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  1. NathSnr

    KOS At Novaya 2019-10-21, 22:25ish

    Having been robbed by Anarchy before, my character is well aware of the kind of people they are. You swerved into the path of an oncoming car whilst both of us were travelling at high speeds which is super NVFL, then proceeded to start questioning us on licenses and making veiled comments about not trusting us to register. You dropped your guard and I made a judgement which backfired due to me going full retard with my aim. My friends attempted to get out of the car but, DayZ being what it is, sadly both of their games froze. Tl;dr Anarchy shakedown, we all know that means, plus long bouts of silence from you guys leads me to believe you're communicating with others so we dealt with it quickly.
  2. Nobody is saying it should be banned, man. I am simply advocating for some outside input to try and rebalance the server. I am also not advocating sing song campfire rp: I had in mind the government controlled zones from games like the Last of Us, where there are rules and it's a police state but at least it's run by a group with a coherent message that provides food and settlement.
  3. I am not advocating a lack of hostile rp, nor am I advocating a bunch of overpowered maniacs with rule protection: every time I have played on the server it is entirely dominated by hostile groups, as it is now, many of which are completely nonsensical in their lore and background. And yes, I am thinking of Anarchy: their premise is ridiculous and paradoxical, but I do not have ANY issue with them as individuals or even an OOC group. I am simply tired of the constant screaming of "hostile rp is our right" whilst providing nothing original. You've been part of a couple of hostile rp situations, you've been part of them all. This is also solidified by the ruleset which encourages ruleplay, and as a result there is very little interesting and genuinely compelling hostile rp out there, especially for the majority of us who are not part of huge groups.
  4. I meant at the current time, none of the large groups are providing a safezone and only providing edgy roleplay.
  5. But nobody enforces a safe zone, it's just always pure edge.
  6. As far as I am aware, this is not something that has ever happened on the server (at least since I joined DayZRP some time ago). I believe that it would help RP a lot to have a safezone controlled by a large, official faction (the lore of which will be designed by the staff team) that acts as a kind of government within their safezone, which could encompass a fairly large area. This would provide a safezone for people to roleplay in and also an easy way to provide continuous storyline for the server with events leading up to the formation of said safezone and then it's continued operation. This settlement would be a no-combat zone without prior GM approval and does not necessarily have to be some idyllic hippie commune, and instead could be run as an authoritarian police state: but one that, crucially, does more good than bad. They could enforce their laws and mete out harsh punishments for offenders, require citizen registry and other such things and provide rations to eligible citizens. This is not meant as an attack on hostile roleplayers, but I personally find it to be uninteresting when the majority of large groups are hostile and don't actually add anything to the server. To be clear, I do not consider "good hostility roleplay" to be anything substantial as any halfwit can be play a decent antagonist in the occasional hold-up - this is my personal opinion. This is just a rough idea but I figured I'd get the conversational ball rolling.
  7. The threat of the infected does need to be greater, but I don't think adding super beefed up zombies is the way to go: I would argue hordes are. One beefy boi shows up at your compound, how much of a threat is he, honestly? He can't damage your walls because walls don't have health, you destroy them with an item interaction, and having a huge zombie vaulting walls is dumb. But, what about a Horde? A group of 50-100 infected suddenly rocking up would be NASTY. You could have a few hordes on the map patrolling major road routes and even roaming through woods, towns and cities. The only times I have ever found zombies to be a credible threat is when there are lots of them coming at you and your mag runs dry so having hordes would be deadly as hell - imagine one vaulting into your base.
  8. One large, powerful group is not an issue in itself - but the nature of this one is. A safezone created and run by a government would be a FANTASTIC idea, and admins could help in it's construction. If Anarchy were to abandon their ridiculous premise and instead become an actual government with laws, regulations etc then it would work, even if they were still a little crooked. But I've never met anyone ic with a good thing to say about them.
  9. John was born in Carthage, Texas to Arthur Kovacs and Paula Unsworth - a mechanic and journalist respectively. The pair had a brief romance in the summer of '80 when Paula visited Texas to conduct research for a story regarding the Sharpstown scandals a number of years prior. Paula soon fell pregnant and agreed to stay states-side until the birth of the child before she returned to England, leaving John in his father's care. John's early life was one of burgeoning self-sufficiency as his father, destroyed by the love of his life leaving him behind, struggled to hold down a job due to his emotional instability and ongoing battle with alcoholism. John was never subject to any abuse but learned from a young age to maintain a practical distance from those in his lives in order to remain functional when they would inevitably be pushed away by his callousness and his father's drunken antics. At 18, John moved from Texas to New York where he survived through petty thievery and, struggling to find work, soon joined the US Army. John became a member of the 10th Mountain Division and served a four-year stint, having quickly been promoted to Lance Corporal after basic training due to his natural aptitude for firearms and mountain warfare - his father, when sober, had been fond of hunting and had taught John to handle rifles, handguns and to survive in the wild. He was involved in the opening stages of Operation Enduring Freedom and saw, relative to most modern western soldiers, fairly extensive combat. Disillusioned with the efficacy of US operations, John quit the Army after his four-year initial commitment ended. John found himself unable to settle down for some time, until he eventually found a job training as a mechanic. His boss, Earl 'Dusty' Ridge, was the President of a small, mono-chapter Motorcycle Club called the Devil's Dozen and John soon found himself patched in as a member after helping his new brothers deal with some volatile locals. Following a high-profile investigation and two large-scale shootouts with rival criminal organisations, the Devil's Dozen MC found it's membership decimated. John, with the aid of an acquaintance made during his time as an Enforcer, fled the States and headed for Chernarus under the assumed identity of Jack Churchill - a name he chose after learning about the World War Two hero of the same name - and took up work as a lumberjack.
  10. NathSnr

