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  1. Zanaan


    Can I just say, groups constantly confiscating weapons as illegal is such an old and tired concept. Can we please find some other way to "keep the peace", like actually patrolling, protecting markets, etc.

    1. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky



      Makes more than enough sense for a government body to confiscate illegal firearms.

      With your kind of logic most if not all things are old and and tired concepts, like claiming land, creating settlements, playing Guerilla groups.

    2. Zanaan


      It's not just about government entities ducky. Its been done by almost every large group for 4-5 years. Find a new shtick. 

    3. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      So because random large groups do it where it doesn't make sense, government groups like S-GRU cant do it where it does make sense?

    4. AndreyQ


      There's been people setting up shops since I started playing in the community.
      There's been people playing nationalist characters since I started playing in the community.
      There's been people playing hunters since I started playing in the community.
      There's been people playing doctors since I started playing in the community.
      The list goes on.

      You want the military to patrol and protect shops? Comply to the directives of no military weapons and ask them for help and you might in fact receive.

    5. sac


      It makes a lot of sense honestly given how early we are into the apocalypse still. The last thing military factions would want is 90% of the population walking around with military-grade weaponry and equipment - especially if they are trying to stabilize the region. S-GRU has been doing an excellent job so far when it comes to confiscating weapons, and most of the time it is done without a single initiation being dropped. They explain who they are, why they do it, and ask you to hand over your military-grade equipment so that they can more easily keep the peace and order.

    6. Para


      @Zanaan what new shtick are people supposed to actually come up with? We're trying to enforce actual laws that are technically still in effect. Right now the place is in complete disarray due to the amount of groups reveling in the anarchy.

      Like @AndreyQ said, if people complied with directives / laws we'd be able to focus much more heavily on other objectives. We're doing it because it makes sense not because we just want to because we're a bandit faction. Everything has been done in old lorewipes, nothing is strictly original so this is a really unfair criticism to have on a group that is mostly getting positive RP.

    7. Zanaan


      @ParaI mean personally I'd like to see more savage tactics implemented. This is a group that has the OOC goal to be feared. 

      I myself would be black bagging people off the streets (you can target people with illegal firearms), taking them back to the airfield, beating them and torturing them into confessing (falsely or not) into being part of CLF, forcing them to name co-conspirators (real or not), then executing those that are willing OOC.

      Just make it something more than 'that gun is illegal, give it to us'


    8. groovy ducky

      groovy ducky

      So leave that feedback on their page so they can actually gain something rather than write a vague status update where you complain about them indirectly.


      And before you start going on about how its not specifically targeted at them.


      Yes it is, yes it absolutely is, you wrote this because of an experience you received from them ingame, don't hide behind something else.

    9. AndreyQ


      @Zanaan we've done that to people that deserved it

      you have to understand we bump into 10+ people a day, we can't just beat the fuck out of every john smith we find with a gun on him, we don't have 6 hours to spare

      afaik we bumped into you once, which was cut short as we had enemies in the area and had to regroup, so idk from where you are basing all this feedback on


    10. Zanaan


      @groovy ducky

      Its not about an experience I received from them. Ive met them once and they took nothing from me. The interaction was limited as they robbed Phoenyxx and immediately fled.

      However all I've heard about them is that they'll take your guns. Like legit you ask anyone about the Russians and that's the take away. Its a boring reputation to have, and makes it seem like that's the extent of what they are doing. 

    11. Zanaan


      @AndreyQ Glad to hear you're at least doing more than the cliche that I'm talking about. Hopefully that means that the reputation you've earned will grow as well. I understand not doing it to everyone because, as you say, no one has that kind of time. 

      I really would like it to be a group to be feared, not just a nuisance people scoff at.

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