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  1. Thanks, this will help me to make a better whitelist aplication, studying medicine will help make a proficient dayz Doctor whos scared shitless.
  2. The forrest. It would be like playing the show Lost, survivors on an island surviving
  3. Yeah mate, wellcome and dont worry about the whitelisting, patience is the key
  4. That was some great storytelling mate
  5. Blaze. Simple because it has the best iron sights in the whole game. I once did a headshot on a person on the highest building in Cherno (The Silo one) from the hospital
  6. Bicycles! On a more serious note, maybe a new sniper and that's it. It has enough diverse weapons as it is, I would like better zombie AI. And servers of 100 people would be rad. Besides that, realistic base building. Something like the game The Forrest has. Would be nice hanging actual skulls on your walls if you were inclined to be like that
  7. That's not a challenge, that is a definition of a Hero with a military background. Name : Sheriff Bick Weapon: Repeater and Magnum Melee: Knife Head: Cowboy hat Body: Light apparel + pistol holder Backpack: Deer/Pig/Cow backpack Gloves: None Pants: Leather Shoes: Leather Pick a village. That is now your village, and you are its sherif. Play and defend your town from bandits, employ people to farm if they come to you, they will work, you will defend them. Chase cows around often. Chase cows around very often
  8. It is imperative not to lose sight of one's own verbal profanities. It is what held the civilization together none the less. On a serious note though, It just tells about that person's imagination, which if they do use the same profanities says a lot. But everyone gets tired occasionally and its not that easy to keep up with your aggressive character verbally while in a high adrenaline situation (a robbery for example)
  9. Welcome, I will need a guide through the woods. Maybe even find a leprechaun while were at it
  10. What can we do to find that secret out?
  11. I'm 22, and from Croatia, I bet there's not many people from Croatia here
  12. Hello fellow forum members. My name is Dinko and I come from Croatia. I have been playing Dayz SA since it was available and beforehand a bit of the mod. Mostly in the last few months I have been RP'ing in public servers with my brother and his wife, but that never quite hit the mark (it was hellishly difficult to find others to play along). I'm currently studying medicine, so I am thinking of RP'ing my first character in that direction, I still have to decide that. Besides that, I enjoy cycling, an occasional anime and electronic music (not the EDM garbage). There's that. Hope to get to know you all