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  1. A student from Cleveland who was on vacation in Chernarus and got stuck in a city when it suddenly became overrun with zombies who killed his family. After this unfortunate endeavor, he booked it into the woods. This left him cold, lonely, and without a weapon or sufficient food source. Now Tim is living off the wilderness but his kind Christian nature allows him to be kind to all. Tim has run into a few people but they were all bandits or on the verge of death. The few shacks that he has come across have offered little and he is losing hope. Will he survive?
  2. Jared Steinberg is a high ranking member of DGMQ (the CDC's global migration and quarantine division) he had lived in America in his youth but frequently flew around the world helping to contaminate potential outbreaks of diseases for over 15 years. So naturally when NATO was becoming aware of the situation in Chernarus, him and his crew would be sent along with NATO forces attempting to take control of the situation in order to possibly find the reason for the outbreak, see if it was containable, and assist in said containment if possible. Little did he know from almost the second his fleet landed in Chernarus they were under constant pressure from the infected and it gave him very little time to attempt and assess the situation. As NATO became more and more aware of the refugees migrating south along the Eastern Coast, him and his crew were sent to try and help the situation and calm the nerves of the people. But along the way as they drove through Kamenka the brakes on their SUV gave out and they went barrelling into a tree and Jared would be knocked unconscious. The driver of the vehicle Gavin Waugamen died on impact and the other 2 DGMQ members attempted to free Jared and find a way to Chernogorsk. But once again they had a series of bad luck as by time they reached Cherno on foot the city had been overrun by infected. They boarded up in a building until Jared regained consciousness. With their food supply dwindling by the day and the city overrun they decided the best course of action would be to attempt and run toward Elektrozavodsk. On this path they would continue to run into more and more infected. Until eventually the other members of his unit got bit became infected and died. This left Jared along running along the coast praying to God that Elektro hadn't been overrun. Jared would be greatly disappointed to find out that Elektro too had fallen. All that was left for Jared to do was survive and hope that NATO would save him but it seemed unlikely to him as he found himself once again boarded up in a random apartment in a city overrun by infected
  3. Well that sucks people should have been more considerate and not mentioned it
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