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  1. K well I have scenario that just went down in Vybor. There was two men, one was looting around and the other was talking to my brother. I came over to my brother to back him up if he ('he' as in the guy talking to my brother) was going to rob him and when I get there the dude that was talking to my brother pointed his gun at me. I said to him "Dont point your gun at me" (twice). then he said "why you creeping around the corner??" I then said "unwield your weapon". At this point my brother thought I was gonna start to rob him but that wasn't my plan, I just didn't want him to point his gun at me. But then my brother thinking I started a robbery and started screaming "Get the f*** on the ground!" the guy didnt comply for along 30 maybe 45 seconds. Im pretty sure thats long enough to execute him for not complying. But we didnt shoot him. We asked for him to strip down and he sure took his sweet'ol time doing that also. Eventually his buddy comes around the corner and shoots at us, which is okay since we were robbing his friend. Also quick note... we told the guy we were holding up that if his friend comes by and tries to interfere with the robbery that we will shoot you (you as in the guy we're holding up). So thats what I did. I shot the guy we were robbing and my brother killed the guy that was shooting us. When the smoke cleared I was the only one left. I survived in my brothers honor. But in all seriousness is that situation like against the rules?? Thats what I am trying to get at. Did we do something wrong?? Also side note, when he laid down he asked for our names and we didnt give him them but he went OOC in chat reminding us that we have to give him our names. So we did after that. I just wanna make sure we didnt mess anything up because we're still new to the server some what... we've been on for like a week and have never experienced banditry just yet. So yeah, thanks guys!!
  2. I've been the nice guy in Chernarus and helping anyone I see andit's gotten me killed a couple of times because when I run to help someone they may or may not be bandits. With my luck I've ran to a few bandits and I eventually died but it was all in the sense of roleplay and it was well deserved after I tried to flee and get revenge but that's beside the point. My question is if I start doing bandit like things and such and get someone as my prisoner and they have to listen to me and meet my demands so can I force them to kill them selves? Or is that frowned upon. Just putting it out there I haven't forced anyone to F11 yet I just want to make sure it's okay to do or not before I do such bandit like acts.
  3. When does whitelist applications come back again? It says I have to donate and I thought applying was free?
  4. When is whitelisted applications available again?
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