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  1. Zanaan

    Metagaming changes 3 week poll

    Honestly I've no issue with the whole double miccing rule, but not a fan of making people hunt down a radio IC if taken from them before they can communicate with their friends.
  2. Zanaan

    Invalid Kill (Role Played)

    Greetings @coolman23, a separate team of staff have reviewed your appeal and come to a decision. You state that you executed him because you worried that, as he hadn't raised his hands, he might still pull out a gun and shoot you. However as can be seen in the video provided the hostage was in the midst of complying when he was shot within just 4 second of having been initiated on. Furthermore he was repeatedly stating that he was complying when you shot and killed him. As such your appeal will be denied. //Appeal denied, points and ban remain.
  3. Greetings @Suave Sniper X, a separate team of staff have reviewed your appeal and come to a decision. At the time of you killing him he was a complying hostage. While it is true that you had kill rights on him, he presently did not pose a threat. As such you should have initiated on (this was erroneously attributed to you having initiated on him in confusion from reading your PoV by the initial staff team) rather than simply gunning him down. As such your verdict should have been Rule play as you used rights on someone in a situation where a role play driven alternative was preferred due to this person posing no threat with his hands up. Instead you should have initiated on him, which would have given you several options, such as using him as leverage against the attackers, instead you ended all chance at role play. As such your appeal will be denied and your ban duration adjusted. //Appeal denied and adjusted to 5 days as Rule Play SIgned by @Zanaan & @Kase
  4. Greetings James, the staff team have reviewed your appeal and come to a decision. You claim that you did not wish for the information said in the twitch chat to be useful information during a firefight, but then contradict it immediately by say you didn't want them to shoot the wrong people and get invalid kills. This is assisting them in game to correctly identify targets, and is therefore you passing IG information OOC. As such your appeal will be denied. Appeal denied, ban and points stay.
  5. After investigating your claims of running to Tisy continuously, I have come to the conclusion that your claim is a valid enough excuse supported by the logs. As such I will be closing the report.
  6. Server and location: S1 Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-07-03 07:38 Your in game name: Kane Aster Names of allies involved: @Xehara and friends Name of suspect/s: @Subtix Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): NA Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We broke into the factory at Novaya petrovka only to find cases loaded identically with identical weapons, giving high suspicion of duping.
  7. https://twitch.tv/zanaan


    Going Live. I'll see y'all ingame

  8. Zanaan


    Yikes. Gunna just put the kibosh on this thread before this turns into a flame war, but I'll add an answer as well. DayZ is a game that explores the human condition when pushed to extremes by desperation for survival. This is something DayZRP embraces as well. While we do not encourage pointless pvp, and have rules in place to limit it and promote RP, you must understand that hostilities are a natural extension of the scenarios we are all roleplaying. Furthermore PvP cannot exist solely by over parties desires due to the aforementioned rules, and instead is a consequence of the decisions of both parties (one party instigating hostilities, and the other party(ies) opting to return or escalate the hostilities (ie not complying to an initiation). Lastly this is not a community of a singular mindset, both in character and out, and people's motivations differ. In character people may have goals that are in direct opposition with one another leading to situations where their goals cause conflict. OOC people's motivations for playing too can differ. Some want to be heroes, others villains. Some want to play peaceful survivors, others want to play bandits. The constant interactions between these groups is what makes roleplay dynamic, and why any interaction between people started in the same way could easily result in drastically different outcomes.
  9. Zanaan

    Hostile Act Clarification

    No. Running up on someone doing the act, logging in during it, or seeing them breaking in from afar does not grant you rights. You would have to be knowingly present within your base at the time, with them both aware of your presence and that the base belongs to you before the act is committed to gain rights. Otherwise you will have to initiate to gain rights.
  10. Greetings Jake, the staff team have reviewed your appeal and made a decision. Back in 2017 you were blacklisted due to your VAC ban not having been older than 365 days. Recently you attempted to return and upon making your new account were again blacklisted. First we will address the Vac ban. We honor all VAC bans for a period of 365 days. As you're past that point your VAC blacklist can be removed. Now for the multiple accounts. Each user is only allowed a singular account, period. In the future do not attempt to make a new account again. Your extraneous account will be merged into your original as a result. Appeal accepted, blacklist removed. Accounts merged.
  11. Greeting @Erujo, the staff team have reviewed your appeal and have come to a conclusion. Back in 2015 you attempted to return to the community but found your account had been pruned for inactivity. You then made a new account but failed the whitelist and got blacklisted as a result. Fortunately for you we no longer have a policy of restricting whitelist attempts, therefore your blacklist will be removed. Appeal accepted, blacklist removed.
  12. Very well we will respect your wishes and close the report. We are happy you talked it out.
  13. Due to the accused failing to respond they will have to make an appeal if they wish to play here further. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  14. Zanaan

