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  1. Greetings @Kira Mantis, a separate team has reviewed your appeal and come to a decision. Ignorance of the rules is never an excuse. Therefore as you've acknowledged you did in fact fail to adhere to our metagaming and combat logging rules your punishment will stand. I would like to add that, additionally, you could have been found guilty of BadRP as well due to your constant shuffling. Please remember that this is not a public server, and moving erratically like that while taking to someone is massively immersion breaking. //appeal denied. Points and ban remain.
  2. @HDragon do you know if any of your men initiated on someone lurking outside the base whilst in hostile RP with the OP?
  3. Unfortunately due to the unknown factor of when your base was raided/griefed we are unable to continue with this report as it would involve pouring over thousands of log entries. If you do end up getting grief again in the future within a more narrow time frame, or even better have evidence of them doing so in the moment, then feel free to create a new report. For now however this report will be closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. Zanaan

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    As @SullyDathas failed to respond we will proceed with the transfer due to group owner activity as laid out in the new group requirements thread. @Aron73 please make sure you update your roster to reflect your new group leadership role.
  5. Zanaan


    Greetings Jpurts. Unfortunately there are no logs for packing tents, only packing them, and due to the length of time offered it is simply unfeasible for us to check the position logs, as they update every 5 minutes. We apologize that you were raided and potentially griefed, but suggest moving your stash somewhere more secure and perhaps fortifying it inside a base. With that being said this report will be closed.
  6. Greetings @Killsceamguy, a separate team of staff have looked over your appeal and come to a conclusion. In this situation you unfortunately respawned as the wrong gender and sought to kill yourself. In doing so you ran into other players and attempted to coax them into killing you by acting erratically, stripping yourself, and generally acting in what we consider a trolly manner. This is unacceptable and we do not wish to see it done again. The correct course of action would have been to remove yourself from the area and attempting to find a weapon or zombie to kill yourself with elsewhere where it wouldn't affect the roleplay of others. As for your points being set to not expire, this was done in error and will be corrected. //appeal denied. Ban stays.
  7. Zanaan

    How do you make your tea?

  8. Zanaan

    How do you make your tea?

    As someone who has worked in restaurants for years I have this to say: If you order hot tea at a restaurant, you are a demon who exists only to slow service down substantially. As for how I make my tea at home, I bring hot water to a boil, gently steep a tea pyramid into a small tea pot (props if you know the brand from that description) and gently mix with one lemon wedge and one teaspoon local honey.
  9. Greetings @Dvlinhb, a separate team of staff have reviewed your appeal and come to a conclusion. In this thread the OP was attempting to make a serious suggestion regarding the durability of walls and misspelled steel as steal. You then proceed to make a joke about the misspelling. This did not contribute to the conversation at hand in any way, and as such was deemed an unnecessary. After reviewing this the staff team agrees, and as such your appeal will be denied. //appeal denied. Points remain
  10. Zanaan

    Amnesty Final Warning Appeal

    Greetings @ThanosRP (Boris), the staff team have reviewed your appeal and come to a conclusion. Unfortunately, due to your being a member of the house during the 2.3 violation and involvement therein we cannot accept your appeal at this time. We as the staff team wish to see 3 months of clean behavior during which you focus on RP and fair play, not pvp. You may appeal again in 3 months. //appeal denied. Final Warning remains.
  11. First I will say it has been discussed internally. Won't go into any details. Super top secret stuff you know? That being said, my hopes used to be for a smaller map due to the fade in player base, however now I worry about how people will handle being 80-100 players on a map like Namalsk given how many bases there are on Chernarus currently. Don't get me wrong, Namalsk is still pretty big, but I don't think it will be able to support base building for the entire community very well. And as with everything new, it will be most likely be the more popular of the servers.
  12. 05:56:26 | Player "Liam Ward" (DEAD))[HP: 0] hit by Player "Ben Shiverson" into Head(0) for 110 damage (Bullet_308Win) with M70 Tundra from 4.98136 meters Connection Logs 05:57:46 | Player "Ben Shiverson"has been disconnected Calling In @Ben crain - Ben Shiverson For his full and detailed PoV and any evidence he might have. Please also explain why you logged out immediately after killing the OP.
  13. Zanaan

    The Sentinels [OPEN RECRUITMENT]

    @SullyDat as mentioned before, if you wish to transfer leadership you will need to resign from the group. As you haven't played in 4 weeks I will give you 48 hours before I manually do so.
  14. The most accurate portrayal of how confusing speed running is in windwaker



  15. Zanaan


    Reading over this, if other groups are consistently attacking you to the point you cannot perform your IC goals then you could just as easily make a case for 2.3 against them. Gathering the necessary evidence to do so can be difficult however since you are dealing with multiple groups. As for them attempting to use rule 2.3 as rule armor to protect themselves from retaliation, the staff team would be very interested in seeing evidence of this.
  16. As this has now been verified your blacklist has been lifted. Good luck.
  17. Greetings lessthanthree. We've reviewed your appeal and come to a decision. As of this posting your most recent game ban reported on steam is 13 days old. While we respect that the ban may be a false positive we cannot take your word in that fact. And by rule we honor all VAC bans up to 365 days. So unless you can get the ban removed from your steam profile we cannot remove your blacklist until that year has passed. In the meantime we wish you the best of luck elsewhere. Appeal denied. Blacklist remains.
  18. Zanaan

    Invalid Kill Appeal

    Closed on request
  19. Zanaan

    Zombie Hordes

    Please refer to rule 2.3 2.3 Be a good sport. Do not focus on the PvP aspect of the game and attack everything that moves just because you can or are good at it. Remember that not many players will enjoy being constantly attacked, therefore you should not dominate other groups or players into submission to a point where they can no longer accomplish their regular role play or enjoy the game.
  20. Zanaan

    Zombie Hordes

    This. There's a reason when I do my dynamic events I'm constantly deleting entities throughout. Server basically goes to crap any time you have anything close to resembling a horde.
  21. Alright. For verification that you and your girlfriend are indeed separate people we will need you to join the discord server together and go to waiting for staff help. Once that is done we can move forward.
  22. Alright, after reviewing your blacklist we've decided to lift it as we no longer have a minimum age requirement. We wish you best of luck on your whitelist. //Appeal accepted. Blacklist removed.
  23. Greetings @HappyHoneybadger, it appears that you were blacklisted for having 2 accounts back in 2016, honeybadger and randomizedcheeze, does these account sound familiar?
  24. It appears this was already handled. //solved.
  25. Greetings. Please make sure @Uhkajoins your CP, as presently your CP has you below the required number of members
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