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  1. Nope. Just no. Initiate IC instead.
  2. xgrishin

    The Night Of Fear[Ended]

    This is going to be fun!
  3. Sounds fun but Isn't the firm already doing something like this?
  4. xgrishin

    The Playhouse [OPEN Recruitment]

    Logo seems trollish and the concept doesn't add up. Regardless, good luck to you all.
  5. xgrishin

    S1- RDM - Bolota Airfield - 17/08/2016 20:40

    Since I was involved in this here is my POV: After encontering the OP and his friends, they told us that they are fixing their car and its missing only a few parts. After a short conversation, we decided to walk away but heard the car start as we were leaving and realized that the car is in working condition, at least for the most part. We came up with the plan to rob them for their vehicle, Sam going in on foot while I was roughly 300-400 meters away on a hill just East of their position. I had a perfect line of sight with my PSO-1-1 scope and if they tried anything or ran anywhere I would have plenty of time to kill them since it is an open field (no cover). I told Sam to make sure to tell them that he has friends in the hills (not sure if he actually did) but I fired a few shots in front of the car to make sure that they didn't think he was bluffing and I tried to damage the back tire so they wouldn't try to drive away (I had a tire repair kit on me to fix it once we took the car, but this didn't go as planned of course since two of them were dead and apparently there were three of theirs on the way). Either way, there was no way of them knowing how many of us were there exactly. So it would of been in their best interest to comply (especially since they are in an open field and I fired warning shots that obviously didn't come from Sam), otherwise they are suicidal. I was up on the hill for the most part, I came down for a minute or so and went back up once one of them said that they have three guys on the way. I assume it was a bluff but I didn't want to risk it so I came back up the hill. I did not hear any conversation except for the moment when I came down the hill and heard one of them whistling (which was odd considering the circumstances). Also, osku197. You wouldn't know for sure how many of us were on overwatch, as I stated above so if you did try anything you all would have been dead. You were in an open field.... No cover, and I was just 300ish meters away. There would be no scenario where you get out alive if you chose to shoot Sam. Unless the staff requires me to make another post, this will be my one and only.
  6. xgrishin

    Revisiting the "Abusing Game Mechanics" Rule for Survivor Camps

    In my opinion, and as seen by a simple google search it is very realistic and I really don't see anything wrong with it. I also don't understand how you think it is unrealistic so would you please elaborate on why you think it is so?
  7. xgrishin

    TeamSpeak security changes

    I used the privilege key and now I cant move to any channel or see people in any channel except for lobby.
  8. I saw a youtube video of something very similar to this. Not sure if was on DayZRP though. Should be a lot of fun.
  9. xgrishin

    Pinky's Amazeballs Graphics ~ Taking Requests

    Its beautiful! *A small tear can be seen running down the left side of his cheek as he lets out a smile*
  10. xgrishin

    Pinky's Amazeballs Graphics ~ Taking Requests

    Oops, give me an idea for your painting and I draw you. Surprise me. Something derpy and without any text.
  11. xgrishin

    Salty about gear.

    I'm only a little bit salty when I die to a glitch, desync or a crash. Basically any other reason that isn't a legit death and robbery.
  12. I took a tire off of a bus and the bus did a 45 degree twist and flew into me. Broke my legs and lost a lot of blood instantly. RIP pants and boots.
  13. xgrishin

    Pinky's Amazeballs Graphics ~ Taking Requests

    Forgot about me? feelsbadman
  14. xgrishin

    S1 | Killing of Compliant Hostage, Trolling | Vavilovo 07/08/2016 06:05

    Maks Glazkov POV: Just as Dani, Sam and I were returning from our supply run we saw three men running on our right side into our camp. I positioned myself on top of the construction building to get a good line of sight and saw these guys running around our camp and what appeared to be looting out tents. One man wearing a pink armband ran up there shortly after so my position was exposed. I moved down a floor and a few minutes later I was spotted again so I made my way out of the construction building and into the trees. After some time I positioned myself to cover the exit of any enemies and heard on TS that Alan and Dani were initiated on. A few minutes after, I heard some shots and heard that Alan was killed even though he was complying. I didn't actually hear any conversation or seen Alan get killed. I saw three guys run out the back of our camp after Alan was killed, opened fire but I lost sight of them a few seconds later.
  15. xgrishin

    Elena's Diary

    Great stuff. The drama is 8/8 m8.