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  1. I totally agree about the night time being perfectly playable, but even when the majority vote for it back it wont unless Roland or a group of his admins could be convinced.
  2. @Roland any possibility of making the server restart right on the start of night then? This way, those of us which want the night back can still have that very small part of it back for now.
  3. @Roland what is your opinion on this? Any chance we can have night time brought back into the cycle?
  4. Sounds good but what about a torch and matches instead, that way you have a basic light source that can be renewed and you can create a fire for warmth during the cold nights. Just also added a poll so we can properly vote for this. Place your votes for what you want.
  5. Also make sure you add your character name through the launcher, if you don't you won't be able to connect.
  6. For everyone complaining about not having a light source let me list whats currently in game right now: Chemlight Fireplace Flashlight Head torch Pistol flashlight Portable gas lamp Road flare Torch Weapon flashlight Work light Xmas lights And we also have a 3.5x night vision scope that is fully functional, so how can it be so hard to see anything when we have all of these available? Lighting has been fixed, remember that this community is not the only one with a DayZ server, go have a look for yourself and you will see that lighting works. Attached is a lighting system chart that hopefully should help everyone in doubt.
  7. Since when do you have the right to be offended by my name? Been here longer than you so that makes me the original.
  8. You do mean 60/40 right? Sorry im a pain for details. hahahaha.
  9. Well that's why there is a variety of options to make the majority happy, they could just make it asynchronous time so days are longer than night.
  10. As the title states, why do we not have a proper Day / Night cycle? The server restarts on dusk every time and this is starting to make the thrill of survival stale and thus will make RP stale over time if it doesn't change. Instead of having it restart as day every time why not just set the server to save time along with game save on restart so that when the server restarts it follows on to be night time. Alternative to this would be to setup setup accelerated Day / Night cycles but make it asynchronous, having days slightly longer than night to keep at best majority happy. Side Note: If this isn't going to change then what is the point of having the Night Vision Scope in the game???
  11. Xavier found himself travelling through Chernarus after completing an assignment, even though it was on a diplomatic passport it still seemed strange that this was the flight path his superiors planned. While he was waiting at the airfield for his flight back home to Johannesburg to back brief his superiors he went over the flight details he was given then looked at his watch wondering what was taking so long, He thought to himself, "Why is the plane not being prepared? Where is the flight crew?" While he was sitting and waiting sitting on a supply trunk he thinks to himself "Where is everyone else for that matter? It is too quiet" He decides to go have a look around "The plane isn't going anywhere soon" FIRE! screamed a Chernarussian soldier and in an almost immediate response there were bullets flying all around Xavier, CEASE FIRE! CEASE FIRE! he screams out while he's taking cover behind a truck tire. He then hears the Chernarussian solder call out CEASE FIRE!, Xavier comes out of cover and demands to know why soldiers were live firing through a military airfield??? The soldier says "We thought you were one of the dead walkers" "What the hell are you talking about? What is a dead walker?" asked Xavier, Those things over there pointed the soldier. Xavier goes over to investigate and finds a corpse lying on the ground but somehow it is still twitching, "What is going on here?", the soldier responds "You need to get out of here now if you want to live". "I have been waiting for the flight crew to prep the plane for almost 3 hours" Xavier said, "The flight crew are all dead, we are the only ones left" said the soldier. Confused and not knowing fully what has happened he walks around and tries to figure out how to get out of there. "RUN!!!" he screams out as he sees a group of dead looking people running towards the soldiers. It was too late, one of the Chernarussian soldiers throw a grenade to take the group out in one strike but the shrapnel hit a fuel storage tanker near the group and it exploded before anyone could find cover. Xavier was thrown against a wall from the pressure wave of the explosion, and fell to the ground unconscious. After about an hour he wakes up, dazed and still not grasping what has happened he drags himself to his feet, salvages whatever equipment he could find and leaves the airfield looking for answers.
  12. The server is still on version 63.149374 when the new version is 63.149386 How long till DayZRP updates their server? Server 2 seems to be g2g but server 1 still isn't.
  13. According to their post in Twitter thats where they deployed the fix but it was applied to experimental. And there was also a client update of a little over 100mb, that part I found out after restarting steam. 0.63.149386 is the newest version it updated to but it's only on the experimental right now, dunno why.
  14. Well they did screw it up again, they updated the EXPERIMENTAL/UNSTABLE servers instead of the stable branch. Fucking potatoes!!!
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