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  1. This may have already been discussed, but careful climbing the green guard towers at airfields and mil bases. Climbing up is all good, the climb down apparently is not. I, for some reason, did a cartwheel off the ladder and died. I admit it was slightly comical but I lost everything from a damn ladder.
  2. Me and my daughter at her school. [attachment=3133]
  3. fire805rescue

    Thoughts on KoS and Grenade mass KoS

    In wide open land I don't record any videos, but in towns and cities or any other place I could possibly encounter other people. I begin recording before entering...that way by some chance I could either capture good RP or rule breaks.
  4. fire805rescue

    Need to get something off my chest.

    I have not seen any of his videos, nor had the opportunity to meet him. So, I feel sort of obligated to throw in my opinion as an outside neutral member. 1. No matter how many great things someone brings to the community, they are still held accountable for their actions. More so the members who advertise DayZRP gameplay publicly. Even Rolle has to follow the rules. 2. There has been a massive surge in reporting, but I don't think one persons videos are the sole purpose of such reports. Based on a lot of what I have read, because I like to follow the reports, most of them are really people just getting their feelings hurt...In the real world people get robbed everyday for shit as stupid as 5 dollars...so if someone in the "video game apocalypse" wants your jacket then they can, in my opinion, attempt a robbery. 3. Publicly assuming double standards can be a bit dangerous, and this is solely my opinion, I would have privately contacted an admin first to see if something was said or done about rule breaking on a youtube video. If not, then I would have started openly questioning it like you are. 4. I've seen some replies stating that Psi needs "to be guided in the right direction"...Do we do this for every single member? No, not really considering in order to be whitelisted you have to read every single word of the rules. He should know what is and is not acceptable. 5. If I log in and RP a robbery on someone then execute him, can I play the "I made a mistake. I'm only human" card? Now, curiosity has gotten the best of me so I would also like to know if anything has been done about this, or if someone has talked to him.
  5. I agree. Not only will it update the pictures but also showcase the winners...maybe even add their username in the picture.
  6. Which is why I said "in the future". I wasn't expecting it to change right now. And its a suggestion, not a complaint. I could care less was just offering suggestions.
  7. Ok but maybe a separate area for them...like a "history" tab. I personally would just like to see more updated content that is not in the form of a thread. I'd rather just check out screenshots without scrolling through so many posts and replies. I mean, we operate 100% on standalone now and yet there are more pictures of the mod then there is of anything else. Maybe its just me idk, just a thought.
  8. I understand the Admin are overwhelmed lately, but just for something to consider in the future is updating the screenshots in the media tab. A lot of them are from the dayz mod, which at times I do miss. I just think with us no longer running the mod we should change the screenshots. I could take a few of scenery, but that's about all I can contribute since I am not in a group and most groups I've dealt with try to rob me so asking for a selfie is out of the question HA...any thoughts?
  9. Kind of ironic, I posted here about my broken leg moment...and then spent all night in the hospital for breaking my foot last night...such luck...and equally as retarded as dayZ breaks...best advice for everyone...dry off completely before exiting the shower and on to ceramic tile.
  10. I'm about to show my age but....super Mario theme...forever burned in my brain....a few notables...final fantasy fight music, tetris theme, and damn near every single shanty from assassins creed black flag.
  11. Well that certainly sounds cool! I'll definitely look do some hefty research into it then. All of those alters do all sounds incredibly interesting, especially the child one! It would be great if you could go over it more, I'm pretty interested in the topic already and really enjoy the idea of RPing as a character like this, obviously not a copy cat of course! As you said they are very much real, I don't know much about these type of disorders as of now, but could they even be worsened (switches more often) by an apocalyptic event such as this? Of course I do plan to do a very large amount of planning. You are correct, I've dealt with many of these in people. They can become more or less frequent based on events happening in life. More common of a reason is lack of treatment, but surroundings can affect the person to the point of severe "episodes".
  12. Something to consider, which this is very much real, is to use real life instances. there are massive amounts of people with identity disorders throughout the world. So I would definitely like to see these sorts of things be brought to RP. I mean consider all the behavioral disorders in the world today...they would very much still exist in society if there were an actual "apocalypse". I think its a great idea as long as its well planned in advance.
  13. fire805rescue

    New TS Rule Suggestion

    Hmmm...I have slightly mixed feelings towards this. Since day 1 I have not been affiliated with any group, therefore I would not have anyone to negotiate my release. So basically what I am saying is...Groups could enforce this rule amongst their ranks, requiring all members to have TS. But for the black sheep that nobody wants, like me LOL, there would be no negotiations taken place outside of negotiations between hostage taker and hostage...In a nutshell I'm 50/50....request groups/clans/whatever to possible require TS. But not require every single person in the community.
  14. Several cups of coffee and a pack of cigarettes later... 3rd is a charm so they say...now to wait for acceptance.
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