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  1. Hello everyone, this is Ody from the report that this forum was based on, just wanted to let you all know that my ban was actually OVERTURNED thanks to Terra before I even put a ban appeal up. Thanks to Dustup for bringing this issue to light, and thanks to everyone in the community for voicing their oppinions Yours Truly, Ody "Joker" Freeman
  2. Would it still be considered NVFL if they have KOS rights, because if he has their friend as a hostage and they ask him to surrender, both OOC & IC he knows they will kill him, so using their friend in order to get away if anything is tacticle? As there is slight hope? I could be wrong just wondering. What he suggested would be a really good RP scenario if the hostages friends would like to RP it out and yes it could be used as a tactic to get away and further negotiations. I'd like to see how you would get out of that one alive if you surrender with no back up Maybe if you were holding the hostage somewhere else and it could be a swap, but I would expect a bullet in the back as soon as they got their man back
  3. Well it wouldn't exactly be unknown, I'd be hiding behind him shooting at them, and in there attempts to kill me they might spray him- I do get the NVFL, but lets just say that isnt a factor here for whatever reason. Who knows, maybe surrendering means NVFL as they would kill me off the bat That's another thing I've never gotten- if your going cornered by lets say 5 clowns with automatics who you pissed off, and you know IC that means torture and death if you surrender- it would seem like less of a NVFL to fight then to roll over, RP, and die. Anyways its all a roll of the dice at the end of the day right? Edit: Looks like Powdaw beat me to it
  4. Well, this will make people think twice before charging me with an AKM drum mag then
  5. Hey Guys, just a quick little question: Lets say I have captured a gentlemen and am holding him up in a barracks when people I am fairly sure are his friends come a knocking, telling me that they are coming on in and plan on killing me if I don't surrender... So I decide to force my hostage to stand in front of me as cover with his hands up as I make my last stand. I don't actually know if these are his friends, so I COULD just be holding an innocent man up to die so I have a better shot, but if I'm right and he is with him and they shoot him to death- do I get in trouble? Even if I'm wrong, and he isn't with them, what the heck happens? It would be even better I suppose if someone could just help me iron out all the kinks, as I have never had this clearly addressed before to me. Thanks for the help in advance, Ody "Joker" Freeman
  6. TheWolf2777

    TwoFaces [Active] [Recruiting]

    Oh Christ I didn't know you were posting this up here yet I would have worked more on the text Either way, this should be fun man- Cheers
  7. TheWolf2777

    S2: Killing of a complaint hostage 12-11-2016, 05:37

    Was the OP restrained when you executed him? Also was this your first hostile encounter with the his character? Yes and yes- I was under the impression this was not a problem as I have had this done to myself before on the other end, ending in my demise. I can find nowhere in the rules even now that states that I lose my rights over his life if he is taken hostage. On a secondary glance, I have identified the part of the rules that you are trying to refer to, the one which says, and I quote: "Those who control the freedom of their victim(s) must do everything in their power to keep their victim(s) alive and in relatively good health. The victim(s) may only be killed if they do not comply with demands after a reasonable time or if they pose a direct threat to them." In my experience, this rule applies to those who have taken NO hostile action against the hostage takers- not for those who have directly assisted in their assault and robbery. Am I incorrect in my thinking? If Party A robs Party B and Party B 10 minutes later manages to capture Party A alive, does Party B then forfeit the right to put Party A down?
  8. TheWolf2777

