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  1. Whilst it's unrelated to the facts of my initial POV, I'd like to voice my support for the Svoboda guys here. I see nothing wrong with you going in and making demands. They initiated in order to make demands at gunpoint - it was a show of force, something that happens. The hypocrisy here is that people have been banned for ruleplay over roleplay, yet here you are saying their GOOD roleplay isn't allowed because it bends the rules slightly? They initiated, took care of us, gave us their message and left. They gave us KoS rights, that's the risk they took, and they chose to take it.
  2. Hi there. I was there during this situation as Captain Heller Bale ("The UN guy"). Ignoring the insane hypocrisy of their group's ideals (but they are nationalists, so nothing odd there) I see nothing to get irked about with the roleplay. A number of us were talking at the front of the upper hospital in the Pavlovo when Svoboda turned up and initiated. After an initial disarmament against the corrugated fence we were marched to the lower medical facility, then taken upstairs. It should be noted that there were shots during the march and I believe someone may have been executed, but probably because they didn't do as told. When inside we were lined up against the wall, then soon after one of the men inside ordered us to line across the hallway as human shields, as a fight had broken out between Svoboda and the Irish group that had taken over 'protection' for the hospital. One of the Svoboda men explained that their initial plan would be to negotiate with the Irish, however once it turned out they had the upper hand (and admittedly the Irish started guerrilla fighting by the sounds of it) they decided to just finish them off. Whilst lined up we had 1/2 Svoboda men behind us, and one in front covering the door. The only time one of the Irish made it to that door, the man in front killed him immediately, so we weren't injured. During the situation Svoboda explained what they wanted of us (their demands have been covered accurately in previous POVs). After explaining this, they did nothing to stop us talking and roleplaying, and also cared for the character who was roleplaying having a broken leg. They gave saline to the one man who caught a shot when infected phased through the door into the corridor, and did nothing to stop me taking a drink when I needed it. They made it extremely clear that they were here not to rob, or to kill, but to deliver demands - I am of the belief that this would have been a short, if aggressive, visit if the Irish had not been there to fight back. They were here for a show of force, not an actual fight. Whether or not their use of human shields is counted as no care for hostages isn't up to me to decide, but given that they even said that their hope was that the sight of us would stop the Irish shooting I personally have no issues with it. I may have been a little upset if I'd died in a crossfire, but at the end of they day they did successfully protect us before delivering their message and leaving WITHOUT stripping us of all our gear. Only thing that upset me is one of the bastards took the dead Irishman's FN FAL. I wanted that damned gun.
  3. Captain Heller Bale - though a Corporal before the outbreak - was an English/Irish soldier, marskman and leader whose later allegiance was to the United Nations left in Chernarus. Given up for adoption at birth, Heller was raised in military boarding schools and eventually followed the obvious path by joining the British Armed Forces. He worked his way to the rank of Corporal in a relatively short period of time, and shortly before his deployment to Zagoria was given the opportunity to pass the RMAS standardised tests to earn a promotion to Lieutenant - the outbreak occurred before he was able to find out about his success. Prior to the outbreak Heller had been deployed along with a single company to act as urban sniper support units and close-body protection for UN officials and high-ranking Zagorian government officials. During the initial conflicts at the beginning of the outbreak Heller and his colleagues were successfully able to evacuate a small number of UN officials before airspace was closed indefinitely due to the rampant spread of disease. Steadily, and in numerous combat scenarios with the infected, Heller's unit was wiped out until he was the last remaining member - at which point he promptly fled to the mountains of central Zagoria and withdrew into an existence of pure survivalism. After some months Heller emerged and ended up in contact with Major Aaron West and his company of UN soldiers. Heller joined the UN group with the goal of helping to restore some semblance of order to the country - however, the rising tide of banditry and social decay meant the UN had an extremely difficult time. Major West promoted Heller in the field on numerous occasions, and eventually - after the death of their close friend Captain David Black - promoted Heller to the rank of Captain and second in command of the UN offensive. Heller attempted to organise the UN and increase its influence but the propaganda spread by criminals meant trust for the UN was effectively non-existent. Major West soon disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and with him Heller also dissolved yet again. Following the collapse of the UN forces in Zagoria, Bale managed to find and secure a small, military medical facility near the Russian border. During his time there, Bale found and studied a large number of medical textbooks and reports, particularly focusing on those concerning human biology and virology. Bale was later forced to abandon this facility when raiders attempted to oust him - though he did leave willingly, he left behind a few nasty surprises, and actively hunted the raiders for a small time before withdrawing. He has returned to Chernarus with the intention of learning more about the outbreak.
  4. I see so many stuck-up douches sitting there saying "lol the guys in those videos are such bad rp'ers" when a good number of them are pretty shocking themselves. New people make mistakes, some more than others. Being an arse about it and insta-reporting and getting them banned/whitelist revoked within days of joining is a massive dick move.
  5. Server and location: Server 1, Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 24/07/2017, 20:30GMT Your in game name: Borya Ivanov Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Gerald Gillum, Sonny Phelps (?), two others Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/445112938782498873/5336D0E2C521496E3BC06755C13868D1569AF37E/ Detailed description of the events: I logged in at Vybor (southern side, in the blue-doored warehouse opposite the piano house) and made my way to the road. I was forced to look away from the screen due to my cat going ballistic but soon realised I was being talked to in an overly-friendly manner by the first member of the opposing group (his name was Sonny somethings, I believe it was Phelps). He starts being subtly threatening (i.e. the whole "overly friendly" overdone psycho routine). I attempt to move as I have quite blatantly seen three individuals running around the backs of buildings. Due to the rules (which I feel are illogical in this situation) I was unable to turn and shoot them to avoid what was quite blatantly going to be a robberty attempt. I tell Sonny to stop following me, to which he demands I put my hand up. I comply by placing my weapon on the ground, stepping away and putting my hands up. When I quiz them as to their reason (my character is not affiliated with any groups nor are there any surviving members of any hostilities) he simply says "I like that SVD" - whilst one person ties me using duct tape another, without saying a word, comes along and has a nice gander at my UMP 45 that I dropped before taking it for himself. I am quickly led inside the piano house and taken upstairs. They have already been taking items from my person (for example taking my balaclava without removing my helmet - not the best Rp there). I make a sarcastic comment to one of the two males who are bothering to roleplay with me as he is unable to finish his sentence without stuttering and he responds by knocking me out. My revolver is taken and I am asked for OOC permission to play Russian Roulette - as we are ALL aware this involves a revolver with a single bullet inside. Having tested this previously myself, spinning the revolver chamber ALWAYS ends up with the round chambered in the relative second chamber - this means the second pull of the trigger will fire. It becomes obvious here when the first shoot results in my death that they have loaded what is most likely the entire revolving chamber and simply executed me. Whilst I am not averse to decent hostile/hostage RP from the beginning this was clearly an attempt to take my high-tier weapons and the "Russian Roulette" at the end really was just a joke.
  6. NathSnr

