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  1. Hellboy

    • Hellboy
    • Zero


    memories ❤️ good luck bud

    1. stargirl



  2. groovy tonyRP

    its been a long day

    without you my friend

    and ill tell you all about it

    when i see you again


  3. Zero

    Farewell my friends

    Well, it has come that time for me to leave. Perhaps I will return in coming months or maybe longer, but for now I feel I need to make this goodbye message. I am attempting to find my place in this world and I am trying to join the United States Marines. In order to do so I need to lose some weight and get back in shape. It will be a long and painful journey, but one I must follow. I think being away from the computer and from the community will do me some good. Sometimes I take things too seriously here but it's because I am passionate about the community that has given me so much enjoyment over the years. I can't explain how much fun this community has given me, I may have disagreed with some decisions made but with time I came to understand why they were made. While staff gets a lot of flak for things they do I think sometimes we need to take a step back and examine the situation more. The staff team doesn't get enough credit for what they do. Sure, there have been fuck ups, but we are all human beings and I think we need to understand that and give people some slack. @G19RP @groovy tonyRP @LouieRP @JimRP @Agent Banks @Pastor @yuthee @RestOfAnarchyTBH You've all been great friends and have shown me some great times. I've said things I regret and didn't mean but we put it past us. The RP and the groups we've been in have been amazing. @Ark @Stagsview @Taryn you da real staff MVPs. Keep up the good work fams. Taryn better be admin when I return. @Otto @Jack the Ripper @Chief I don't have much words to say. You guys have been my best friends in this community since we've met. If your house burned down I would let you crash at my place, even if you were secretly plotting to stab me in the jugular. Maybe by the time I am back .63 will be released and we can make a bad-ass group. @Major Best lore-master. COBR will rise once more and we will make Chernarus great again some day. @Mexi @Sylva I love you. @Roland I love you dad. All I ever wanted was for you to love me back. For anyone else I may have missed, have fun, do the roleplays and God bless the United States of America. I will return one day and we shall all RP in harmony. Hostile roleplayers. Campfire roleplayers. Anything in between. Here is a song for you all.
  4. Zero



  5. Zero

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    • Tomu

    I love you.

  6. Zero


    New group.. Soon™..

    @Agent Banks


    1. Mr. Blue

      Mr. Blue

      Image result for peeking gif

    2. ErebodyH8esBanksRP



    3. Dvlinhb



      "CIA! OPEN UP!"

      Image result for FBI open up giF

  7. Zero

    The Moretti Remnants [Strict IG Recruitment]

    Nice graphics.
  8. Zero


    > When you log on and see that Sweetjoe has been banned. 


    1. groovy tonyRP

      groovy tonyRP

      it was a rough one

  9. Zero

    Music List from the Radio Show & SONG REQUESTS!

    A few, I think they would be good to include some Slav music.
  10. Zero

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    • BOLDEdition

    Where are yooooou?

  11. Zero


    1. Mexi



    2. Zero


      Na, we don't throw our citizens in jail for making YouTube meme videos, I say that we are doing fairly well. 😉 

    3. Mexi



    4. Zero



  12. BorisRP

    • BorisRP
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  13. Zero


    Let me play you the song of my peoples and their culture. @G19RP @groovy tonyRP


    1. G19RP


      *our culture

  14. Zero


    In delayed entry program, hopefully I will escape this painful existence of civilian life.

    1. yuthee

      Oh man. Have fun in DEP. I was there for a few months before I shipped off to boot.

    2. Zero


      Couple years out of high school has turned me into a couch potato. Today was a rough start, kept dropping out of the formation. Use to run 6 miles a day and weighed 145, just got to get back into shape again.

  15. Zero


    This place has become a giant meme.

    1. Jamie


      If you think it's such a meme, why are you here? 

      1 worded responses have always been pointed like that on the radio chatter, and you've been around long enough to know. Sorry, but that's how it is. 

    2. Mexi


      Biggest oof I've read in a while.

    3. Jamie


      When and who did I get to leave? It’s funny how everyone takes random people’s rumours as the gospel these days. I’ve never told anyone to leave the team seriously.

    4. Brady


      Locked permanently, and for review