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  1. So glad you enjoyed it. We're putting in a lot of effort to make this a truly immersive experience!
  2. Yes of course! Was short but sweet ^_^
  3. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Who's ready to psychologically destroy Chernarus!? I AM!
  4. *She opens her PTT and lets the static filter through the air before she begins to speak. In a calm and monotone voice, she replies back to the trembling man* This is no longer our world anymore. *She pauses briefly, again letting the static hiss through the radio waves* It belongs to do the dead now. The borders that we created through our political greed and animosity toward each other are being washed away by the blood of the weak. Those still trying to enforce xenophobic ideals will not be long for this world, I guarantee it. *Holding her PTT, she grips her radio tightly and breathes in* If you truly want to respect the people of Chernarus, help usher them into the new era. There is a reckoning upon us and for those that try to fight it...it will only consume them...mind...body...and soul... *End transmission*
  5. You really caught me by surprise @Cipher, that was really good! I knew you were coming out of grish but I didn't realize you were tracking us...very sneaky. Yeah I was a little bummed when you got insta-killed when we walked up the steps. I tried to remain as calm as possible but it was a very precarious situation coming in alone. I really hope we meet again ?
  6. Love the allusion to Plato's Allegory. Can't wait to see how you develop this!
  7. Was nice getting to know you @keibancz ! Welcome to the fold.
  8. It's really a shame that the laughter is not audible for anyone else...
  9. Welcome back! I recently came back too. A lot has changed in 3 years. Hope to run into you in game sometime ?
  10. Thanks for taking that walk with me Kaya ? Hope we get to have talks like that again! Thanks for indulging us Tyler! It was def a treat to show someone the altar I made earlier ?
  11. *Her ears perk up when she hears Jimmy's name being mentioned. She laughs and opens her transmission* *You can hear a slight amusement in her voice* Hello there stranger, last I heard he was about to be arrested in New Grishino for stealing a pear last night...however the town went quiet and I haven't heard from him since. If you see him, let em know Circie says hi! *End transmission*
  12. UMPs, the breakfast of champions!
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