. I wouldn't mind seeing damage system linked to character pages though that says if you die x amount of times in one week you are automatically set to dead though, or a system where you are set to limping after respawning.
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    The House (Closed Recruitment)

    All work and no approval makes Zero a dull boy.
  • Zero

    Camp eden Has fallen (open frequency)

    *A man with a Russian accent would respond.* ”Camp Eden swore allegiance to Chedaki scum. Good riddance communist dogs. Slava Chernarus.” *The message would end.*
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    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    The place use to be pretty friendly and banter to an extent was allowed as long as you didn't call someone an idiot, dumbass, fucktard, etc. I think sometimes the ban-hammer is too happy to start swinging.
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    I'm just saying that putting more strain on the server would not help it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that the more items you have to load in or more items on the map results in a dip in server performance. Can I say it will be noticeable? No I can't.
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    Server performance is dog shit with its current cap being so high. Cars don’t even work and if it’s capped zombies stop working as well.
  • Zero

    S1: Invalid Execution/Stream Sniping in Kabanino - 2019-05-15 04:45

    Zero’s POV: Me and the crew were just trailing around the map looking for some RP through the night. Eventually we spot some individuals on the road from Vybor leading to the NWAF. The crew decides to run up on them and chat a little. After they chatted they realized it was someone they wanted to initiate on. I hang back and continue spotting as I’m not that armed as I handed off my rifle to G19 earlier. After they initiate I link up with them and head to the airfield. We interrogate the individual and we come to an agreement that he is tell the UN what all his group has been doing. They were harboring and aiding what the local government and UN would label terrorists AKA Kamenici. He says he will tell the UN everything. I believe the OP was warned not to tel the UN he was being “forced” to say all these things. But I’m not entirely sure. To put some details into perspective, I had met the OP IC weeks prior and agreed to help him obtain fALs for the house as he made a bad deal with him that wouldn’t have worked out without my help. I was siding with the OP through the entire thing and said if he did what we asked and didn’t say anything stupid he would be able to live and I could try to get him amnesty from the house. After we RPed with him at the airfield I picked up his SVD so I could cover the crew. We then make our toward the UN camp for him to spill the beans. Once we get there we can’t find a UN officer so we have a lowly peon grunt record the confession. After the confession we exit the interrogation area only to overhear the OP tel the UN guy he was being forced to say all those things, making his confessions null and void meaning the UN wouldn’t blacklist Kamenici. Hondo overheard this and got upset that he broke the deal and blasted him. I was surprised at this. I only shot the OP AFTER he had died, in the head to make sure he would not come back alive as an infected. I don’t have any video evidence. I’m sorry.
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    Radio station on 102.5

    I think if you use the radio station at altar or the green mountain broadcasting device it will cancel out any other people on the frequency. Not sure though. I’m also not sure if those radio broadcasters even work anymore.
  • Zero

    Compensation for Unjust Bans

    imagine being capable of adding actual content to this game so we can have cool stuff like other servers but you can't because you were on warning but already paid the price.
  • Zero

    Game Crashing when trying to Type OOC in game

    I think you have to delete a file in your documents, I forgot which one it is. @Zilly knows I think.
  • Zero

    Compensation for Unjust Bans

    My app been sitting in there for over a year dawg. Feels bad man.
  • Zero

    Increase the damage of smaller caliber ammunition

    So can we come back to this conversation?
  • Zero

    Looking for work (Open Frequency)

    *A man with a Russian accent would come over the air-waves.* "Da. I know someone that could perhaps put skill-set to use. I contact you again shortly." *The radio would go silent.*
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