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  1. I still dream about you

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  2. Now that's what I like to hear
  3. lmao dude what have you done

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  4. I suppose I can agree. Doesn't make it any less frustrating though. In the end DayZ is a game of compromise anyway. You make sacrifices to make certain stuff work as good as it can and ignore other issues. Hopefully one day the Devs can get optimization to a better place.
  5. I feel like you completely missed the point? I touched on this already. "In a perfect world, sure keep the log out delay because in a perfect world there is no lag so we can say "git gud" and try and avoid the infected." I'm saying that if not for lag being a huge factor here, I would agree with you completely that it is abusing a mechanic to avoid a cruel fate. That is not the case though. I don't know how you could at all argue that I should just suck it up and die to the server lagging and deciding I am somewhere that I am not on my screen and having zombies mob the server's position for me and having absolutely no way to combat it. Well, again, as I stated. In a perfect world, I would condemn the ability to simply log out and avoid your fate of death to infected. In a perfect world, the server would run stable with 100 people. That's not the case. Sadly, it does not. As a result, I am not being fairly killed by the PvE aspect of this game. I am being unfairly stuck in a position that I am not actually in and then the infected proceed to kill me from that spot despite the client side showing me not even being there. If performance is the goal, I guess I would say I am on board with anything that improves performance but this isn't about avoiding dying to infected. It's about dying to lag.
  6. So. I noticed the log out timer is adjusted to 5 seconds now. I would assume that this is to give a light buffer to combat logging or logging in front of people during RP. Makes sense I guess... I just have one thing to say about it. I would like to suggest it be put back to an instantaneous logout again for one simple reason... Server stability. I just died to a common issue in which I lag or the server lags (because my internet is perfectly fine, already fixed it with ISP and friends are conveniently getting same lag as me) and the zombies begin gang raping you in a location you're not actually at on client-side. Now. Before? I used to be able to just instantly log and save myself. I would wait a minute and join back in and the zombies would have dispersed and I would be battered but alive. Now however... I sit there for 5 seconds and it's game over. It's nothing I can control and it's extremely infuriating to die to being mobbed from lag. In a perfect world, sure keep the log out delay because in a perfect world there is no lag so we can say "git gud" and try and avoid the infected. As it is now however... my one and only defense to being lag raped by the infected is gone and essentially I just gotta.... stay out of cities because if I don't I might get lag smacked. Thoughts and opinions welcome. I'm not particularly happy that I died from being surrounded despite being visually 40m away from the horde that was "killing" me
  7. It reads better now so thanks for the clarification. However I am willing to bet there are a lot of RP based items and reskins already in the works.
  8. Well, religion is the defining factor of my group. Our interactions occur because of our character's beliefs. If we take someone hostage it is in the name of the lord and his mission he has placed us into. We seldom do much hostile RP because we don't want to be the group that is "You don't agree with our beliefs? Hands up!" That being said, I try to incorporate a very spiritual and in-depth vision that we have into every encounter with other people. I purposely many times drown people in our own deep lore of how the world works and confuse the shit out of them. Rambling on about how someone has sinned and exactly how that ties into the bigger picture really perplexes and confuses. So far I have heard that a great many people whom have been hostage to us enjoyed the experience and RP so I am thankful for that. Everything we do is relevant to our goals. We don't take petty revenge unless paths cross in the right setting as a sign from the lord, we don't waste time in gun fights or killing people, we don't constantly take people hostage unless they are clearly overflowing of sin and the situation is ripe for the taking. Overall this religious/cult RP has been very enjoyable and anything but "a meme"
  9. Deeper meaning what? Give a rough example of what you have in mind.
  10. I don't know how many times people are going to link external mods despite every single thread receiving the same exact response of... We don't use external mods here on DayZRP, our resident developers make everything and that gets packed within our own unique DayZRP mod pack. Now that is out of the way... I suppose we could use these links as inspiration for our own goals, but some of it is already sort of in or planned. Especially the retextures.
  11. When you notice Roland visited your profile

    the office no GIF by EditingAndLayout

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      Happened to me once. I almost shit myself, until I realised he was just curious about a profile gif I had at the time. Thought I was gonna get permed. 😂

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      Hopefully I'm in the same boat as you. I'm not an illustrious moderator though

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  12. Thankfully we have 3 choices for ISP around here with a very prevalent and powerful local choice
  13. I reset it and then had my internet provider replace it with a newer stronger model. The newer model fixed it seemingly for one day and then the problem returned. It may be an ISP issue because another community member with the same local ISP seems to be having correlating issues at the same times
  14. Mostly just title. I have no idea what the problem is. Any well known issues regarding this? I get absolutely god awful connection to the DayZRP server specifically and nobody else is having issues that I play with. My connection is perfectly fine on literally anything else including other DayZ servers. Not sure what to do, and roommate who is also community member suffers same issues.
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