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  1. The truest of words. Everyone that is happy that many of these people are gone, is because they never had the balls to tell these people off on their own, now that they are gone, they can shit talk them all they want and get appraisal for it... Fucking stupid.
  2. Way too many snowflakes, tbh...
  3. I don't know... Stuff.
  4. Can't even write stories without my shit getting deleted... What the fuck it matter that it is referencing perma banned players... All stories stem from somewhere. Fucking retarded.

  5. "I don't buy that card." -Cannibal Leader v3

  6. Everything is okay.


    1. Hollows


      Through the fire and flames...


    2. Buddy


      Ring-a-ring o’ rooooses,
      A pocket full of poooosies

  7. All around me are familiar faces... Worn out places....


  8. I don't miss Wong... but really I do... 

  9. I miss Johnny. :(

  10. I sense there is going to a lot of Goodbye's.....

    1. Hollows


      I'm just going to go to bed tbh, can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow.

  11. Can you not view my boi @Bruce's profile. Thank you.

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    2. Vapor

      issa meme... seriously kids... 

    3. Simon


      seriously dank

    4. Chief
  12. The internet is depressing.

    1. Vapor

      It's depressing because good people are disappearing. Fucking internet.