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  1. Zero

    nerf zombies

    I want zombies to be a threat, but at the same time, it shouldn't take 2 9mm boolits to kill a zombie. I had to double tap a whole horde twice in the head to kill all of them, that's kind of dumb.
  2. I just want to state that I apologize if my comments come off as annoying. I understand things take time, I really do. People also have other things to deal with besides DayZRP. But when I am in several Discords, trying to play with a lot of different people or groups that play on the server and they have stated similar things but aren't vocal about it in the DayZRP platforms, I will be the one to be vocal about it. If I see a problem, I want it to be brought to people's attention. I am not staff, so I can not attempt to fix it that way and I will never be staff so that channel is not open for me to use as a tool.
  3. Challenger, I was in the group. I don't blame staff, everyone quit on their own volition. The comments that you keep making here though and elsewhere on the forums is uncalled for and frankly kind of flame baity. It's as if you want someone to respond in a manner that would incite an argument. Why make those comments?
  4. So I am just curious what this means to you, because to me this sounds like what was said was Potius, in no way, will work on the server now. So basically Gary says he is talking to LMs already and had already stated that previously, but the consensus is that it will not work.
  5. I mean, I could go back, screenshot some things. I remember there being a statement along the lines of "Try something else Gary, it's not going to work". But maybe then it would be taken out of context, right?
  6. The conversation that was had in Discord made others as well as myself think that Gary's new version of Potius, no matter what, would be denied. That was the consensus. And what is the issue with certain factions being overpowered? That would make factions be able to take on a power player role, where other factions would gather together to fight them or take power from them. You know, like in real life. That's what they did in mod, and from what I've heard it worked out great and everyone had some good times. It makes things more exciting. I also don't blame the staff team for the archival of RF. That was a decision made by RF members. The issue at hand was placing all your eggs in the same basket, so to speak, or maybe not even being willing to work with people on certain things. And how long have people been asking for Deer Isle? Months Para, how long is too long for it to take to implement new things that are requested by a lot of people? What about other content? New mods that add new features, new items that aren't just retextures? What is a reasonable time frame for those things to be implemented?
  7. After seeing the direction the server took I have changed my opinion. After the archival of RF it seems the servers lore was doomed. Maybe we should just stop with these highly detailed lore wipes because it gets everyone excited. They’re hyped up and told this lore wipe will be different. It’ll be super detailed and we’ll have cool events and badass factions. Maybe don’t even bother lore wiping anymore. What was needed was a change of scenery. Maybe a smaller map to centralize the roleplay more? Now we have Russian only lore.. without the Russians?? Now everyone has basically been pigeon holed into doing shit they don’t even want to do just to get approved on the server. @GaryCash has basically been told to forget doing the roleplay he actually likes. You’re basically telling the guy who brings in new role players and makes big groups that provide RP to fuck off because his group doesn’t fit the perfect Russian only lore. He even said he’d work with LMs to make it work but was still told no and that’d he would be denied. Smh. At the end of the day though, it doesn’t matter. The community keeps asking for things to make the game fun and it’s basically ignored.
  8. @Mason Great RP. @Hassan Amazing roleplay. The best roleplay.
  9. Zero

    The Pedlars

    approve them pls, they are one of the three active groups on the server. great roleplay, the best roleplay.
  10. I'm just gonna say no because the loot economy is already full of civilian gear that no one ever wears.
  11. Abandoned at an early age, Richter was brought into this world by an addict and her drug dealer. With his father having been absent since his birth, Richter was lost in the government system after his mother overdosed on heroin. Spending his formulative years in foster care, Richter spent his teenage years acting out against society. At eighteen and without options, he turned to the military as a way from escaping poverty. The structure of the military was foreign to him, but he quickly found something that had been missing in his life. Purpose. Brotherhood. Discipline. Richter excelled in the military. Enlisting to serve within the United States Army under the Military Intelligence Corps, he was eventually transferred to Mission Support Activity. During his service he served several years in Latin America and in the Middle East and spent his time in regions he working closely with informants, learning intricate details about smuggling routes used by different organizations to transport contraband and illicit drugs. Unfortunately, after many years dodging bullets, his luck would come to a halt in Takistan. While enroute to meet with a village elder, their convoy was hit by an improvised explosive device. Several of his men died, more were injured, of which included him. It was later discovered that the village elder had given information to a local cell in order to ambush the convoy. After the incident, it was deemed that he was no longer fit for service and as a result he was discharged from the military. Without the military to drive him forward, he turned to a drifter lifestyle. As time went on, he found that without the service he had little purpose in life and something he missed was the camaraderie and brotherhood provided by the military. Searching for something new, left the U.S. in hopes of putting his skills to use elsewhere. Finding his way to Syria, he enlisted within the
  12. Where are you friendo?

  13. Where is the bullet point telling us Squad weapons have been re-integrated?
  14. Apparently people are forgetting all the complaining that was happening in Discord when they were first introduced, lol.
  15. Why not just nerf the tank zombies and increase speed slightly? Armored infected make sense, the tank part doesn't. Make them tougher then regular, unarmored infected, but keep them at a reasonable level.
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