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  1. Callie

    If You Could RDM One Member Who Would It Be?

    @StagsviewRB I would reinstall the game just to do it.
  2. Callie

    Best Way You've Made Life Long Mates in DayzRP!

    @Stagsview: Met him around March 2015, and he hasn't stopped harassing me since. One of maybe three people I kept in contact with from here while I was banned.
  3. Callie

    current political stances?

    1. I'm a leftist. American politics are a joke, as are the major political parties. It's treated way too similarly to a sports rivalry. 2. Used to be more moderate, even voted Republican once upon a time. 3. Prefer not to answer here.
  4. Callie

    What was the first game that you ever played?

    We only had this and Duck Hunt for about 10+ years.
  5. Callie

    Dead Batteries [Selective Recruitment]

    Who let Staggs lead another group?
  6. Callie

    Where does your Political Compass lie?

  7. Take it a step further for night time PC use. https://novelkeys.xyz/products/godspeed-glow-deskpads-gb
  • Callie

    Krysí Hnízdo [Rats Nest]

    Hello again, friends. I'm looking forward to this.
  • Callie

    ☭ Armbands with symbols ☭

    This would be nice if they came out looking decent. I wish there was a redesign for the armbands entirely, but that's another topic.
  • Callie

    Close S2 until S1 is full

    Eh. With the instability, I don't have an issue with both staying up. I'm not really for of against the idea, I just don't see a need to change until the game becomes stable enough to leave just one up.
  • Callie

    Survivors: Looking For Group

  • Callie

    Cerna Liska [Active][Recruitment Closed][GOTY 2018]

    Spent €25 to come back and you archive?! This is bullshit. I had loads of fun, though. Absolute blast. 2016 and 2018* Group of the Year *We would have won.
  • Callie

    Nighttime time

    If it's confirmed working, I'd love to get some night time again. Not a full cycle, but an accelerated night time would be great.
  • Callie

    Mod Suggestion - VoIP Distances

    Really good suggestion. I'd 100% support it.
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