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  1. The man is perplexed by the unfamiliar voice that responded but he is not deterred by it. "You really believe you have any ability to dictate what I will or shall not do?" He lets his response end on that, his voice devoid of any emotion behind it.
  2. The man is walking along in the cold bitterness of the late day. His priorities are in question recently but one thing remains on his mind rather consistently. During this stroll he radio begins to pick up signals and he stops, hearing a familiar voice. At first he would be confused but then as the broadcast continued he would begin to realize who it was. He listens to the entirety of the transmission, unsure of what to say throughout most of it. Her words were not direct and her message was not clear for him. He wasn't a man that understood hidden messages and limerick. Upon completion of the transmission he holds the radio up to his mouth and presses down the PTT expecting a simple explanation for this interesting circumstance. "Khandra? Is that you? What is all this you're going on about?" He asks the simple question and awaits a reply. He can tell this isn't the same type of dialogue that the two normally hold but he isn't sure why there is a change or what it means. Hopefully a response will clear things up.
  3. Butthead

    Tear down that wall!

    @Lyca Yes, their propaganda through the megaphone was not only hilarious but it was also very realistic and well executed. So impressed by their show of strength. @uSx Yes, don't let up on the foreign capitalist pigs
  4. Me too! It was incredibly fun. Their RP was top notch
  5. From the album: Media from the journey of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    War and Pestilence observe The Commune commanding their prisoner to dismantle the walls which were meant to keep them out.
  6. From the album: Media from the journey of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    Does War have any enjoyable past-times? Perhaps gathering duct-tape and sewing kits for Khandra. She needs them constantly.
  7. From the album: Media from the journey of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    Shout at him with a megaphone about our ideals. Destroy his eardrums with propaganda. War and Pestilence look on as their allies secure victory.
  8. From the album: Media from the journey of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    War is intrigued by a mission that The Commune propose to him. He accepts and they rally and re-group readying for their journey to Chernogorsk
  9. I have a question. Was this in front of the gas station outside of Elektro? @bighamma15
  10. Man... I was sitting around doing absolutely nothing and got sick somehow. It has to be broken. I was around no one, drank nothing, I seriously don't get it. I then proceeded to play for 3 more hours and be sick the whole time. It's absolutely painful and actually causes awkward RP and avoiding RP in a lot of cases. I'm sick of every other interaction being "by the way are you sick?"
  11. @Sivarg You're awesome for saying it's awesome! Thank you
  12. @Lyca Well, I have yet to bore you. You're stuck with me until then! @TIMELAPSE Your community was spectacular man! I had an absolute blast meeting you guys and seeing all the effort you have put into it. It really shows and it was one of the more amazing things I have seen for quite some time in DayZRP. I have a feeling I'll be back
  13. From the album: Media from the journey of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    Reach the highest point and search for the community spoke of by Khandra's brother
  14. Can confirm. Weather changes every time the server freezes up a bit. Consistent across all clients.
  15. Oh yes, I forgot once again! @Lyca helped us change the phrase to "Medical Practitioner Games"
  16. Butthead

    New here

    Perhaps when you get your character established and your whitelist approved, shoot me a PM and my group will introduce you to the climate around here if you're interested.
  17. It was quite interesting learning about doctor games! @Hunter @ZillyI played with you a long time ago and it was neat to see you're still around and with the same character! Glad you enjoyed us man. We're trying to be different for sure.
  18. You better keep that finger as a momento, don't be eating it now! Was nice to get a bit of history under my belt with Peter since everyone keeps thinking we are together. @Jackfish
  19. Mmmmm... I haven't heard that from anyone. I've heard that it's interesting to deal with from an RP standpoint but that doesn't mean we're enjoying it... overall at the end of the day most people are annoyed. I for one just got mobbed by a group of guys who were all coughing and sneezing and there was nothing I could do to prevent them from infecting me in order to stay true to NVFL rules. Now I'm just annoyed by it.
  20. As I see no reason for that to be a lie, I guess the poll is already rendered obsolete. Admins apparently can restart it and they would be currently if not for the server access being in limbo with recent changes is what I take away from that reply. /thread
  21. @Onyx Hey man, really appreciate the kind words! We really enjoyed your character and you gave a good chuckle a few times with the "conkers" and such. Hopefully you're on a path toward righteousness!
  22. Thanks @William89 ! We enjoyed your company too! Hopefully you can come to terms with your sins and accept them!
  23. Butthead


    Jesus that had me laughing super hard for some reason
  24. So, I'll just stick to details and things we've already tried. The Issue: Attempting to connect to the server results in "Connecting Failed" Details: 2 Community members living in same home with same IP, Verification by staff for same IP usage, Never make it to a spawn timer, seems to only be an issue when we both attempt to play, and always play using launcher with up-to-date DayZRP mods Already attempted: Verifying game cache, Reinstalling, Repairing mod, Reloading mod, One of us getting off and the other one seeing if they can magically connect (failed), Deleting DayZ documents folder, Running as administrator (Both game .exe and Steam), and changing active character Hypothesis: This is a shot in the dark because I have no idea what I'm talking about but... Perhaps we're being auto-blocked as some sort of anti-DDOS measure? Possible? Maybe we have to set up the router to allow for some sort of dual connection to the server? I've done as much research as I can and typically the consensus on multiples from one connection is that you only get connection rejections if you're playing on the same Steam account. I am out of ideas. This is a real thorn in my side because if we don't have our third man, we typically get fucked with a bit more on the server. Gotta pump those numbers. He's also getting frustrated that he can't just get on and join us without jumping hoops.
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