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  1. That's what I've gathered, thanks for verifying
  2. I looked around the forums a bit but did not see any answers to some question I have about bases, sorry if this info is already up somewhere. So I've been scoping out my desired location to build a base (surround a house with fences basically) and when I traveled up to it I saw that someone had the same idea as I did. It was just a few fences placed pretty randomly around a house. I was pretty disappointed that the spot I wanted seemed to be taken, but a couple of days later there has not been any progress or signs of activity. I'm wondering if I am able to remove these fences so I can build it how I would like. I would'nt want to destroy someones work but as it seems to be abandoned I want to tear down and start over. I'm wondering if this falls under griefing or what the rules are for raiding/destroying bases are in general. Thanks in advance.
  3. Horace Leroy, who goes by Lee, Is a young man in his mid twenties. Though he comes from a family consisting of mostly military and law enforcement he is a newly college grad in finance and computer science, skills he saw as a safe investment career wise, but a true passion for botany. Lee grew up in Hawaii spending most of his time outdoors in the tropical forests hiking and camping. Though he had experience in the outdoors, he has no experience with animals, weather conditions, or anything else life threatening since his home is a safe paradise. As a result of this, Lee has little to no experience with weapons, never having even handled a gun before. He found himself in Chernarus when the outbreak happened, in another country from his friends, family, his entire past. He found himself completely on his own with nobody to rely on but himself in an area completely different than where he spent his entire life. Spending his entire life on a tropical island, Lee is not used to cold weather whatsoever, he has never experienced temperatures below 50 degrees. During the harsh Chernarus winter Lee is always covered up and will aim to minimize his time outdoors or away from a fire. He will not commit to long trips through the wilderness unless absolutely necessary.
  4. Hey Seymour! Its been a while, Thanks for chiming in. That explains whats going on, Ill get on it. Hopefully Ill see you IG soon.
  5. Go look at the whitelist page and see what it says. It starts the 6 step whitlisting process, starting with having me agree to terms and conditions, steam verification was A OK though Have you actually done the whitelisting process? Like done it and it got accepted? Yeah I used to play pretty regularly last summer This. If you were Whitelisted before you got your new PC your fine. /solved It seems I should be. But any attempts to join a server immediately result in a kick saying something along the lines of "admin kick not whitelisted"
  6. Go look at the whitelist page and see what it says. It starts the 6 step whitlisting process, starting with having me agree to terms and conditions, steam verification was A OK though
  7. Any idea why the server would kick me for not being white listed? Maybe theres something I forgot to do? So Id have to re-do the application?
  8. I build a new computer that I use now, instead of the laptop I did before. I had an interest to start playing again, using the same steam/DayZRP forums account, but when I tried to log onto one of the servers It said I wasnt whitelisted. Is there an expiration to being whitelisted?
  9. Super excited to get away from the campfire RP that's taken over DayZRP. I always felt like DayZRP was more of a summer camp than an apocalypse, with everyone being buddy buddy with almost everyone. Shady groups who are wary of new people are much more realistic in an apocalyptic world.
  10. Scorch

    Bad Rp/Possible Baiting?

    Yes, you didnt have your gun out at the moment I shot you. Just because you didnt have it out at that moment doesn't mean you're not a threat, at that point you had already initiated twice, got your gun out and put it away a couple times and pointed it at Fred while threatening his life. What was to stop you from pulling it out again? Nothing. You were on the controlling side of the initiation, there was nothing stopping you from taking out your gun and shooting me, you even would've had the right too as soon as I started shooting. That makes you a threat to my life considering what I needed to do to save my friend. If you knew anyone there or not that doesn't matter because you were all in a group initiating on Fred. You initiated on him and one of the girls even said "Yeah do what he says" and took your side. That groups you together as attackers, its not as if your were a complying hostage with his weapon put away like Fred was. Also, you three were in teamspeak together on liv's stream. So, clearly, you all knew eachother and were cooperating. The whole first half of this thing you were typing, and as soon as you got your mic working you screamed the same two words (GET DOWN) ten times in a row over everyone else talking (after the threat to "end" Fred), excuse me if I didnt consider you wanted to RP and instead a hostile threat.
  11. Scorch

    Bad Rp/Possible Baiting?

    I pretended to not know him because he was just threatened to be killed. I'm not bound by rules to say I'm with a guy you just initiated on. I said that to save myself. and that's the only thing I ever said to him. At no time did I encourage or suggest the initiation, you thought that on your own, don't pull your gun on people unless you're ready to be gunned down. I did talk to you in RP, I told Keith to calm down twice when he was yelling at Fred, I could've taken shots as soon as Keith initiated on Fred, but I diddnt want too. You forced me to shoot you three when all of you threatened his life, the second time.
  12. Scorch

    Bad Rp/Possible Baiting?

    Lee POV: Fred and I decided to take a trip up to green mountain, Fred is sneaking around the compound playing spooky noises and I'm with the people in the compound watching them search and RP'ing with them. Fred sneaks into the compound right under their noses and hides in a bush. A few minutes later the man finds him. This is where the provided video begins.Then the man (Keith?) announces he's found someone in the bushes. Fred gets up, takes out his chainsaw and walks over to one of the girls, she steps away, Fred stays where he is. I don't know how they thought he chased Rebekah as he clearly diddnt in the video she provided (About 58 second in). Fred hadn't said anything yet at this point. All of the sudden things get hostile and Keith points his gun at Fred and threatens to kill him unless he put the chainsaw away, so Fred put it away (1:10). They have a conversation for a minute or so and then at this point Keith figured out his mic, runs right up to Fred, interrupts everyone and starts yelling "GET DOWN" like 10 times and the two women follow his lead with "get on the ground or your dead" and "drop your weapon" (1:50). They said that by doing this Keith saved their lives. I cant see at how any point they could've thought their lives were in danger as the most hostile thing Fred did was take out a chainsaw then put it away when they asked. A Few seconds later I shoot and kill two of them, then the third and I kill each other moments after. If you watch the video they've provided, you'll see that when they initiate on Fred, I step back, separating myself from their group, and raise my gun. I was pointing my gun at everyone there, not just Fred (1:35-140 I'm aiming straight at them), I mostly aimed at Keith because he threatened to kill Fred (you can see that from 1:40 - 1:51). I diddnt say anything to initiate on Fred, If pointing a gun at someone counts as initiating then I initiated on everyone there, but aiming a gun at someone does not in any way constitute initiation. Also you can see in the video when Keith starts yelling "Get down" I run straight up to Keith and try to calm down the situation and literally tell him to calm down a couple times (1:58 ). Obviously they diddnt calm down so I stepped back and saved my friend, not because I planned this out, but because They took the situation to an extreme and left me with no choice.
  13. Dave and I initiated on Frank and Mikael up close while rust stood a bit away. they both kind of stand there for a sec then one of them listens right away but the other decides to get up and talk some shit, whatever, I tell him to get on the ground and then he does. A few seconds after that, before we could even tell them what we were doing or why we were doing it, a grenade goes off. Really? Just because you guys are tired of getting robbed does not make it okay to blow up the next group that holds you up, even more so because you killed yourself and your companion by doing it. Also this wasnt even a robbery, All we did was take control and ask you to get on the ground. We wouldve explained what exactly was happening if the both of you diddnt take it upon yourselves to commit suicide together "because I thought we would die anyway."
  14. Maybe that shotgun wasnt as accurate as I thought!
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