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  1. You're the last one I respect. See you in Slack, Staggs.

  2. I would like to request a refund.

    1. Stagsview


      Yea.......Nah..........You read the terms and conditions pal....I want to request my refund.

    2. Ellie


      ABOUT FUCKING TIME. ^_^ I can rest happy now.

  3. Sobaki [Media Thread]

    Why tho.
  4. I was in the trees on overwatch and didn't get a mention. Don't feel bad.
  5. Pretty sure Joffrey's original Kingdom thread is in the staff archive, so you should be able to find it in there if you're interested. Honestly, it was the best RP I've had and it's a shame saying that considering it's been just under two full years since that was shut down.
  6. I'd rather all the cannibal super soldier groups come back than half the groups now who play this game like it's COD. Early 2015, while it had its own bad points, is so much better than now.
  7. Not Cool!

    It happens.
  8. The Lore Wipe

    It's a bad meme. That's why nobody gave him any attention.
  9. Tbh, screaming an initiation doesn't have shit to do with the topic of the thread. Many people have yelled during initiations, kinda normal. When you have more relevance than being a guy who yelled initiations, come back and we'll talk about an intimidating accent. Dunno why you gotta stroke your own ego because someone else got mentioned. I've heard DP's voice during hostage situations, ya know, the RP that actually comes after an initiation. DP provides some great RP and puts a lot into it with his various characters. I still say I'd fear Sasha more but I know I'm fucked if I'm not friendly with either of them IG.
  10. New Moon Media Thread

    hi does this website have rules?
  11. Character idea your comment and feedback?

    I'd kill you if you came close to me.
  12. It'd be a checklist with appeals not the reports themselves, which is far less work (at least when it comes to report verdict appeals). The admins often do the same thing when an 'unnecessary post' is successfully appealed, where often they go back and restore the posts. Again, the pro's in this situation far outway the negative effects which is taking an extra 30 seconds to edit the post to add a link like Oliv posted above. How often are verdicts successfully appealed anyway? Again, like Oliv stated, there's been one in the last month. So 99 times out of 100 this should be a non-issue; however, it's an extra step to assist in ensuring there's no misinterpretation of the rules at a later date. "Well, in this report, so-and-so got banned." It'd be easier if they would see the verdict and then be able to see that no, they actually appealed it and it was found to be in error (due to whatever the reason may be).
  13. Inside Manning

    The hostage didn't even have a group. No allies involved, no mention of anyone he was "with" aside from Xero and the other guy who he'd just met. Being a hostage together =/= being in a group.
  14. Inside Manning

    How was the guy involved? By being a hostage? lol
  15. Should probably PM that to a LM as it says. edit: Didn't realize it stated to post it here, too. Strange. Either way, PMs > forum posts.