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  1. Zero

    Could we rely only on IG radios for IG communication.

    Fairly certain it’s possible to make it to where your server will kick the player if they aren’t in the TeamSpeak. 420 PVP servers did this at one point.
  2. Zero

    Guess I'll make one of these...

    So much edge I cut myself just reading the post.
  3. Zero


    Oh okay. I was under the impression that changes were made to voip distance, sorry brother.
  4. Zero

    Firefight kos?

    The rule has always been that the people in the firefight are responsible for verifying their targets and ensuring that they are the part of the party involved in the initiation. If you take a guess and gas the right guy you’re ok but if you guess wrong you were always open to receive a firefight KOS / RDM. Now if a party just decides to stroll into town with their gun out and gets killed or decides to sit down in the middle of the firefight they could be hit with rule-play from what I understand in that type of situation. I’ve seen those types of verdicts before but the rules change over time.
  5. Zero


    @Kerkkoh we don’t have a thread for bugs and this is the only place I think it’s been mentioned with video evidence
  6. Zero


    That can be the only reason I can think of because no one has reported VOIP not working in the bug tracker for development.
  7. Zero


    I have a feeling that the reason the voip keeps bugging is due to the fact that our mod has changed values to it.
  8. Zero

    Chernarussian Provisional Government [CPG] (Recruitment: Open)

    Rip the group I guess?
  9. Zero

    Day or Night?

    I personally want more night time.. If it was like .62 that is. But they seemed to have screwed up the night time brightness again. It's pitch black and turns your screen into an old static filled TV mess and the flashlights, flares, and glow sticks are absolutely fucking useless.
  10. Zero

    The Press [Strict Recruitment]

    Thread looking good. I might suggest putting the actual links in spoilers though or perhaps use the “link” insert. The stories as of late have been interesting with you reporting.
  11. Zero

    Night vision mod for DayZRP

    Ho-lee shiet.
  12. Zero

    Bring back settlements now before its too late!

    I say yes. Settlement rules put people in their place that were just trying to bait someone into a firefight simply because they ran a settlement. Some people just wanted to be the edgy “I want to just burn everything down” bandit and the rules kept those people in check.
  13. Zero

    Group loadouts

    If it were to be regulated by admins then yes. I would be fine with something like mod CTC or a government remnants faction being able to have this ability, but only if strictly and closely monitored by staff members. Personally I don’t like the idea of a staff only faction, but if the members were to be hand picked then sure.
  14. Zero

    Base Building/Destroying Durability Change

    That’s the idea. Only gates / gate locks and doors can be forced open.
  15. Zero

    Base Building/Destroying Durability Change

    Yes. After x amount of days the parts go from pristine to worn or something and you have to repair it with epoxy or more nails.