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  1. I hope the issues can be sorted out. Best of luck to you guys.
  2. Hey we are still making the group if you want in.

  3. I assumed it was a plan for after the wipe, my apologies. I'm aware which is why I wrote "for when player-made groups open up", but thank you ?
  4. This looks awesome! I would love to join in on another character than the one I'm currently playing on. Excited to see the plans for this when player-made groups open up.
  5. You have to play the game as if it is a real life in your hands and not with the "respawn and repeat" mentality. If you get shot/munched on enough times and keep coming back it will, first and foremost, ruin the immersion of other players and secondly ruin your own story. If not for your own sake, please stick to realism for others. Enjoy the fields and forests of Chernarus.
  6. For the time being I think dynamic groups should suffice. I'm really excited to see if there are events for the existing groups and their followers incoming, and if so, what kind of events.
  7. Kudos to the entire team, indeed. I've had some incredibly interesting interactions with @Stagsview before the wipe as well, with him creating "horror" scenarios for certain characters and dragged their entire group into it.
  8. I have found a couple of cans lying around, but most of the food I carry on me was looted from the dead.
  9. In the previous lore setting, a member of our group was ex-sf. He would react different than the rest of us to certain situations. Although he was ex, he seemed very much in active duty during the apocalypse.
  10. As mentioned above; S1 is where all the people are at, so try that. You can easily see the current player count on each server on the DayZRP frontpage.
  11. I think it's great the way it is. A refreshing change of pace. It challenges everyone as a roleplayer and promotes creativity and doing something new and different from what has been done previously. There are several characters to play outside of being a western soldier.
  12. I haven't had any issues yet at all, but I also haven't tried out any vehicles since the wipe. I have seen some buzz past me though without any noticeable issues.
  13. Indeed. I get confused as to why there are deployed American forces running around. I was pretty sure the US pulled out of Chernarus..
  14. I think it's very natural for people to handle the situation differently. It being survival and scrounging everything you can whether it's stealing or not, or banding together and going for survival in numbers. My character doesn't really know what's going on yet (because of his backstory) and is unsure how to deal with angry, decaying people running after him down the street.
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