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  1. Frank Jones

    Frank was born in London and lived under his father who had a bit of a reputation as the local go to guy for drugs the issue. His dad was not the very best role model in life, an abusive alcoholic on top of the constant drug use did not exactly make a a kid friendly home but none the less after the death of Franks mother who only really stuck around under the fear of Franks father getting abusive with someone other than her she put up with his shit until the day he went to far...... Franks dad was sentenced for the murder of his mother and put behind bars for 20 years. Frank just turning 14 at this point with no other family to turn to was thrown into foster care. Fast forward 12 years and Frank had settled into his new family and developed a legit life for himself proud to be everything his dad was not.In the time in foster care he ended up growing up with one girl he classed as the only family he ever knew and grew very protective over her wanting nothing but good things for her. One night whilst his sister a little older than him was out at a party he got a phone call from her asking him to collect her, Frank responded as expected and jumped in the car to go and collect her, Upon arriving and searching for her there was no sign of her so he thought that she had got a taxi home, Concerned he went outside and called her phone, As it rang he started to hear something in the distant of the garden sounding like a familiar ring tone... as he walked towards it he noticed getting deeper into the forest behind the house only to come to a sudden halt as he froze ... in the flashing of the phone he stood next to his now lifeless sisters body... cloths torn and legs bloody he dropped to hes knees and started to cry. Suddenly he hears a male voice coming back and he makes out the words " ready for round 2 darling" at this stage Frank in a fit of rage picked up a stone beside him and swung for the stranger hitting him in the head over and over until his body was limp. Adrenaline rushing through his body and blood dripping from his face he rubbed his eyes only to look down at this stranger and to see that it was the man he once called dad. Frank from that point was a broken almost empty man he tried doing good his whole life but what had it gotten him.... Nothing so now he looks out for one man and that's himself.
  2. Hi, Sorry if this is a repeat can imagine it is from somewere. Just looking for a half decent signature Hit me up I have no ideas just something that looks shiny lol . Cheers
  3. Really liking the thread so far @Ron Nice simply to the point just the way I like it
  4. Mark's Media Thread

    Meet me in the west at sundown..... Pistols only
  5. Mark's Media Thread

    WELCOME TO MY MEDIA THREAD ... lel Some nice pics bro
  6. Disappointing was hoping for better reviews but did not expect much </3 Maybe.... Maybe one day things will change... Until then my good friends.
  7. Hi Guys Kinda got an itch to have a little 2018 RP run however last time I tried the RP had gotten very very stale for most cases. ( My last time was a long time ago now lol ) Any current opinions ? Good groups to look for etc? Thanks in advance!
  8. Stupidest thing you ever did as a whitename?

    Tried reporting Blackwood for roleplaying.... Such a bad memory
  9. The Game

    You knew me as Dom around 2 years ago. Nice to make lasting impressions atleast Lies
  10. The Game

    As if @Terra is still raining havoc with this
  11. Group goals overhaul

    Very nice change.
  12. its that fucking old who gives a shit anymore It was something I was part of developing but I think randle was the OP ^^
  13. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

  14. [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    7/10 (rip my rating)