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  1. Going to start a new thing,  the Corona virus playlist. 

    Today's entry:



    1. Voodoo



    2. Zanaan


      Tomorrow's song in case I forget (and the reason I made this playlist) 


    3. Voodoo



    4. Aisling



  2. No. Looks janky as hell and completely unpolished.
  3. HELLO I thought we had a thing going?!


    1. Aisling


      I am all of those

  5. FML, just got furloughed. Wish me luck with being unemployed for the foreseeable future. 

    1. Eagle


      Go raid for your supplies in the foreseeable future.

  6. So the poll is confusing. The polls question is directly opposite of the question on the thread. So I voted "no" as in "multiple gates should /not/ be allowed, or at the very least limited in number"
  7. I'll go ahead and give it a 'yes', but conditionally. If this is added, then group pre-fabs should go. I honestly like this better than the prefab system to be honest. Would definitely need to make the various constructions cost a significant amount however so that it is seen as a luxury over the games vanilla base building, which should always be the cheaper option.
  8. Going to be playing some Cuisine Royale. If you're not familiar with it, I recommend dropping by. It's a rather fun (and fast paced) spin on BRs



  9. Not really tbh. Last actual fight I was in was An Pobal pushing the prison. That was about a month ago. PvP is typically a last resort for me. True, it ain't grandpappy's heirloom Winchester handed down for generations, but then most guns aren't "rp" items. I prefer the SVD, though yes, but it's pure preference. (And it turns wolves into the soup of the day fairly quickly) Personally I'd rather see wolves and bears made weaker than pistols buffed. But even then I'm fairly certain that in real life the idea of fighting a bear with a 380 pistol would be laughable. At the end of the day pistols are small, easily concealed, and effective enough in a one on one situation to defend oneself with. They have little recoil, and should only be used in CQC situations against opponents. They should not be a viable alternative to the heavier, bulkier, and more powerful rifles in the game just because some character fancies themselves John Wick. Hell even John Wick uses an AR when the situation calls for it.
  10. Wut? PvP sure is mentioned quite a bit in your OP so I'll go based off that. I don't have the numbers in front of me or anything, but still fairly certain from experience that most low caliber weapons will kill in 1-3 shots to the head depending on range and ballistic protection. The only reason you might feel them underpowered is due to shooting people in the chest who are wearing plate carriers or similar ballistic protection, which even in real life can do quite well in absorbing low caliber rounds before becoming fully compromised. Also this is an RP server... so... yeah. Making things easier to pvp is kinda not the goal here.
  11. Soup time! Congrats on approval yall! You've worked hard for this and come a long way since the 4 of us sat around cooking and hunting all day outside a small house in Chernarus.
  12. About damned time @Morytania. Hmu if yall need help.
  13. Hmm, something looks off about the cabins in the back. Could just be a trick of shadows but they look like they're floating slightly above the ground. Otherwise it looks great.
  14. Are you really trying to threaten @Ryan Shepherd into roleplaying with you? If he wishes to avoid topolin and your group in particular to avoid drama that's his business. He didn't state he wouldn't RP with you if encountered, just avoid seeking you out for RP. Frankly I'm disappointed that you, as an admin, would seek to use your weight in such a fashion.
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