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  1. Ritchard Hagert

    Ritchard Hagert was born and raised in Toronto Canada, he did okay in school but excelled in track and field winning several medals. When he finally got out of high school he immediately joined the Canadian Armed Forces to challenge himself and travel the world. Richard found this to be a rewarding experience, everyday was a new challenge and he found allot of comradery with his fellow soldiers. He had several postings and a tour in Afghanistan before being stationed in Chernarussia as a UN peacekeaper.
  2. Andrew Miller

    Andrew Miller a Canadian joined the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe in 2015 and up until deployment in Chernarussia was working to observe war crimes in the Ukraine. As a member of the OSCE Andrew Miller has come to the country to observe and address a wide range of security-related concerns, including arms control, confidence- and security-building measures, human rights, national minorities, democratization, policing strategies, counter-terrorism and economic and environmental activities.
  3. Jack Colhoun

    Jack is from somewhere in North America, when asked Jack says he isnt from anywhere, always on the road. Its not far from the truth, even from a young age Jack liked to travel, hitchhiking, train hopping and the open road became a way of life for Jack. He would take odd jobs as he passed through town, staying long enough to make some cash and usually never long enough to cause trouble. Most of the work was bouncing for metal band and when he got the offer to go on a world tour as a roadie he jumped at the chance.
  4. What is "Good" Hostile RP?

    Golden Rules Focus on the enjoyment of others above you own. Always. ESPECIALLY if you are the hostile. Loot is a reward for good RP and not the reason for RP. (needing guns and ammo for a war is a reason if you explain it) Always give people a chance to talk, dont talk over people or yell at them to shut up over and over. Roleplay with people dont just sit there and add nothing to the dialog. Try and talk with the other party and ask how they enjoyed the RP when able. What I look for as a hostile Roleplays hunger/thrist to ask for food/water. Roleplaying a desire to survive. Roleplaying pain. Paying attention to what hostiles say and acting according. Roleplaying with other hostages and other people in the hostile group not just the "face". What I look for as a hostage More than just the "face" talking and participating. Originality with torture or adding permanent effects. Being allowed to roleplay and talk as well. The reason for the robbery to be made clear. If its a group I should afterwords have a basic understanding of the group and its motives/objectives. If the hostiles act according to its description. Its nice (though not required) if the group ICly has mixed feelings about the encounter and its roleplayed out. Appropriate escalation of hostilities and violence.
  5. Why dont you just RP with the UN instead surely that would be more fun for everyone? Spreading rumors provides little chance that you will see the result, do you intend for them to catch you and RP things out with you? I dunno, it just seems kinda easy and lazy to me, challenge your self and engage with people, its way more rewarding.
  6. True Story (shortened for brevity): Guy sprints into town and loots every building without breaking sprint until settling down around the campfire with everyone else. me; "Hi there my name is Dr Pierce its nice to meet you." guy; "Oh your a doctors I got shot in the leg and i think its infected" me; "Oh dear yeah lets get that checked out for you" I take the guy into a house and spend a good 20 minutes talking to him about the wound, roleplaying that im taking off old bandages covered in puss, cleaning out the wound, removing the bullet, suturing the wound close and applying a cleaning dressing. me: "okay, that has you all fixed up, here are some antibiotics that you will need to take once a day until the prescription is over, if you stop half way because the wound looks okay the infection will come back. You'll also need to take it easy for a while here come sit by the fire with us." Places antibiotics on the floor and points at them. guy; "//OOC i didnt really get shot in the leg so i dont need them." Then the guy sprints away into the sunset never to be seen again. And people ask why doctors try to avoid med rp with randoms.....
  7. IRL Take a walk downtown in any city and im sure you will find "bandit groups" willing to rob you right now.
  8. Hunting some one down and just shooting them with out a word some time after an initiation while okay by the rules kinda violates the spirit of roleplay if you ask me, I personally would rather roleplay with them more. That said if i was robbed and provided little roleplay beyond some one yelling at me to shut because they dont want to roleplay with their captives than yeah, i might hunt them down and take a shot but in the end i'd much rather bumping into some one who actually wants to roleplay and forgetting about it because im not here for PVP.
  9. When is it trolling?

    Do different people grieve or deal with tragedy differently? Of coarse! But! How often does a player say to them selves "oh this group is using humor as a defense mechanism, maybe I should think if this would rub off my character" and contrary wise how often do people who are bantering and having a good time want to slow things down and earnestly try to help the depressed character? I feel that in the hypothetical if both parties took a moment to think about how the others are enjoying their RP the answer becomes very obvious. Neither RP is "wrong" and both parties should explain ICly their world views to each other through RP (with out pigeon holing the other people's RP) and both parties should be open to altering their character's mindset because that is what roleplaying is essentially. I would question why anyone is here on a RP server that isnt interested in experiencing other people's roleplay and interacting with it. Now this said, one shouldnt force certain kinds of depressed RP onto other they just met, playing a medical professional that was more than willing to help suicidal character and dealing with people who just wanted to suicide in front of strangers because they were bored makes me uninterested in RPing with you, not Wow! great Rp.
  10. I dunno hating a group because you decided to put something in your backstory is IMO (though not a rule here) power gaming. You are forcing a condition or status on the group in your backstory that they cannot possibly refute or overcome in game. Again while it isnt a specific rule here, I feel it violates the spirit of fair play and sportsmanship. It wouldnt be difficult to have an in game interactions with the UN that would give you valid in character reasons to dislike/hate them, but you arnt even giving them a chance to build that RP with you. I can guarantee the UN wants to RP with you, if they didnt they wouldnt have joined a faction, give them a chance too with out jumping the gun. You will have more fun and become more invested in your character's story if you enjoy it like a fine wine and not as a bottle of Old English to chug.
  11. Dr. Alan Pierce

    Born in Canada, Dr Alan Pierce followed in his father's footsteps after achieving his doctorate in surgery he join the Canadian Armed Forces. During the liberation of Afghanistan Dr. Alan Pierce served as a surgeon at a military air hospital treat both soldiers and civilians that were airlifted to the base for emergency treatment. After several years Dr Pierce became the head of surgery for his unit until he was wounded by mortar. After leaving the service and receiving little help for his PTSD Alan decided to take a sojourn to Chernarussia to help with the cholera out break.
  12. Dmitri Petrakov

    Ivan was born and raised on the streets of Berezhino, his father was drunk that ran out on him and his mother at an early age . Before the outbreak he was little more than a hood rat, selling dope and "collecting loan payment" to survive with a disdain for the authorities of the country he felt kept him in poverty. As the out break hit and Ivan watched the old world fall apart he realized that this wasnt and end but a beginning of a new world. A new world where anyone can do anything they please and be anyone these please. Ivan has made it his person mission to prevent the "old world" from coming back and show other his perspective of his new world.
  13. Dr. West Media

    Great work m8 keep em coming!
  14. Mr_Malet's Stream

    Great RPer/streamer! Hopefully we can see some more streams now that dayz is making a comeback!
  15. That turned out very well, great job John! I loved the editing Thank you very much