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  1. Callie

    Desk Gadgets

    Take it a step further for night time PC use. https://novelkeys.xyz/products/godspeed-glow-deskpads-gb
  2. Hello again, friends. I'm looking forward to this.
  3. This would be nice if they came out looking decent. I wish there was a redesign for the armbands entirely, but that's another topic.
  4. Eh. With the instability, I don't have an issue with both staying up. I'm not really for of against the idea, I just don't see a need to change until the game becomes stable enough to leave just one up.
  5. Spent €25 to come back and you archive?! This is bullshit. I had loads of fun, though. Absolute blast. 2016 and 2018* Group of the Year *We would have won.
  6. If it's confirmed working, I'd love to get some night time again. Not a full cycle, but an accelerated night time would be great.
  7. Really good suggestion. I'd 100% support it.
  8. I bought it about two weeks after it came out in July 2015, so I'm a bit biased at this point but yeah, I definitely think it's something to check out. If you have a controller, though keyboard/mouse is possible if you're dedicated enough. Community is definitely active. Averages 35k players a month for the last 2 years on Steam. Not sure how console numbers look but I know the PS4 community has a massive community, as well. RL tracker shows ~400k active players between Steam, Xbox, PS4, and Switch as I'm typing this. As for not hearing about it, idk really. NBC hosts and broadcasts the game on national television each summer, the major tournament (RLCS) prize pool just reached its peak, and as I mentioned it's held a steady playerbase after the initial Steam launch.
  9. Sorry for carrying you on 120-140 ping. ?
  10. I would say yes, but I think you already know that.
  11. Not just you. The links redirect now for some reason, rather than going to the direct URL provided for the music. Hopefully that's an easy enough fix from Rolle.
  12. Thank you, MVP Castiel. I don't have that option, tho.
  13. Has this moved in settings somewhere? I don't see an option anywhere.
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