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  1. I haven't seen much of the combat but how is the unarmed combat gonna play out? Sad days, gonna be missing that classic fist fight gameplay
  2. Koala Kozak

    Embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you.

    It's not super embarrassing because I was tripping out at the time, but my friends with me were probably pretty embarrassed. Anyway this one time I took a tab of acid and we ended up at a servo really late at night and I was trying to explain to the guy at the counter about this "Funny story" that took place in another servo but I was so fucked off my head that I started questioning myself if it was funny and I was saying to the guy "You know now that i think of it that story isn't that funny is it?" and my friends just said fuck this and left while I continually questioned the man about why it wasn't funny and apparently I got angry with him because he was just standing there and apparently I was doing all hand signals and throwing my hands up in the air and shit going on about this story, while he awkwardly stood there kinda laughing at me but looking pretty weirded out and scared, and I eventually made my way outside. S H E E S H The whole story was just one time this other cashier was taking a dick pic in the back room of the petrol station while we were trying to get served (and get directions) late at night, and then he told us what he was doing in the back then he actually got a picture back from this chick he was talking to while he was serving us and we all thought that was pretty funny and yeah, that's pretty funny I suppose.
  3. Koala Kozak

    The Winking Chernarussian (Severograd)

    Nice work, as Spartan said, it's like a guide. Even better the map can be taken in character.
  4. Koala Kozak

    Character damage system

    @Static You definitely explained that well, and I understand all that. Don't worry my character isn't edgy or anything. I treat my character how I feel I would approach the situation myself, I don't unnecessarily bring harm to my character or anything like that, I'm cautious about things. I guess I didn't think about the positive effects from the idea, thanks for giving me some insight to it though. Speaking about your character and his skills, I actually changed my character, removing his military experience from old lore and limiting his overall experience, I think that would make for some nice RP for myself and would give me new opportunities and experiences unlike the first time. And it would ensure that my character try to stay out of trouble too. I guess the main reason I dislike the idea is because It's new and I don't understand it as much and at first I didn't really see the point. But thanks for sharing your opinion.
  5. He's so edgy and has Hammer & Sickle Emojis in his steam name Obviously 13
  6. Koala Kozak

    Character damage system

    I definitely agree with that as well, before the new lore I actually permed my current character and successfully ended his 3 year long story(and then stopped playing), I've always felt a strong connection to him, and that was obviously before this new idea, and I will never treat my character any differently or make him act differently, he is always going to be the same kind of person that I envisioned him to be. As for the recording and proof of glitch death etc; I had a craptop and I wouldn't bother recording regardless, and in general I just don't like the idea of this character damage thing not being by our control because even unintentionally, it restricts our roleplay. Maybe if there was a way that didn't make this seem so harsh or that actually benefit our character progression, without making it seem like a hassle, it would be okay, I don't know. Also: >Changed forum name to char name >Only ever perm'd one character Long lost twins.
  7. Koala Kozak

    Character damage system

    I feel that the way things are is fine and by using this idea, even unintentionally, it's going to affect RP and our characters a lot more than you might think, because not every single person has the same mentality, some people are going to be extra cautious, and some people are possibly going to stop getting into engagements, hell it might drive some people to strictly campfire RP. If you think about it, certain people are still going to worry about it, and a lot of people as you can see are definitely not up for this idea, including myself. It reminds me of that rule where you'd forget everything that lead up to your death, I liked how that was changed slightly and made it a lot better for RP later on. I know I might sound off topic or like I'm ranting, but I don't like the idea of the whole permadeath thing, I might not get into a lot of crazy situations everyday, but I still dislike the idea, because it would force a lot of people to play differently to how they enjoy playing, depending on their personality. Although don't get me wrong, I do understand your reasoning for it and I get your point, but I feel this isn't the right way to approach this. I can't speak for anyone else but this is how I feel about it and I'm sorry if I sound like an Idiot
  8. Koala Kozak


    This triggers me
  9. Koala Kozak

    [GAME] Continue the Story

    wells up inside
  10. I guess it really depends on how you feel or what you're doing, if you don't know anything about a country or area where your character lives, or any other details like that, make sure to put some research into it and take your time, otherwise you won't really know much about your own character (especially if you get asked questions IG). It helps if you spend a good amount of time reading over your backstory and seeing if anything seems over the top or out of place, besides that, like others are saying, you should make it stand out, unique, and believable, If you can do that, then it should be fine.