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  1. VincentLake

    Staff Feedback

    Poor lad. No problem at all matey, sorry we couldn't get you out. No problem man. I found out right after, that you can kill yourself with a rag in this update... That would've come in handy at the time
  2. VincentLake

    Staff Feedback

    Jamie and Kattica. Thank you for helping me with the "stuck in a rock" problem today. Even though i didn't get out, you were amazing, and quick to help me. Thanks again guys <3 Btw, it took me 1,5 hours to die of starvation
  3. Well.. time to go afk for a while, hang around the forums I feel so bad for you right now. Appreciate it mannn <3 I FINALLY DIED
  4. Snip That feature got taken out of the game UPDATE My stomach grumbled violently.
  5. I don't think you can hand supplies, nor shoot through a rock Starving or getting cold af is my only option i think. Plz no NVFL report guyssss
  6. Yeah. Got killed by a glitchy pillow, in a bed in Kabanino. I spawned wayyyy up north. I broke my legs. Server restarted, and i got rolled back, to be stuck in a rock. So, broke legs, and the only way of getting out, is by running. Picture of my current situation attached. Big thanks to Jamie and Kattica for trying to get me out tho!
  7. I don't think any of us ever had a "son", ya probably ran into imposters that time friendo Might have been, I have no idea. But yeah, Imposters are plenty, for all groups unfortunately
  8. VincentLake

    Staff Feedback

    Shout out to Lucius, for being the fastest of them all, when i join the helpdesk. Seriously, 3 times and every single time it took him like 5 seconds to move me and begin talking to me. Thank you man.
  9. The Masquerade. Me, and 3 of my friends, met "The Masquerade" at Stary. I talked to them, in full ghillie and gave them some supplies. I had no idea who they were at the time. I leave, as my 3 friends walk into town. Out of nowhere, The Masquerade decides that they didn't like my friends. As they begin to take shots at them, while my friends are gunning it, out of town. I lay on the hill, and shoot one of The Masquerade guys, clean in the head. They start to follow me, but i eventually make it out alive. I later found out that it was their "Son" that i shot. Never have i met a group of people, that was as edgy as the Masquerade. This was well over a year ago though, so I don't know if the "New" Masquerade consist of the same people, or is anywhere near as edgy as the old group
  10. Had a friend get robbed and taken hostage. Tried to stop it, killed 2 out of 3, only to get ghosted by their 4th friend, who then proceeded to shoot me in the back of my head.
  11. Hey man, and welcome. See you in-game
  12. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Welcome, my Nordic brethren.
  13. Welcome, Nate. Hope you'll enjoy it here.