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  1. Amun

    Dying Light

    Yep, I was only able to play till the end of the tutorial.
  2. Amun

    Dying Light

    It downloaded for like half of the day, played the tutorial (which was great fun at least!) and now its downloading additional data since 2 hours.
  3. Amun

    Thank You

    I don't know you and I'm really new here. I just want to say something about suicide. Nevertheless in what situation you may be - don't do it. Trust me I know that feeling, but that's not worth it. Your life can and will change in the future and suddenly everything's better again. There is always something to life for.
  4. A cat.. Nothing too special but cute. 6/10
  5. Amun

    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Ban pour etre un belge
  6. Fell down the stairs of a castle :
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