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  1. Was nice having yall drop by the compound earlier today. Might give yall the tour once construction has finished.
  2. Alright Elsyn, I'll accept that you didn't realize that doing so was AoGM. Please just ensure that moving forward you approach things from a more reasonable approach. Floating barrels obviously do not fit that description. That being said this can be closed.
  3. While this is true, I know of at least one person who's admitted OOC they won't get ingame until their 20 points fall off, which kinda removes the point altogether.
  4. So over the years, one of the most viable options for ensuring you wouldn't get perm'd if your points got high enough was simply to stop playing altogether until some or all of your points expired. Was talking to my group today, and came up with the idea that instead of a banstrike lasting say 1 month RL time (base value, increasing as points accumulate over time), it instead require play time, as in a banstrike would require 50 hours of playtime before falling off. What do you guys think?
  5. Server and location: S2 Sitnik Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2/19/20 before 3:15 server time Your in game name: Erik Livingston Names of allies involved: @Trijim Name of suspect/s: unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: @Trijim got on this morning to find that someone had lined up tents outside our base, then put a barrel floating between the tents and the wall to jump over the wall which is incredibly unrealistic. We then also found out the armory lock had been changed after having been removed, but are unsure if this was the people that AOGM'd in, or a member of our group that just forgot to tell us. If it is the people that broke in, that would be griefing as well.
  6. I mean, you live in a prison behind multiple walls talking about pvp advantage. But yes, it is something that was considered when making the base. You will notice that many of the buildings surrounding the area are at a height and angle specifically designed so they can look into the base, with a couple being additional potential access points if taken under siege. As for the community, we decided to go with a ruined look to the town to allow people to build as they saw fit rather than be confined to humdrum usual buildings seen around town. We wanted to try something new. Sorry if that disappoints you.
  7. What? Already going full auto on bears with high caliber weapons with a group to take them down. Seems a bit unnecessary as they 1 hit knock out people fairly often as well.
  8. http://clips.twitch.tv/CalmBlitheZucchiniBudStar 60 seconds of Wildlife Hell
  9. So we're double dipping now. Hitting people for their posts in the report, then again at the end of the report just because?

    1. Eagle



    2. MaybeleleLR


      I mean... if u cant behave then too bad take the points 🤷‍♂️

    3. Samti


      Its one of the rules of zombieland man! Always double tap to make sure they stay down!

    4. APositivePara


      Tryna find the report you're on about ngl

    5. Hofer


      After having a look at the report section I'm still not sure which report you're talking about.

  10. Put this ask the staff up due to a verdict similar to what I mentioned being put up
  11. Livonia is pretty good. Smaller map with new things to see and encounter, such as car wrecks actually being wrecked versions of the vanilla cars which can have salvageable parts. Loot is fairly well balanced, lower tier loot near the spawn regions as expected, and higher tier loot the further you get away from spawn on both maps. Roland has tinkered with the numbers a bit and how they spawn, so shouldn't be too hard to get your hands on a decent weapon. In terms of high end loot, there's the AKM, AK 74, m4, m417, m16, SAW, SVD, SVT, a few new shotguns, Saiga, and a handful of other guns. Plenty of diversity now. Livonia (the only map worth playing on) has things fairly spread out, with RP hubs in various areas on the map. For obvious reasons I won't go into too much detail here, but be aware that most of it is around the edges of the map, as the inner areas of the map mostly consist of bombed out towns (which do typically spawn military loot btw) Livonia is Polish territory on the Western edge of Russia. (though you wouldn't know that from the amount of Chernarussian immigrants) Cars can be a little janky at times, but are fairly stable. Just be careful if you are driving towards a hub that has a lot of built up buildings like Sitnik, as roughly 1KM out it will load the buildings in and may cause the car to rubberband for a second. There's also a hummer now though, so that's fun. Just be careful with this part. If someone finds your RP OOCly offensive, and asks you to stop, yet you persist with it, it can be seen as Abusive Behavior. Otherwise welcome back. Look forward to running into you mate.
  12. The issue is bike locks cj, codelocks are fine. Basically days released a change where bike logs work I'm stages like the code lock, deteriorating in quality after each circle. However due to RP changes prior to this the circle takes 10 minutes, and the saw is ruined at the end.
  13. Wait 5? That means it takes 50 minutes and 5 hacksaws per lock then.
  14. 6 hours and 36 hacksaws. That is how long and how many resources it would take to penetrate the prison on Livonia's first tunnel if locked with the current patch. To break into everything it would take over 15 hours and 90 hacksaws, none of which can be bypassed by breaching walls. This is frankly absurd, and goes far, far beyond the realm of reasonable expectation. Honestly I'm quite surprised, and frankly disappointed, with how many people think this is reasonable, with some even suggesting to make it worse. Stop worrying about your damned gear, get out from behind your walls, and actually interact with the community. There's no reason we should be protecting a hoarder mentally within this community.
  15. 6 hours and 36 hacksaws. That is how long and how many resources it would take to penetrate the prison on Livonia's first tunnel if locked with the current patch. To break into everything it would take over 15 hours and 90 hacksaws, none of which can be bypassed by breaching walls.