    S2: West of Stary Yar | Invalid Kill

    Greetings, the staff team have reviewed this report and come to a conclusion. In this situation the RP boys find and initiate on the CDF, during which @ThrashRP attempts to run up and get involved in the firefight. During this run up he hears snaps, and, due to this, proceeds to shoot and kill @groovy chernon. Now this is problematic because of two reasons. First, by actively running into an open field towards a firefight, you are essentially attempting to bait shots in order to get involved, therefore any rights gained from such an action would be considered invalid. That does not mean that, however, had you been hit the rights on you would have been valid either, and were any logs present on the opposing side showing them attempting to shoot you before you became involved they would have been punished accordingly. As it is however, we cannot prove any of the CDF shot at you, or indeed if you were shot at at all. That being said you will not be found guilty of baiting as we cannot prove your intent in the matter, however we cannot have people running into firefights attempting to gain rights all the same. Second as your group is not an official group, you do not share attacker rights. As such you will be found guilty of invalid kill - on sight, not firefight because you were not involved in the fight at the time. @ThrashRP - Invalid Kill : On Sight - Guilty 7 days and 10 points Signed by @Zanaan with notes
  15. Zanaan

    S1: BadRP/Trolling - 2019-06-20 to 2019-06-21

    Greetings, the staff team have reviewed this report and come to a conclusion. In this report, over a period of a couple days, @HaroldGainshas been seen around the area of Cernaya Polana generally acting in a trollish manner, stealing a car, bringing it back, harassing people in the town, attempting to insert a weapon barrel into his rectum, and other generally trollish items. While it is true you may have been acting as a distraction for your friend, the RP here is no tolerable on our servers, and we expect a much higher regard. Furthermore you blatantly acting in a baiting manner, having been warned that returning back to the camp would result in negative consequences, after which you immediately did just that resulting in the Wolf Pack initiating on you. Due to these myriad rulebreaks, and the severity of which they have been done, the staff team have elected to put you on final warning. @HaroldGains BadRP/Trolling/Baiting | Guilty - Final Warning, 10 day ban Signed by @Zanaan with notes
  16. Zanaan

    S1 Kras 6/24/2019 20:24

    The staff team have reviewed this report and come to a conclusion. In this situation @HDragon and @TheGodPerre initiate on @Gavin, believing that @Krisp is working together with them. Little did they know that Krisp was actually running dynamically with Gavin, and when the opportunity presented itself he turned his gun on HDragon and TheGodPerre, killing TheGodPerre starting a gun fight. The staff team do not see a rulebreak here, as Krisp was merely working as an inside man, but still was running dynamically with Gavin, therefore fulfilling the obligations of Defense rights. @Krisp - Invalid Kill Roleplayed : Not guilty Signed by @Zanaan with notes
  17. Greetings, the staff team have reviewed the report and are happy to close it.We are always happy to see an amicable solution found between both parties, and commend you for talking it out on your own.
  18. So... it may be my tired eyes but does your banner say 'Rejoce in Desperation'?
  19. So in 10 days the lore will officially be over two years old. Hard to believe.

    1. Mademoiselle


      Way to make me feel old....

    2. Malet


      Slava UN

    3. Craig


      Time to wipe.

    4. FalkRP


      Lore wipe

    5. Major


      *makes old man noises*

    6. Eagle


      What's a lore?

    7. Jman14102


      Certainly a hell of a ride, and crazy to think of all the cool stuff that has happened in that time frame.

      I'm eager to see what happens next!

    8. Wolffe


      Let's do Lore Wipe v3 but this time with more guns and hookers

    9. Mexi


      *Wipes as single VDV tear away* We did good.

