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  1. Plank

    Nibba VS nibba

    Personally, I just find white kids saying "nibba" every other sentence to be hilarious for all the wrong reasons. I cringe so white kids don't have to I guess!
  2. Plank

    Heart to heart

    Thanks for this. You've hit the nail on the head. But I mean, of course you did. Scots are always right.
  3. Its little me, eating candy at a masonic lodge.
  • Plank

    I'm back

    Hiya pal, welcome back!
  • Plank

    7 days to die rp server

    I don't think now is the right time for DayZRP to take on another side project like this, but if you're passionate about this you should consider launching something like this outside of DayZRP.
  • Plank


    well helloooooooooooooooow there little fella! Welcome. I hope you have lots of fun around here!
  • Plank

    What other groups have had their legacy survive past their own lifetime?

    Liska, Masquerade, Gamblers, Svatnye, Inmates, Reapers were all awesome. Can only speak for my time here, and it sounds like I missed a lot of great mod-era stuff.
  • Plank

    Hello Everybody

    Hi, and welcome! Hope you have lots of fun here.
  • Plank

    'Fly The Friendly Skies'

    Greetings Jack David! I hope you have an excellent time here!
  • Plank

    Real life picture Thread

    Went out for cheap (but amazing) chinese food and my gf took this omg.
  • Plank

    When we receive the Maker, we are reborn.

    Hey man, welcome back!
  • Plank

    D&D Online Campaign?

    I am a complete novice but I am totally down for joining if its beginner friendly. I'm particularly interested in the A Song of Ice and Fire RPG but I'm down for anything. :3
  • Plank

    Staff Monthly Agenda V.1

    This was really nice to read first thing in the morning. #4 is something that has been needed for quite some time and I'm glad the admin team has finally come around on it. Good luck!
  • Plank

    What happened to Green Mountain?

    I'm pretty sure Green Mountain is a contaminated area. Calling @Lyca for her pov!
  • Plank

    been gone a while

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