    S2: Killing of a complaint hostage 12-11-2016, 05:37

    Diamond, first off, I meant no ill will OOC of course, and I can assure you I myself was frustrated with the chaos of the situation which in turn was why I terminated both the RP session (and you in turn) early. Even in my own opinion, the RP us was sub-par in accordance with my normal standards and as such I apologize. My point of view is essentially in accordance with your own, only, the name was "Joker", not the Joker as you put it. My character would not in fact even know who "The Joker" is. If you wish me to explain the nickname I have a large IC story to back up its use. However, as to the accusations, I strongly deny any wrongdoing from both a legal and RP standpoint. Legally speaking, I used my legally obtained KOS rights by your cooperation with the robbery to execute you. Logs will show that you in fact, tied me up, and even in accordance with your own point of view this was in an attempt to help my captor "counter rob" me, which in turn puts you in the same group as he is, thus giving me rights over your life. Even when I ignore that point, the man whose life you threatened (IE, the man with the shotgun), was attempting to free me when you punched him, ran upstairs, and holed yourself up, making yourself, once again, an enemy to my safety. Now to explain the execution from an RP standpoint. In order to truly understand why I shot you, you would truly need to spend more time with my character, something our now hostile terms could not permit. Regardless, there are two main reasons why Ody deemed the kill a necessary evil. FIRST: Ody was threatened while tied up, then left alone with a crazy man and a clever between them, if he hadn't been saved in the nick of time by the man with the shotgun, he had every right to think that, in a world of blood, chaos, and insanity, that this man was not only a threat to his life and would likely torture him, but also was a threat to other individuals of similar caliber as Ody, and thus needed to be put down. SECOND: Ody adheres to a strict code when dealing with insane people based on the danger that they pose. If they are NOT a threat to him, in any way shape or form upon initial encounter (at least from an IC perspective) he will allow them to live and may even befriend them (as he has done in the past with ex community member DrPringles character Nick Church or current member Lunathecat's character Amber). However, if they prove themselves to be "irredeemable" through aggressive hostile action, in any state of mind, they are, to him, "savage", and thus have no place in the future he is attempting to shape. (There are, of course, exceptions to these rules based on OOC elements, but this is general) Obviously, I was not able to communicate this through RP due to a fear of other intrusions and zero backup, and, given the chaos that was going on (Being happened upon by someone who claimed to be with a large group, with lots of guns) I deemed it in my characters best interest both in the eyes of my character and out of them to neutralize the threat "permanently", quickly, and humanly as to get out of hostile territory as soon as possible, and back to the safety of my own group. It was quick, brutal, and more than a tad regretful, but well within my characters rights both legally and IC to act as I did. Also, I had a stroke of luck and was actually able to identify my savior as (forgive the spelling) Schnizenberg(?), who, of course, can post a POV upon request. I have no video of the incident, nor screenshots. I will not be responding to any back and forth attempts, but Diamond, you are more than welcome to find me in TS if you wish to peruse a direct line of communication at some point over the course of this report. Thank you all for your time, Ody "Joker" Freeman
  9. The original message stops, and is soon replaced by another Oqrcqmstkyqr sacerdos mapatk sacerdos lkqp Saakyre oqqmfyrtkal bamq qra ryra lutlz bamq laiar khq lkqp lstuu lkmjokjma qr lyka lkqp kysa ayezk bamq bamq pqlk samyfytr ptoycyo kysa kqsqmmqh lkqp oqrcyms uqotkyqr trf kysa? lkqp The message plays for 72 hours before switching back to the original
  10. As the channel is tuned, the radio crackles to life T, eyiar dqjm twyuykd kq faoqfa kza salltea trf dqjm rtsa otpkjmyre kza yrkamalk qc kza oqma, ha tma yrkamalkaf yr fylojllyre t cmaautroa teark pqlykyqr hykz dqj. Zqhaiam, kzyl oztrrau yl rqk laojma. Ha tlv dqj lhykoz kq kza pmyitka cmanjarod. Dqjm pamlqrtu oqfa yl kza ltsa tl kza vad cqm kzyl salltea. The message fades out, then restarts
  11. As you tune to the channel, a high screech can be heard, followed by a stream of seemingly random letters- TKKARKYQR: Ha tma Xtrjl Oqma, tr yrfaparfark yrkauuyearoa oqma fafyotkaf kq toojsjutkyre trf lauuyre vrqhuafea tonjymaf kzmqjezqjk OZAMRTMJL kq kzqla hyuuyre trf twua kq ptd kza oqlk hykz rq njalkyqrl tlvaf. Yc dqj tma twua kq faoqfa kzyl, dqj ztia waar yriykaf kq waoqsa tr teark qc kza oqma. Fja kq kza laojmykd oqroamrl kztk oqsa hykz tr qpar cmanjarod cjmkzam faktyul qc qjm qpamtkyqr hyuu wa pmalarkaf kq dqj qr kza Xtrjl Oqma Pmyitka Cmanjarod. Cqm tooall, lktka dqjm pamlqrtu oqfa yrkq kza cmanjarod. T Xtrjl Oqma mapmalarktkyia hyuu malpqrf hykz kza oqrcymstkyqr oqfa: ltoamfql The message dies off, then begins to repeat...
  12. TheWolf2777

    [Sunk!] Men of the Sea

    My God, PIRATES. I love pirates! Best of luck and I hope to see this IG soon!
  13. This should be self explanatory:
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