  20. Yes and no Osku. You have to be knowingly present within your base or outside of it, and they must be aware that it is in fact your base. You cannot hide in your base waiting for someone to break in just to gain kill rights, or log in after someone has broken in and kill them/ see them break in from afar and snipe them without making contact. Honestly I have no issues with how the rule is set up currently.
  21. Greetings @Whiskayy, how confindent are you that it was S1, and how long had you been on the server before being held up?
  22. Zanaan

    Reduce Cool Down on Shoes - Until Mod Update

    Honestly I would say no. The Item Store is meant to simply be a cosmetic choice. I understand that shoes take damage are far too high a rate, but at the same time reducing the cool down on shoes in the store would essentially make it a pay to win mechanic, as you would have a distinct advantage over those who have not purchased shoes from the store (and yes I am aware that there are free shoes in the store, but my point stands.)
  23. Greetings, the staff team have reviewed this report and come to a conclusion. In this situation @FruitPunchG and his friends were reached out to by @Phoenyxx that @ImNovaaa was present. They then surround Novaaa and tell him 'alright let's go' before starting to escort him to meet with their cannibal friend. Novaa is told that it is not likely he will get out of the situation alive. Along the way Novaaa talks back and wiggles as the OP and his friends repeatedly tell him he not allowed to talk. The OP then stop him along the dirt road portion from Cernaya to the NE airfield and demand he strip down so they can examine him for weapons. They then continue along their path before inevitably executing him for non compliance. @ImNovaaa, you were told several times to stop wiggling and talking back. Furthermore you showed zero pain RP after being shot, and as such you will be found guilty of NVFL and bad RP. We understand you were frustrated with the situation, but that does not mean you don't have the diligence to adhere to the rules. Now on to @FruitPunchG, @Twizzler, @ImDongle, and @Sxcomba. You repeatedly tried to deny Novaa of the right to talk. This is an unreasonable demand due to the fact we are an RP server. No one should ever be put into a situation where they are not allowed to contribute to the roleplay. Had this been the only reason you executed Novaa, you would have been punished accordingly. Furthermore you stopped Novaaa along the way and demanded that he undress completely. This is considered BadRP, and you will be punished for it. If you wish to check a hostage for guns you must either take them up, or roleplay searching them for weapons, for example: *Zanaan frisks ImNovaa for any weapons or radio* //do I find any When this is done the hostage is compelled by the rules to forfeit any such items. Now on to the last part of the allegations by ImNovaaa. The staff team have reviewed all the evidence presented to them, and it presents a rather interesting story. It appears (though we cannot prove it from the messages alone) that the 'job' you have been hunting him for payment was originally offered on the house, and you only started demanding payment /after/ he outted one of your friends as cannibals. He was then contacted on the forums that he had X amount of time to present the goods to you, and then was repeatedly messaged with the updated time frame. You then capture him and execute him for the killing of you ally red, which is perfectly fine within the rules. However despite the fact that you executed him, you then proceed to continue to hunt him, either initiating on him, or attempting to initiate on him several times. He then, repeatedly, asked you to please leave him alone OOC, and yet you continued to persist. The staff team have reviewed this conduct and decided that it is in direct violation of rule 2.3 2.3 Be a good sport. Do not focus on PvP aspect of the game and attack everything that moves just because you can or are good at it. Remember that not many players will enjoy being constantly attacked, therefore you should not dominate other groups or players into submission to a point where they can no longer accomplish their regular role play or enjoy the game. By continuously attacking him, as well as attacking or threatening to attack his allies, you have greatly affected his ability to role play properly, and deteriorated his enjoyment of the game. So with all that said @ImNovaaa: BadRP and NVFL - Guilty. 5 days and 10 points, character pk'd @Sxcomba, @FruitPunchG, @Twizzler & @ImDongle: Bad RP Guilty. 5 days and 10 points Violation of rule 2.3: All characters PK'd and you are no longer allowed to role play as the 'contractors' in any form Everyone's characters are now dead on both sides due to the rule breaks, therefore I do not wish to hear of any retaliation being taken for this report by either side, or for any of the events that have led to this report. The issue is done. Move on.
  24. Zanaan

    3.6 Rule question

    So had a read over on this a few times, and I think I get what you're saying. So people are TextRPing during hostilities so they don't have to double mic what is being said to their friends via OOC comms. 1.) This is still metagaming. If you are able to communicate via OOC comms, then it still needs to be transmitted IG as well. If you want to text RP, that means typing it all out as well. If you suddenly switch from voip to text in order to stall or delay the response time but are still typing it out, then you can still be reported for it. I personally would consider it an abuse of game mechanics, but it would definitely at least be metagaming. 2.) Err... guess I answered that already 3.) Record and report, especially if you have evidence of them using voip beforehand and suddenly switching to TextRP once hostilities begin, and it is obvious they are still communicating OOC.
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