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    DayZRP Standalone v1

    I was just reading a reddit post about this that was shared to facebook earlier, and it was about how someone got into the PC Beta and downloaded the client and files for the game, and basically everything is client side because it's just a modded engine, and there are no server checks or validations to keep players in check, They claimed the guy was making false claims but they posted that so yeah, nice try fellas.
  2. Koala Kozak

    [Game] The person above you has a knife.

    "Too bad for you I'm gonna comply you filthy pvp'er" >Accurate reaction to hostile rp
  3. Koala Kozak

    [Forum Fun] OOC Bloopers

    "Chief, this is Raz, Raz, this is, wait hang on yeah we just call him Raz it's his nickname I swear" Correct me if it went any differently, forum games whores
  4. Koala Kozak

    What are the dying last words of the person above you?

    "I need... H a r d b a s s"
  5. Koala Kozak

    Rate the person's above 'About Me'

    Feel like counting down today because it's ToeZ... 1/10 I'm pretty confident about mine it's my pride and joy like hey I don't mean to be an Australian it's just in my nature to be a fuckin lit lad with the highest natural levels of shitposting and you're objectively wrong if it's any score lower than 10. Thank you, and good day. By the way give me beans for status and self appreciation
  6. Koala Kozak

    [GAME] Rate the Persons Profile Song Above You

    Chill asf boi, we already spam the shit out of eachother with music tho. 7/10?
  7. Koala Kozak

    If you were an Admin for a day..

    I'd see too it that the hall of fame and shame are swapped and in turn make dayzrp great again.
  8. Koala Kozak

    [GAME] What would you do if you woke up with the person above you?

    Heheheh long time no see
  9. Koala Kozak

    [GAME] Whats the story behind your username?

    I used to be EDGY, but then I paid some MONEY to morph my Character name with my FORCED DayzRP nickname
  10. Koala Kozak

    Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Can confirm
  11. Koala Kozak

    Truth or Lie

    I'm gonna say Lie. I actually had some chicken today.
  12. Koala Kozak

    [GAME] Rate the person aboves character profile!

    I'd say like 8.5/10, really thought out and detailed, actually peeking a lot of you guys now >tfw your own is b a s i c asf
  13. Koala Kozak

    BeanZ WAR

    144 ?
  14. Koala Kozak

    [Game] GIF Response

  15. Koala Kozak

    What do you listen to ?

    Really into this at the moment
  16. Koala Kozak

    Official Football World Cup 2018 Thread

    Was at the local leagues club with some mates having a few drinks laughing, then we lost aaaaa. >Aussies getting destroyed >reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  17. Koala Kozak

    Pro's and Con's of moving to 0.63 Exp

    I haven't seen much of the combat but how is the unarmed combat gonna play out? Sad days, gonna be missing that classic fist fight gameplay
  18. Koala Kozak

    [GAME] Post an image that describes your current life.

    A N G E R Y ™
  19. Koala Kozak

    Embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you.

    It's not super embarrassing because I was tripping out at the time, but my friends with me were probably pretty embarrassed. Anyway this one time I took a tab of acid and we ended up at a servo really late at night and I was trying to explain to the guy at the counter about this "Funny story" that took place in another servo but I was so fucked off my head that I started questioning myself if it was funny and I was saying to the guy "You know now that i think of it that story isn't that funny is it?" and my friends just said fuck this and left while I continually questioned the man about why it wasn't funny and apparently I got angry with him because he was just standing there and apparently I was doing all hand signals and throwing my hands up in the air and shit going on about this story, while he awkwardly stood there kinda laughing at me but looking pretty weirded out and scared, and I eventually made my way outside. S H E E S H The whole story was just one time this other cashier was taking a dick pic in the back room of the petrol station while we were trying to get served (and get directions) late at night, and then he told us what he was doing in the back then he actually got a picture back from this chick he was talking to while he was serving us and we all thought that was pretty funny and yeah, that's pretty funny I suppose.
  20. Koala Kozak

    DEsPaCiTo 3

  21. Koala Kozak

    Real life picture Thread

    ???????thimbngking emoji
  22. Koala Kozak

    The Winking Chernarussian (Severograd)

    Nice work, as Spartan said, it's like a guide. Even better the map can be taken in character.
  23. Koala Kozak

    Character damage system

    @Static You definitely explained that well, and I understand all that. Don't worry my character isn't edgy or anything. I treat my character how I feel I would approach the situation myself, I don't unnecessarily bring harm to my character or anything like that, I'm cautious about things. I guess I didn't think about the positive effects from the idea, thanks for giving me some insight to it though. Speaking about your character and his skills, I actually changed my character, removing his military experience from old lore and limiting his overall experience, I think that would make for some nice RP for myself and would give me new opportunities and experiences unlike the first time. And it would ensure that my character try to stay out of trouble too. I guess the main reason I dislike the idea is because It's new and I don't understand it as much and at first I didn't really see the point. But thanks for sharing your opinion.
  24. Koala Kozak

    [GAME] How old is the person above you?

    He's so edgy and has Hammer & Sickle Emojis in his steam name Obviously 13
  25. Koala Kozak

    Character damage system

    I definitely agree with that as well, before the new lore I actually permed my current character and successfully ended his 3 year long story(and then stopped playing), I've always felt a strong connection to him, and that was obviously before this new idea, and I will never treat my character any differently or make him act differently, he is always going to be the same kind of person that I envisioned him to be. As for the recording and proof of glitch death etc; I had a craptop and I wouldn't bother recording regardless, and in general I just don't like the idea of this character damage thing not being by our control because even unintentionally, it restricts our roleplay. Maybe if there was a way that didn't make this seem so harsh or that actually benefit our character progression, without making it seem like a hassle, it would be okay, I don't know. Also: >Changed forum name to char name >Only ever perm'd one character Long lost twins.
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