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  1. Vapor

    New website Premium perks

    It looks horrible because I blew up a small avatar to make it look big. There is a possibility to make it happen and it won't look so ugly. @Rolle Coolio. Can't wait to see some stuff.
  2. Vapor

    New website Premium perks

    Man some of these new perks are really killin' it! Good thing we all suggested some awesome stuff.
  3. Vapor

    BeanZ WAR

  4. Vapor

    Gamblers Media Thread

  5. Vapor

    Why no leaderboard on homepage?

    I like my answer best. Thank you CH BostonDonut.
  6. Vapor

    Why no leaderboard on homepage?

    psh. Low bean attitude I tell ya. Also, for your information, I care, because I made this thread... Soz... Deal with it. DayZRP life is all about beanz.
  7. Vapor

    Why no leaderboard on homepage?

    y though?
  8. Vapor

    Gamblers Media Thread

    Lmao!!! That is fucking golden!!!
  9. Vapor

    Important security announcement!

    phew! Changed.
  10. Vapor

    DayZ Text RP test run

    I've been busy playing Rocket League... I haven't even bothered with getting in game either... Not worry, once I am sick of this game, I will get back to ERP'ing.
  11. Vapor

    Failed Robberies Thread

    lmao!!! and what hebee said about getting slaughtered
  12. Vapor

    Joffs Dramatic Readings of Posts Ep. 3

    This is too damn good!!!
  13. Vapor

    Rocket League

    I suck. Just bought the game last night and started playing today for the past 3 hours. Fun game, just have to get better it and not have Shark carry me anymore. I plan on playing all night... So if anyone wants to join me... Just add MetalxTongue on steam or poke me on ts.
  14. Vapor


  15. Vapor

    Hello Everyone