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  1. Geeoo418

    My Dayz Items Wish List.

    Dogs? Trainable pets that can be tamed to fight alongside you?
  2. Keen to here more of your enjoyment! Welcome!
  3. Geeoo418

    Wells broke in 0.5.3

    I think it's still a pretty dodgy system and they need to fix it and or make the animation system better. I keep having to cancel and restart animations...
  4. Welcome man! Good-luck with your app
  5. I assume this is because you didn't post at least once within thirty days. Bad-luck man!
  6. Welcome buddy! It truly is radical, the role-play that this community beholds!
  7. Whenever that day may come, however, I am very keen to see how much it's improved. I'm not going to lie, when I first got SA it was terrible. Now it's really showing some amazing things!
  8. Geeoo418

    robbing or robbed

    Most people who have robbed me take everything that's not of much worth over the valuables... Right.
  9. Welcome, enjoy your time here
  10. Welcome. Good to hear you an old-school mod player!
  11. Magically died exiting a house. Pretty sure the open doorway broke every bone in my body at the same time... Ded.
  12. I just woke up here in AUS. I've not played for 8+ hours until now. Not involved with whatever happened a few hours ago. I just joined this ts channel. The rp names of the lads involved are listed above. My name is Singular (First Name) because I was only in the TS channel. Just got on