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  1. Callie

    Old layout on posts or similar

    I still miss the old forums, but this would be a good starting point.
  2. Callie

    If DayZRP rules applied to real life...

    I'd just walk into active gun fights and start looting bodies. Rule armor.
  3. Callie

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed]

    I remember this group.
  4. Callie

    new to rp

    I can teach you how to avoid RP.
  5. Callie


  6. Callie


  7. Callie

    Hello I am Jannik

  8. Radomír was born in a largely ethnic Russian portion of Novaya Petrovka. His family life, well, that was nearly non-existent. His father was an alcoholic and often took out his frustrations on him at a young age. He certainly wasn't given any favors by the rest of his family either, as often they just turned a blind eye to what happened. He figured out what had to be done. You either took care of yourself or you'd be left to die alone, not much of an in between it seemed. Who better to hate than those different from you, right? By the time 2008 came around and the influx of Chedaki support nearing an all-time high in the area, he did what anyone would do in that situation. He had to find a way to fight against the bullshit he saw every day. The propaganda, the blind allegiance to an outside force. One by one, he'd try to eradicate the fucking foreign support. It was obvious it couldn't be done alone, he'd need support in more ways than one, which is when he traveled to the southern town of Dubky.
  9. Callie

    Google+ Memorial Thread

    RIP Facebook killer
  10. Callie


    Stop stalking me then.
  11. Callie


    Same thing I've told a few others. Whatever happened is in the past to me. Nice to see you either way.
  12. Callie


    Gonna start vaping again, then? Might do. Been harassing Jamie all morning already. Haven't called him any names yet, I've lost my touch. And hey, thanks everyone else. I doubt I'll be in game until late this month with some IRL things coming up that'll keep me away from any decent internet or PC.
  13. Callie


    You love me.
  14. Callie


    You, as well.
  15. Callie


    All in the past. Things have changed a lot since I made my exit.