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  1. Zanaan

    The Game

    Someone who shall remain nameless posted about it in the chat box...
  2. Zanaan

    when you rob others give RP!!!

    I completely understand where you are coming from, in the past I have encountered several instances where the interactions consisted of "Go here, who are you friends, sit down, nice stuff, alright bye" You just need to report them so they can learn what the community standards are
  3. Zanaan

    Enduro Dirtbike – W.I.P Model Preview

    Would be nice if you can use it with a slightly different controller setup than cars, able to do sharp turns or whip arounds, or what have you. Plus wheelies, wheelies are a necessity.
  4. Zanaan

    New hiking jacket?

    These look friggin amazing! Ninja update for the win?
  5. Zanaan

    Hey! i'm new

    Welcome to the community, and congratulations on your acceptance. Look forward to seeing you ingame.
  6. Zanaan

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    I don't... I don't thinks so? Kenny
  7. Zanaan

    Hello new friends

    Welcome to DayZRP, hope you enjoy your time here.
  8. Zanaan

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Forum Champion 10/10
  9. Zanaan

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    CUDA in a nutshell, 10/10
  10. Zanaan

    [Game]If you captured the person above you (IG).

    I hope he isn't attached to his fingernails, because his fingernails won't be attached to him
  11. Zanaan

    [Game] Glamour Shots

  12. Zanaan

    Share 1 random fact about yourself!

    I'm adopted
  13. Zanaan

    [GAME] The Answer is a Question

    Hmm, what do you think?
  14. Zanaan

    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Terra is gone until Sunday, don't really keep up on news do ya mate? BostonDonut with a snarky reply
  15. Zanaan

    What new groups would people like to see?

    http://www.dayzrp.com/t-The-Faceless-WIP-This-is-a-Feedback-thread something like this? Im thinking of a group like that myself Yeah, seems we were on the same page. Mine came from my time in White Noise and my love of infiltration (Erik is a natural chameleon too, so it helps)
  16. Zanaan

    What new groups would people like to see?

    I've long thought of making a group that specializes in infiltrating other groups, and guiding them towards mutually assured destruction. However with the new rule it has become complicated to plan out.
  17. Zanaan

    Hello From Texas

    From one Texan to another, welcome mate. Look forward to seeing you around.
  18. Zanaan

    Fellow Texans Unite!

    Houston born and raised here. Now if only we could do something about our sports teams...
  19. Zanaan

    Occupying Novy Sobor

    *Erik hears a familiar voice speak, and half smiles at memories of days long gone. He scratches his right forearm over his shirt a bit as he thinks, before forcing a cough for a bit, then speaking in a crazed, hoarse tone he hasn't used in some time* Ah, sweet memories of days gone by. I remember fighting the Irish, Blackwood, and a great many other people in that town. Many once feared names used to walk those roads, names I miss hearing quite a bit. Joffrey, Carlos, Willow, Dom, Khaliff... so many friends I haven't heard from in some time, but I digress. Black Sky, I will say that if you are just using the town for a few days... don't. That is hallowed ground to some, homes to others, and so much more. People will come for you there, hell some may not even be looking for you in particular. Do yourselves a favor, go elsewhere, a warm home is not worth the weight of your blood. *He then smirks a bit, releases the transmitter, and listens as he takes a swig of water before his throat gets sore*
  20. Zanaan


    Kill it, kill it with RAID
  21. Zanaan

    The Game

    Oh look, something pinned to the top of forum games, must be important... son of a!
  22. Zanaan

    Immortals [Recruitment Open]

    Whelp... I think I know of at least one more group I hope I never run into.
  23. Zanaan

    It's not you it's me

    Take it easy Diggy, you were a real lad
  24. Zanaan

    Last broadcast....?

    *Listens to the radio broadcast, and then the various responses with a frown, clearly not liking all he has heard before he reluctantly queues up his own radio* Interesting... Madison did someone say it was? I hope you can still hear this, which would mean you're still alive. I can tell you are going through a rather rough time, drugs can be a rather... big nuisance. I do hope you choose not to kill yourself, it would be a terrible waste of life and potential. *He pauses a moment as if weighing the weight of his next words before he continues* You ask if the world will miss you? That question is simple enough. The world will miss none of us, in the end we are nothing but grifters walking across teh surface of this place, and in the grand scheme of things we seldom cross the minds of others. But before you take that as disheartening, I want you to think not of people as a whole, but those you have met over the years, both before the infection and now. Think of the memories you have forged together, and consider whether you would miss, or do miss those that have died or could die yet. *He releases the button for a moment before he continues* The way I see things, you have a responsibility. You may not be missed if you go, but hear me out. For those that died, if you alone are left to remember them, then do you not have an obligation to them to make sure that even if the world itself doesn't miss them, that someone still walking on it does. That someone remembers them for both their good and their bad. As long as you are around to carry them in your memories then they have made an impact on the world, and I can think of no bigger, yet more important a responsibility. Using the words of a game I once played, what seems like a lifetime ago, you have become their 'living legacy', and I hope you honor that responsibility. As for those who have yet to die, do you wish to burden them the same? To carry the weight of your memories on their shoulders? To go through life stuck in the melancholy of remembering you as you were, and never having the chance again to see you as you can be? In the end the world may not miss you, but I know I would, and I'm just a voice across the airwaves. There is value to you life yet miss, so don't go wasting it. *Ends his broadcast there, but continues to listen in to what the others have to say*
  25. Zanaan

    [501st] The 501st [Recruitment Open] [Currently being Updated]

    The hell I miss? Stupid non-dayz-playing laptop But if this is really goodbye, then take it easy Storm, will miss ya.
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