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  1. Zanaan

    Ban Appeal

    As the OP has failed to respond to the question asked this appeal will be closed.
  2. Zanaan

    Invalid initiation.

    Greetings Eagle, a separate team of staff have reviewed the report and come to a conclusion. In this situation you lock a group out of their base, and in an attempt to break in they boost a member of the wall who then attempts to attach a wire to a fence to break in. You then run up to him and melee him with your gun to stop the animation without initiating. In the report you helpfully linked, Roland had this to say: As Roland has stated, you cannot simply punch someone without an initiation, as it is considered an invalid initiation. As such your appeal has been denied. Signed by @Zanaan with notes
  3. Zanaan

    S1: Possible META at barn in between Vybor and Lopatino

    Very well. Staff will close the report. In the future if you wish to talk it out first remember that you can come to help desk and we will contact the suspect(s).
  4. Zanaan

    Green Dragons

    Group leader does not meet group requirements so group will be archived. @YungBrandonRPcontact me in a week to unarchive.
  5. Zanaan


    Q: How much Mark Hamil can you fit in one clip

    A: Yes


    PS: I have a really weird YouTube front page. 

  6. Zanaan

    Ban Appeal

    Greetings @hollaandan it appears you were banned previously on march 25th 2015. Do you happen to know why? Or alternatively does the name slarslar or viktordetigre sound familiar?
  7. Zanaan


    Starts Chernarussian character. First conversation "I stole this AK from someone's grave" 


  8. Zanaan

    Kill rights in PvP situations.

    No. You can only shoot at group B if they personally join the fight. Otherwise you only have kos on the individual shooting you from group Bs base. However if for whatever reason group B gets involved in the defense of group A themselves then yes you would have rights on them. But most importantly the above statement is assuming it's an official group. Otherwise if members from group B begin to defend group A, but group B is not an offical group, then you would have rights only on those members of group B currently involved.
  9. Zanaan


    When I used to play minecraft I made large statues of player skins for fun and was proud.

    This guy however...


  10. Zanaan

    Crusaders [Open Recruitment]

    Archived as requested via pm. Feel free to PM a mod+ if you wish to bring the group back.
  11. Zanaan

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    So a bit of a check in. Thus far the group has done well @G19RP, contributing substantially to the overall server while maintaining your goals. You do have a few AWOL members though to touch base with. Otherwise keep up the good work.
  12. Zanaan

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Greetings @Ryan Shepherd, a couple of your members are considerably inactive. Also what's with one of your members not playing since the VDV was a thing?
  13. Zanaan

    Crusaders [Open Recruitment]

    Greetings @Musty Cheeto, no one in your group has played in a week including yourself. As such you've 24 hours to tell me if you wish to continue with the group. Otherwise it will become archived.
  14. Zanaan

    Potius Cras

    Group has fallen to only 2 active players and will be archived. Unfortunately all things must come to an end, or a pause at least. @GaryCash you know what to do to bring it back.
  15. Zanaan

    The Market - Open recruitment

    Alright I'll give yall a shot. Make me proud.
  16. Zanaan

    S1 Zub Castle

    K. Closing then.
  17. Zanaan



    It's that time again. See Y'all soon

  18. Zanaan

    S1: Invalid Execution in NWAF - 8/28 18:40

    So the death of your sister was not an actual situation that occurred on our servers, but something you decided to roleplay at the time?
  19. Zanaan

    S1: Invalid Execution in NWAF - 8/28 18:40

    @hadzyy when roughly was this prior situation so we can pull the appropriate logs to check your claim? Also what is the character name of your sister?
  20. Zanaan

    Item shop cooldowns

    @Conor This is due to demands made by Bohemia. Rest assured that while we've had to reverse the item shop cooldown, we are working on a suitable substitution.
  21. Zanaan

    S1 Cherno BadRP/Invalid Execution

    Because this involves the credibility of knowledge that @HDragon killed allies of @NorwayRP, @ZorullRPwill be called in to verify Norways claims and explain his identification of HDragpn.
  22. Zanaan

    Neglect of Hostage.

    Alright, going to just quote @JimRP here. After making many threats over the radio, ''Yakone Briggs'' is finally caught by the legion and escorted, down to the wolfpack by legion, at 02:22 of hunters clip he is asked, tell me what military you serve, and he repeats what he had been saying. Again he is asked at 02:40 what military or I will end you, again he repeats him self, at 07:10 he tells the group he is a bit thirsty, a bit, he is then told he will not receive water, until he answers the questions that have been asked of him, he refuses and dehydrates to death. NVFL will also be instated onto Drew for not using the food which was accessible to him and refusing to answer questions a ludicrous amount of times, that meaning that @Drew7822's character is now dead due to the NVFL punishment which will now be instated. Appeal accepted.
  23. Zanaan

    S1 Zub Castle - Ghosting

    Right so I've gone through about 4 days of logs and found no sign of ghosting. There was a suspicious moment but that took place in the town itself, not at the castle. The only person not listed on your list that I've seen access the top of the tower is @Snorf as stated before, but he did so without ghosting. So with that said... //closed
  24. Zanaan

    S1 Zub Castle - Ghosting

    I'm going to look into this for a bit. Question for you first though, is @Snorf with you?
  25. Zanaan

    Possible KOS

    @Bobby do you or anyone from your side have video evidence? @Jakku are you wishing to continue with the report?
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