    S1 Chernogorsk: KOS / Invalid Kill

    Nope. Only just got a pc that can run recordings without performance tanking and I always forget to turn it on.
  11. NathSnr

    S1 Chernogorsk: KOS / Invalid Kill

    Heyo, shooter here. The initial shot was a misfire (I was super psyched and shaking, my ptt is on my mouse). After firing I thought I heard shots being returned, though I can't say that with 100% certainty as I was super on edge. After firing the initial shots I figured that it was now an active firefight, so when I saw some of the people outside firing in I continued firing.
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1761787864 Put this on the server and it'll fix it.
  13. So I've been rolling with my plate carrier for a while (It's the black version with the skull logo). I've noticed that when I try and attach a pouch or holster the damned thing doubles in weight from 12kg to 24kg, despite there being nothing in the pouches or holster. Is anyone else experiencing this, or know of a fix?
  14. NathSnr

    2019 Premium overhaul suggestion

    Or just don't pay.
  15. NathSnr

    Since when? (NVFL Discussion)

    This touches on something I've held as an article of faith since I first joined DayZRP a couple of years ago and was roleplaying. In particular, roleplaying with those who I wouldn't consider to be particularly fantastic roleplayers. My verdict: much of the staff do not care about roleplay as much as they care about their precious rules. Multiple times I have been confronted by people saying things that are blatantly obvious to anyone who isn't severely autistic (not disparaging autistic people, I am a teacher in training and work with autistic kids, many are incapable of inference and therefore take everything literally) that it's a declaration of hostile attempt. An example, I was recently confronted by someone who said "The spirits are telling me I need to sacrifice you". Had I shot this person then and there, which was my first instinct, I'd have been done for RDM. Similarly, when his friends (who pretended unconvincingly not to know him) came over and faux-encouraged me to take retribution and repeatedly moved to surround me, had I mowed them down then I'd be done for RDM. Certain members of this community continue to hold onto this idiotic "well I don't think that's do-able so it's unrealistic" type of mindset which is frankly a reflection on them more than anything else. People do crazy things in the heat of the moment in an attempt to save themselves, including throwing themselves on grenades (potential death by explosion), hiding under corpses (potential death by disease), or fighting in an unwinnable situation (because a 1% chance is better odds than certain death). People do insane things when their fight or flight instinct kicks in. I've never been in some serious, life-threatening combat situation, but I've had dudes go for me in a bar and I can tell you, in the moment your reaction is automatic. You don't think, you act, and anecdotal evidence from real life proves that this is the case. James Franco's character from 127 Hours would easily get banned for NVFL by some staff members in this community. Just to put this out there, I'm saying this in the hopes at least some people (staff or otherwise) might decide to stop being such advocates of a mary sue persona, not as a personal attack on anyone (hence not naming names). Yes what the guy who got banned was dumb from a logical, detached standpoint, but by actually using your human empathy and imagining yourself in that position it becomes way easier to understand.
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