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  1. Can we make suggestions for items that would be accessories or is this more something of what the dev feels like making at the time?
  2. "I'm afraid that when I die, God will care about the things I've done. But i think I'm more afraid that he wont. That he'll sit there, picking his nails. Barely able to summon the energy to judge me. Because what then? What if bad men aren't judged fairly? People tell me to fear hell. But there comes a point where you've done such awful things, that you have to wonder if the Devil will welcome you as a friend when you arrive. But the truth is, I don't believe in anything anymore and perhaps that is what is most terrifying..." *More to come soon...*
  3. Honestly I'm fine with it. Maybe there should be some clause like only players that have been banned for one year are allowed to return? Edit: They shouldn't have to pay for it though.
  4. This is why we arm the lore faction with explosives and rp them as mortars, and then they can blow up all the dang bandits camping out near the trade zone.
  5. The only way to get another map popular would be to remove the other options, but then you have a chance of alienating an entire fan base in the process. An alternative option would be to make a lot more custom locations on Chernarus that way it mirrors Deer Isle in uniqueness. But they've said that custom locations / prefabs tend to tank FPS, so idk if that would work. Things like caves, more unique locations in cities, new islands maybe? Just look at Deer Isle for inspiration in what could be done. Though I think that some of those assets are custom.
  6. Zero's Formula for Success Step 1. Redo lore again but this time it's "One day there was a man with mysterious infection, then it spread and everyone became zomboids. Now you must survive in Chernorussia." Or better option, Deer Isle set in America. Step 2. Gib back western guns and more loot everywhere, car spawns x100. Step 3. Less restrictions on groups, bring back NATO and UN. Step 4. Profit???
  7. Yeah I think that having good pvpers is part of it, but it's unrealistic to expect three factions to be full of great PvPers. What I was implying is that typically military factions are no different then some rinky dink civilian group. If military factions had unfair advantages, like being able to have kits without having to loot like they're a bunch of scavengers, or having access to different equipment then that might dissuade people from attacking them constantly like they did this lore. Plus being able to send in reinforcements during firefights via teleport on the edge of the firefight (with a global msg saying a helicopter has just landed West of so and so). From my understanding that's how council was done during mod. And if they wanted to make it fair, then maybe have lore events where they could take away the military factions access to helicopters or something. My point was military factions in the past have been slapped around and have been treated by the majority of the server like they were some sort of untrained civilian militia. Giving them perks to being in the faction might tip it over to their favor and that's the way it should be because they're military and that's how it is in real life. If police or military didn't have equipment that gives them advantages, then the world would be chaotic.
  8. I guess the same reason RAC did and every time a military faction with approval has happened (CDF, NATO, UN, RF). Because Roland doesn't think that despite them being a lore faction and a military force, they don't deserve anything that gives them an advantage, despite (RAC) being a Russian backed military force in the region.
  9. Zero

    PK Tickets

    I will vote yes as the suggestion actually forces the story to move forward, instead of people dying over and over and the story remaining stagnant. Community needs change.
  10. Abandoned at an early age, Richter was brought into this world by an addict and her drug dealer. With his father having been absent since his birth, Richter was lost in the government system after his mother overdosed on heroin. Spending his formulative years in foster care, Richter spent his teenage years acting out against society. At eighteen and without options, he turned to the military as a way from escaping poverty. Richter excelled in the military. Enlisting to serve within the United States Army under the Military Intelligence Corps, he was eventually transferred to Mission Support Activity. During his service he served several years in Latin America and in the Middle East and spent his time in regions he working closely with informants, learning intricate details about smuggling routes used by different organizations to transport contraband and illicit drugs. His mission was typically to support the forces responsible for the interdiction of opium and heroin. After many years of learning the way smugglers operated their routes, Richter realized that his situation was high risk, low reward. He chose to leave the Army shortly after a military operation that almost destroyed the drug routes in the Middle East. He then disappeared..
  11. - Bad decisions were made that ultimately derailed the lore wipe and caused it to fail. - To be frank, no cool groups. Most people's roleplay is boring as hell and doesn't have that edge anymore. - The server is basically boring ass vanilla gameplay. There aren't really any cool features like repairable cars, weapons, or other mechanics that almost every other server has. - The servers are pretty much empty. Summer is not an excuse. People are moving onto to other games or other servers that, like previously stated, are heavily modified and just offer more content to the player base.
  12. Yes, I agree. I feel like the suggestion section is rather pointless. Especially when someone makes a thread, it gets a lot of yes votes, and then the thread dies without any word saying it will be implemented or it won't be for x reason. Oh well.
  13. I voted yes, that being said any popular suggestion I have seen barring deer isle, has never been implemented or given an update on whether it will be approved.
  14. Na, seems pointless. People already make edgy comments in an attempt to flame bait, no need to encourage them even more. Truth is, people don't really like being criticized or questioned.
  15. Pretty sure a dev already said at one point that all Squad guns really are, are remodeled / retextured vanilla weapons. I dunno if he was using those terms loosely or not, but the squad weapons functioned the same as the other guns. No one wants to play vanilla dayz anymore. That's just what it has come to. People want to play with mods and have fun content and cool guns to play with. A lot of people are not playing here because it's sooo vanilla.
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