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  1. Welcome mate! I hope you enjoy the community and the roleplay
  2. Welcome!! I hope to see you ingame
  3. Boia

    How to survive in .55 and beyond

    Thanks for the guide buddy! I am not playing for a month cause of work and without this guide i think i will died fast I'm so lucky to be an hunter so before the patch i collect the tripod and the pot for my meat I only hope to not die ahaha
  4. Welcome in this awesome community survivor
  5. Can you guys tell me what the patch break of the previous version? Right now i have not yet tried the new patch cause of RL.
  6. Noah You was my first RP session i made in this server and this news break my heart You are the only man my char trust! I'm really really sad Noah, really. I hope to see you around Chernarus again my friend, however i want to keep the contact with you. Good bye my friend!
  7. Welcome survivor! I hope to see you IG and RP a lot Take a look on the forum and stay tuned.
  8. Boia

    [S1] KoS - Green Mountain

    Yes it's true but i had to see the video two times to get what he said,it was not clear at all and as Lucia said the initiation was not ended, the guy was already shouting. I would do the same thing as he does.
  9. Boia

    [S1] KoS - Green Mountain

    I'm not agree with you guys. He was far from the initiation, who initiate didn't specify that the entire compound was initiate, however he only said "don't raise the weapon and don't move" and not clearly at all, the OP was like "wtf is happening?!" and get shot.
  10. Thanks for the RP guys, me and my friend met only two of you but we enjoy the meeting a lot. I hope to find you again and RP together again
  11. -User was warned for this post-
  12. I'm playing with my italian friend who are role playing an italian character, he talk with an italian accents more then he really have
  13. RP for sure! One time i was robbed by two military guys, they shout me to put the hands up and i did it, after that i tell them "guys calm down, if you need something im just give it to you, you don't need to point a gun at me please, i'm scared!" they just said "shut up!" and continue searching for my stuff, after a bit the told me "ok you can take your stuff back and go away, sorry for the rob, we was looking for m4 stuff". I was like don't you see i'm looking like a civilian?!
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