    Strictly IC only TS comms

    In theory I like the idea which is why I voted yes, but in practice I don't think it'll work. I'm going to tell you why and hope that one of the staff/the rest of the community doesn't take this as a shitpost/insult because I'm being blunt, just being honest here. Even the most popular/biggest groups are incapable of even the most basic realism in roleplay. Every single one of you who has sat there saying "do we initiate who's gonna initiate" over TS, even REMOTELY communicated over TS regarding a situation, without making a single sound in-game are metagamers. It's pure and simple. All this will do is expand the realms of bullshit bandit telepathy to reaching across the entirety of the server map / across servers. That's why I don't think this will work.
  7. I have to ask: where did you get the Gorka helmet? I've been looking for one since 0.60 came out so I can be hardcore best rp'er russian supersoldier but no luck so far.
  8. I have fallen prey to a landmine once, about two weeks ago. It was in the small bunker at the southern side of the NWAF tents, so I had no way of seeing it. Luckily, mines are so badly implemented they're just as likely to blow up the user. That being said, I will initiate on and kill anyone who is setting these damned mines. It's just dumb, and too many reports are going up for "I was killed by a random landmine in a tent". EDIT: My only advice can be that anyone, ANYONE, who finds a mine and isn't a scumbag (or doesn't intend to use it in a legit way) takes it, makes a fire and throws it in there.
  9. NathSnr

    Soundboard IG

    Personally I think this is the kind of thing that could be extremely atmospheric in certain scenarios - I once roleplayed with a dude who had a harmonica IRL and played it into the mic after roleplaying having one in-game. It provided a lot of atmosphere and it was really good. I think if I came across a bunch of african guys playing drums "just because" I'd probably think it was a little trolly - much like the time I met two roleplayers with THE WORST fake russian accents ever blasting hardcore dubstep from a V3S. If you used this in more tightly-knit scenarios, especially with established allies, or in rituals/executions etc it could be great. Given that drums are large I do agree that you'd probably need some kind of item IG - using something small like a cooking pot and using the F3 sit animation would be good.
  10. NathSnr

    S1: RDM or Rule-Play - South Barracks NWAF - 19/06/2016 - 17:34

    As for the original situation with Radek - he was hostile towards a friend of my character's for no reason and proceeded to continue to be threatening. As survival is imperative, my character made the decision that this individual did not deserve to continue living as people like him add nothing to society and would only impede the healing of the human race. As for the second situation, that's a bit of miscommunication for me IRL - I was told by a parent I needed to go (it's father's day in the UK and I have cooked for my father) as I needed to start cooking. I was then told (after being let go by the gents) that I had some time. I decided that I should not leave as then I would be taking advantage of OOC - however me walking over and going "// hey guys do you wanna take me prisoner again" just further disrupts the flow of roleplay. I had recently dropped a FAL nearby as I had intended to dump it, but I was able to find that and the magazine I dumped elsewhere nearby and decided to initiate combat with the group. My intention was to injure the first individual I shot at - sadly I'm a bad shot and it ended up registering in his torso. I was then told I did in fact have to leave, so giving that I had a) not killed anyone and b) ran and spent about a minute watching to see if anyone followed me and saw nobody, I decided to log off. I am aware that this is unorthodox and against the rules, however miscommunication for me IRL meant I had to adapt to the situation. Had the group followed me and been able to find me I would have engaged in a firefight and allowed them to kill me - the gear doesn't matter to me - but as they had not followed me (and as thus would not be able to find me if I had kept moving) I decided to just log off. Hope this clears things up.
  11. NathSnr

    Brightness/Gamma problem.

    I encounter this issue on Server 1 but not on Server 2. Might be a case of one of the servers being buggy - chances are it's just DayZ being DayZ, though.
  12. I'll come shoot you say hi on the TS don't worry.
  13. How are they doing these days? I assume it varies between awful, RDM'ed and hunted. That's what it used to be like anyway.
  14. Not sure if any of you will remember me by this name, or by my character (UN Captain Heller Bale) but I've decided to come back to the community. I'd like to roleplay here again and the recent and upcoming improvements to DayZ SA means it's a far more viable place to do so. Hope to shoot see you all ingame soon!
  15. That's not a very good attitude at all. Personally, I was under the impression that due to voice being hard to hear you needed to use text as well. If you want a simple answer, I'd say don't bother as there's so much stuff that can go wrong... your choice, though.