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  1. No matter how much you beg, the ones that made this place great aren't coming back because they don't want to come back. The community has been through numerous controveries or "scandals". People want to pretend they didn't happen but they did and everyone knows about them. The community should have just stuck to being a gaming community rather then a cash flow or putting their two cents into politics or whatever the news cycle was that particular week. You alienated probably half of whatever your active player base was by stating "DayZRP is no place for politics" then staff making the active choice to actually pick a side and this has happened on numerous occassions. No one cares what you think, we just want to play video games. People should have just focused on playing a vidja game instead of getting their rocks off. DayZRP was never able to keep up with the modding scene and now has been replaced with communities like StalkerZ. Development for that has taken years and wasn't something that could just be jumped on last second, it's been done numerous times like jumping back into ARMA 2 Mod, ARMA 3 Desolation, DayZ Namalsk, etc.. I am not being an arm chair general, just saying that this has not helped the player retention. People don't want to play DayZ anymore, they want to play Tarkov or Stalker in the DayZ Engine. The hype train has left the station and plummented off the cliff-side. DayZRP will probably continue to have spurts of "player surges", but will never return to 2015-2018 days. People will probably say that has been said since mod, but after mod there were several years of 4 100 player slot servers being maxxed out, and I have yet to see that 4 years after.
  2. I thought the point in being an RP server was to not be like every PVP server lol
  3. Ah yes in typical DayZRP fashion "No Fun Allowed", why am I not surprised? just add them, though in all honesty this will probably take until Februrary to push out.
  4. I've never really cared because it's a game tbh. Though times when I get one hit by a wolf pisses me off so bad I have to take a break for a day or two. You die to a glitch just get over it in my opinion, UNLESS it interupts RP. If this is about gear then you shouldn't be playing DayZ because the game is literally about dying and regearing. It's part of the core gamplay.
  5. After watching Squilliums videos I can't help but to agree with him that the SMART goals don't help anything, they hinder group development. Before this became a thing we use to see much more interesting and fun groups. I seriously don't understand why a business strategy was implemented into something that isn't suppose to be rigid but rather loose and fun. Most of the groups that are memorable came before these goals were a thing and in all honesty I can't exactly recall any groups that left their mark after the fact they were implemented. If someone wants to make a group that's goal is to simply spread chaos why can't they do so without implementing time sensitive and attainable goals?
  6. If Kerkkoh finds himself lacking inspiration for the development of the map then sure but part of the problem to that decision is the fact the map is a community exclusive, artists should not be tied down so to speak when it comes to their vision. If the community wants it to go back to modern day then do it, but half the server is already RPing as if its modern day so its not like the RP is going to drastically change, all that is going to change is what is on the paper. That being said I did enjoy writing my old characters backstories more then I did the current ones.
  7. I love you Hofer but where exactly are all these people? Obviously since I am not in staff I have no idea who applies and what not but from someone just sitting on the side lines I've only seen a few people trickle in, so it's not exactly a population explosion.
  8. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/8174-zero/warnings/7455/ Why the verdict is not fair: The veridct was fair, no objection to it. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Welp. Here I am. I have been playing relatively frequently for three months. I have not posted any flame or inappropriate material. I have learned my lesson I believe. I do not think there is anything else to say in all honesty. I will not go on a long winded paragraph. I have done my time, learned my lesson, and wish to continue being a productive community member. I would like to point out that my lack of time within the past two weeks has been due to school, we just finished mid terms. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of my final warning, accepted back into the community as a new and changed man. What could you have done better?: Not have shit posted or post memes in the discord.
  9. If this is what makes the V++ server so fucking loud then the mod needs to stay on workshop because I have to turn my volume almost to zero to avoid hearing damage on that server.
  10. why video unavaliable I do not understand, please show video.
  11. in the past damaged ammo jammed more. idk how it is now. nothing is ever impossible though. they said helicopters were impossible. look at expansion. it's all a matter of "is it worth it for me to invest the time into making something".
  12. *Crow would come on the radio.* "This is why I do not trust concrete jungle science men. They tell everyone your ailements. You should only trust spiritual shamans. For anyone listening, I have wares that can cure demon sickness." *He would release the PTT button.*
  13. I can't help but to agree to an extent. Maybe certain sections should remain such as the RP sections and character pages, but for the most part a lot of the forum activity is overwhelmingly negative, sometimes toxic.
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