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  1. Tamaster answer pls Yep, seen several loot explosions from where people have been cycling loot.
  2. Was certainly an interesting way to have our characters meet.
  3. Zanaan

    DayZRP Live Stream Staff Q&A

    https://www.etsy.com/listing/151059987/red-pokemon-trainer-hat just saying for next time that being said it's a shame I missed this, but look forward to the next one.
  4. When you meet someone in Pavlovo mil, run with them top Zeleno, then the tents, Myshkino, and finally Pustoshka getting to know eachother over like 2 hours, then he mysteriously vanishes in Pustoshka as his friends initiate on you.
  5. It just means they haven't come to a verdict yet, it can take some time to evaluate evidence and point of view.
  6. Wish granted, but now it will never be fulfilled I wish my old car didn't break down on me
  7. I... don't even know what that means... It's morning, so let's see some Cereal (Cyril)
  8. Zanaan

    Forced Watching

    9.9/10 way too accurate, so it loses .1 [video=youtube] You know, in case you're not one of the 17million people who've already seen this.
  9. wish granted, but all you have are board games I wish people would stop comparing standalone to mod.
  10. Server and location: S2 Green Mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 00:15 Daytime or Night-time: Daytime Your in game name:Erik Livingston Names of allies involved:Robert Krast, Rysen James, others Name/Skin of suspect/s:Jack Elder Suspects weapon/s:n/a Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events:Suspect came up to Green sounding horribly underage. suspect can be heard at 3:30
  11. The main issue, as someone who hangs around one of the formerly most common RP hotspots, is that most people have moved with the loot, leaving this particular area either barren at times or full of people desperate for supplies. I figure once they fix private hives though it will stabilize out a bit, but thus far this patch has made it exceedingly difficult to find RP unless you know where the new communities are.
  12. Zanaan

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    Please ROLLE please announce what days and what time you will be doing these in advance. Otherwise make a note telling everyone on the server (an announcement) that tents and gear left in camps will be randomly reset at anytime so DO NOT make any camps with items you wish to see there the next day. This is a key part to the game and not informing people before you reset the map officially is crippling the experience for me as-well as others. Can't do that. Persistence is broken, treat it as such and do not place down any tents with valuable items. The persistence will be wiped when needed and without prior warning. Servers will be wiped in an hour or so. Appreciated Rolle, nice that you are keeping up with resetting the servers as necessary until they fix this nuisance of a bug.
  13. Take a hostage, and the first words out of their mouth are 90% of the time:
  14. Wish granted, but the Diatium power cell is missing I wish I could go invisible at will
  15. I just watched the video, you looked at the mine at one point and moused over the activate mine but never activated it (43:43), before heading back (and then the others mentioning activate it after at 44:00) but at no point did /you/ activate the mine, in fact someone else did at 44:29. Why would you lie about that of all things?
  16. Am looking over my vid from up at green, Thomas Heim might be the one who lent him the chainsaw, pulse checked someone wearing a similar/same outfit up there. (Smersh and red hoodie) As for the TS, most of the people there were not in the TS, I only know of Elijah and Kristof as I am still getting to know these guys (met them a couple days ago)
  17. I genuinely don't have the names of the others involved as I was merely on the outside most of the time and never pulse checked. One of those more directly involved in the RP would have to give you that, but I believe some of them were members of Funeral Parlor, but don't hold me to that. The reason that you were brought down to begin with was due to your talks at GM, as the ones you were talking to were conspiring to go down to the camp and kill us all. I radio'd in that they were attempting to recruit others to their cause, and they came up and initiated on you and them, and took you down to the camp. That being said my involvement pretty much ended up at GM, so I cannot really comment much further on what happened down at the camp, and merely was a spectator who happened to have evidence to contribute to the report, and gave my POV accordingly.
  18. You know as I see this used more and more in videos (not necessarily RP), I am curious what the admin have to say on adjusting the FOV slider situationally. Abuse of game mechanics? Or allowed as it trades your peripheral vision for a more focused look?
  19. Same, so many times I've been behind a wall and get a 'hey you behind the wall, come join us' or some such, and I'm like... seriously?
  20. Zanaan

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    I have evolved, I now have a bag of reeces easter eggs to pelt the zombies with... Zombies like chocolate right?
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