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  1. @Sasha back in the Broken days was a thing to fear especially when @Skeetsi wasn't far behind, but after getting to know him I can't take him seriously @Deadplex always takes me by surprise, loud and clear though, can't mistake what he's saying @Pado was never loud, but his initiations were always clever and if you knew what was best for you, you'd do what he said or you'd have one less kneecap @Blitz commands, he's got the voice and authority, but anyone should comply just for the top notch RP
  2. Not your bihh, bihh Sobaki Island no wolves here
  3. Thanks for being a great hostage @Combat Logo and I enjoyed the fireside storytime meal with @leftdeaddevo.
  4. Glad you remember the old days as good old days. You're doing what's best for yourself. Take care Brett.
  5. We got approved then Whip discovers Minecraft/LiF. RIP.
  6. That was ME! Sucked I got gunned down while bandaging you, but luckily I was the only casualty. I'm glad you enjoyed the RP from the rest of the guys.
  7. *Yegor picks up his radio from the table* -suchanger- *Yegor quietly puts the radio down and empties his vodka bottle* *Elisabetta nurses her wounded niece as she hears the hateful message. Picking up the radio she fumbles with it trying to figure out how it works. Finding the PTT you hear a stern Italian woman respond.* "God forgives you." *She releases the PTT and as she does you can almost hear something that sounds like a rusty old Irish man whispering 'get cucked'*
  8. *Katerina sighs at the words coming from the radio, disgusted by the night's events. Pressing down her PTT she responds.* "Perhaps you were not there, but you are aware that the Kingdom threw the first stone with regards to Lopatino, correct? We were having peaceful talks with Cowboy's people up until one of your representatives waltzed in screaming for us to die. This Cowboy, who I thought had managed to blow himself up this night, then decided laying with you sinners and fighting was a more reasonable path to take then our talks. Had you not intervened I am positive we could have found a peaceful solution and no one would have had to suffer tonight. We did not seek out conflict with the people of Lopatino. We gave them time to think things over, to choose the path of peace, but instead they chose violence. I would also remind you that we are forgiving people. Should you renounce your false idol and take God into your hearts this senseless violence can be stopped. I told this to the three survivors who surrendered to us at the end of the night. They can vouch for our forgiveness. Go in peace to love and serve the lord. *She releases the button, sets down her radio, and begins to pray for all souls lost that night.*
  9. My game crashed and I missed all the fun
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