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  1. Zanaan

    Roleplay compilation of the amazing events that happened today.

    This amused me way too much. Honestly though there's no one in here triangle at all. It feels so empty.
  2. Zanaan


    Eh, I can kind of see where @Roland is coming from. If you know someone is X, then ignore their lies otherwise and treat them as such. In many people's eyes admitting to the truth might put them further in harm's way. That being said the comment about being surprised about the gms not siding with the OP suprises me as people have been executed for lying as far back as I can recall. If you want non compliance to be stated as being done so to the detriment of the hostage takers, then you should state it somewhere. As it is, the gms simply verdicted it exactly as it would have been in the past.
  3. Zanaan


    I've had a weird week. Between my boss getting fired, me firing another employee for bringing a gun to work, another employee quitting, and no one showing up to work on time... yeah I think I can safely say I'm looking forward to a day off tomorrow. 

    1. Duquesne


      Sounds like an exciting week tbf

  4. Zanaan


    How I plan on inevitably getting any layabout out of my house. 

  5. Zanaan


    Kind of curious why people are intentionally antagonizing staff.

    1. Samti


      Memes, Banter, probably just bored or simply don't agree with our actions

    2. Phoenix


      Because staff are the bad guys, obviously...

    3. Zero


      Where is this party at though? On a more serious note, sometimes verdicts make no sense. Example, bantering with friends or making fun of yourself results in points. It's not an excuse but it's a reason.

    4. Phoenix


      There's a difference when it comes to provoking staff because of a certain topic that has been center of attention for a couple of days non stop, and just constantly stirring the pot. It's all to do with context. Imma leave it at that.

    5. Zero


      I need the scoop.

  6. Zanaan

    New DayZ Map

    Bears. Ugh missed opportunity. I hope whomever does mini events hosts bear attacks in my honor.
  7. Zanaan


    The hardest part about leaving staff is actually not responding to staff stuff like reports and questions. Gotta retrain the brain. 

    1. Hofer


      I found it when I left that leaving the webpage for a while was the best solution. Enjoy the game and stay out of drama and reports for a little while. It'll do you good 🙂

  8. Zanaan


    For everyone asking all these questions, nothing has changed since I was a CH over a year ago, maybe longer.

    The general expectation that is expected of a character background, as was taught to me is "who is your character, where are they from, why did they come to Chernarus, and what have they been doing since the outbreak began"

    No WIP pages are allowed to be set as an active character. 

    Failure to follow up on a CHs requests to you will result in a temp ban.

    There's details I won't go into due to staff ToS, but I can assure you no one is singled out.

    1. Rover


      keanu reeves thank you GIF

    2. Phoenix


      Needed to be said

    3. Brad


      Love how people are complaining about this.  I feel an excellent, detailed, thorough Character Page being a requirement should have been a thing a long time ago.  Good stuff.

  9. Zanaan

    DayZ announcement

    DayZ 2 coming soon. This time built using an engine that works like unreal 4. Also an epic store exclusive. Or ARMA 4.
  10. Zanaan

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    "You should have gone for the head" radio broadcasts.
  11. Zanaan


    Me: I wonder what kind of people are going to raid area 51

    *Man proceeds to naruto run past a news reporter*

    Me: Ah... yeah that figures. 



    1. Phoenix


      that kid has the biggest lisp damn

  12. Zanaan


    1. Voodoo


      you get the same gif


  13. Zanaan

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Welcome back boys, best of luck to you.
  14. Zanaan

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    Greetings @groovy patz, it appears no one in your group has played in several days with Terra and Solo not having played in over 2 weeks. Furthermore @ne_om has yet to join your CP. Is this group something you're still actively pursuing? If so please fix your activity.
  15. Zanaan


    A recommended watch for everyone. 


    1. Aisling


      Exactly why Im in real estate 😉

  16. Zanaan

    S1: 2019-09-11, 02:50 (approx), Shot Dead

    Greetings, the staff team have reviewed this report, and have agreed to close it, but not without first leaving a warning to @DannickVC. Dannick, in this situation you claim that a released hostage followed your friends down the ramp showing NVFL, and that, as a result of this, you shot @Mia suspecting the same.The fact of the matter is that Mia waited around on the platform for 2 minutes and 20 seconds, during which there was no indication that it was safe to descend. Furthermore as they are released hostages, unless defender rights are utilized, they are no longer in your care and cannot be shot simply for leaving the area where they were taken hostage. While it may be true that someone followed your friends, what it essentially comes down to is your groups own lack of communication and your lack of properly identifying your target that has led to this invalid kill. As such had this report proceeded you would have likely been found guilty of invalid kill - roleplayed. However as the staff team have decided to honor Mia's request, you have managed to dodge the proverbial bullet. I would take this as a serious warning however to /NOT/ repeat this mistake, as if it becomes a recurring trend, the staff team may be less inclined to agree to report closures moving forward. //closed. Signed by @Zanaan @Derek Steel and @Peril
  17. Zanaan

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Derek Steel, @Eagles_4L1fe, and @Morytania its always fun and I think today will be good character development for us all. ( @ISWidowMaker I promise we'll meet up again soon. ) @Pepper, @Winter Lianne and the rest of redwood, it was fun. Hopefully Peppers d100 roll didn't end up too badly. @APositivePara, @Mugin @Aisling and the rest of the vultures, thanks for the team up .. and for the surprise when I got back to my computer. You all would find me afk in the middle of nowhere.
  18. Zanaan

    kos with no rp in base

    Very well. Happy to hear you resolved the issue. //closed.
  19. Zanaan

    The Market - Open recruitment

    archived as requested. PM a mod+ If you wish to bring it back.
  20. Zanaan

    Should automatic weapons be harder to find?

    This. Considering how many people complained about only having shotguns and pistols within an hour of play on deer island I just frankly don't think it will happen. People want to be able to stroll around with little fear it seems. Increased hordes or lowered weapon drops just result in the game being harder then they want.
  21. Zanaan

    The Quarantined (Open Recruitment)

    Greetings @Lemons, a significant amount of your group has gone inactive. Can you please either reach out to the inactive members or update your roster accordingly?
  22. Zanaan

    The Market - Open recruitment

    Greetings @CptPeach, currently your group only has 2 members on the CP. You have 24 hours to either add members to the roster or the group will be archived as abandoned
  23. Zanaan

    Nové Svítání [Selective Recruitment]

    Slava! Good luck. I'll be watching this closely.
  24. Zanaan

    Salvation - Open Recruitment

    As @Skeeterbolthas failed to respond this group will be archived. PM a mod+ to bring it back.
  25. Zanaan

    New Map - Issues

    I have an m249 and @Derek Steel has a Scar
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