    If you find this ridiculous, we could use your support here:


    Also curious what @Roland thinks.

    1. APositivePara


      it is ridiculous 🙂 

    2. Finn


      I think bases should only be used for defense and RP. Not for hoarding gear, the fact that people strive towards keeping everything to themselves instead of RPing completely goes against the values of this server.

    3. DuquesneLR


      Agree, it should definitely be changed. I know the 5.0.3 currently live there but the gates were built prior to our arrival. Even we think it's ridicilous.

  16. Unsure. Think its still 20 minutes, 10 for each stage.
  17. I don't expect a quick snip snip and im in. 10 minutes is fine in my opinion. But 30 minutes a lock when some bases require going through multiple gates to get in? It should not take hours to break in.
  18. Those that are voting no, very curious why you believe it should take 30 minutes and multiple hacksaws to get through a singular gate.
  19. So as some of you may have found out recently, DayZ recently made it so that you have to use a hacksaw on a lock several times before it now cuts through. However with the changes to how sawing locks works in DayZRP, this means using 3 hacksaws (you ruin one each time you cut through the bike lock) and 30 minutes to go through a single bike lock. This is because the way the locks work now, you have to saw it 3 times, each time with the lock degrading, but each time the saw gets ruined. I say that because of the new changes to how bike locks work we should drastically lower the cutting time on 3 and 4 dial combo locks, and remove the hacksaw ruining each time, but rather change it so that the hacksaw just takes damage with each stage.
  20. This is a bit of a misstatement, and a dangerous one at that. Let's look at the rule for attacker rights shall we? 4.2 When your life is at risk or you are subjected to a hostile action by other players you are allowed to defend yourself. This is granted by two different "kill rights" that you can gain based on circumstances of the situation like which side caused the hostile situation and which side you are on. If you are an attacker - the one who first did the initiation or started, caused or provoked the hostile situation - you are allowed to defend yourself by gaining ATTACKER RIGHTS on the defenders. Attacker rights allow you to kill defenders for 1 hour or until your character dies. Attacker rights can be only be shared with your approved group members. If you are not a part of an approved group, attacker rights can not be shared and apply only for your character. The reason that I consider this a dangerous misstatement is that, kill rights, are fundamentally used in a defensive capacity. While it is true that part of our official group, being one person, had reacted to the initiation your group mate had performed, he was the only person that was currently a threat. The fact of the matter is attacker rights are not gained on those that haven't utilized defender rights. Otherwise you could initiate on one person in Gierltow, and when he doesn't comply another person could execute someone in Sitnik. Also the fact that you admit the initiation could 'barely be heard' also invalidates the initiation, as an initiation must be clear and unambiguous. If he cannot hear or recognize the initiation, that criteria is not, in fact, met.
  21. Also this directly conflicts what Skeeter said in HD with @Conor present and by others in my stream chat after. We were told you went to Sitnik to A) get your name out there again as you've been quiet of late and B) find Kirby due to him executing your last character. Don't get me wrong, they're valid reasons, just don't get the point of not saying so here.
  22. https://clips.twitch.tv/CrypticPrettiestTofuNotLikeThis Also I have a question. @Skeeterbolt what exactly was your plan for survival for running up on 6 people and solo initiating on them, in the open, with only 2 people on the other side of the compound and one in the PD? I can't see any way that would have ended well for you.
  23. Responded to a radio broadcast by @Skeeterbolt thanking us for the compound (heavily implying they took it over). Loaded the boys back into humvee and headed back to town. Let Alex out just outside of town, then pulled in. Hopped out of the car with a "Alright, who here is consortium" then crashed. Immediately started hearing people saying they were getting RDM'd and KoS'd. Upon logging back in I found out that I had been shot and killed as well.
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