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  1. ItzzNate

    • ItzzNate
    • Zanaan

    told u


    1. LouieRP


      What is that

    2. ItzzNate


      its steve buscemi, his character alan

    3. LouieRP


      No the creature with its fingers up. 

    4. Zanaan


      lmao, took me a second to remember this conversation even took place.

  2. Zanaan

    Who else dont care about the royal wedding.

    I just took a party of 20 that may or may not show up in a private banquet room just to get away from the tvs in the restaurant and the dozen people fawning over the wedding.
  3. Zanaan


    So back from the movies.

    So before we go into spoiler territory... lemme just say fuck the sun.



    Now that that is out of the way... here's how the movie ends.


    Seriously don't look past this point if you don't want spoilers.


    You know what, I'll even spoiler tag it for you.



    Deadpool steals Cable's time travel device and uses it to go back and kill the version of deadpool from x-men origins: wolverine. He then kills Ryan Reynolds as he looks over the script for Green Lantern. Oh a bunch of other stuff happened too, but that wasn't really important.


    1. WhiteKnight


      Get ready for a CGI battle 

    2. Hebee


      Thanks for ruining the movie for me. Fucks sake.

  4. Zanaan


    Off to see Deadpool so I can ruin everything with spoilers



    1. LouieRP


      Oh no please no 

    2. Dan


      not really much to spoil tbh

    3. KyleRP

      Don't worry I'll do it for you.


      Spongebob dies.


  5. Zanaan


    Was getting 10% of my bandwidth today, but it mysteriously fixed itself while on hold on the phone to my isp


    I'm on to your games Comcast. 

    1. Mexi


      Aren't Comcast known for throttling their customers?

    2. Zanaan


      They supposedly stopped it ages ago @Mexi, sounds like they just do it discreetly now.

  6. Zanaan

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Note to self, take Robbie for a nice long talk in the woods. Seriously though, hyped to see this back.
  7. Zanaan

    Spojené Nové Zagoria

    So sad as it is to say this, crap came up IRL again leaving me with like 1 day off a week, so going to request this to be archived. Hopefully things will slow down and I can come back to this soon.
  8. Zanaan

    Spojené Nové Zagoria

    Yeah I changed it back to Zagoria for now. Translators like to translate it to Zagorie for some reason even though it's not a plural word.
  9. Zanaan

    Spojené Nové Zagoria

    Depends what you think it means
  10. Zanaan

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    Very much this. I always welcome people to watch my stream as long as they do not do so with malicious intent (metagaming, attempting to get people banned, etc) Streaming would be very boring if you did it only for an audience of those that are part of your group
  11. Zanaan

    Spojené Nové Zagoria

    Ack, forgot one last part. go figure it's the more important bit. Recruitment
  12. Zanaan

    Spojené Nové Zagoria

    Gather like minded individuals and promote to other groups (Day 320) Form a basic militia and secure a centralized area to work from (Day 330) Acquire munitions to defend the fledgling government from outside influence (Ongoing) Work diplomatically with various groups to create a basic governmental structure (Day 340) Create a running trade bazaar where anyone can open a market for a small tax of food (Day 340) Distribute accrued food task in humanitarian efforts throughout SZ (Day 365) Recruit an active police force held accountable to inter-group government (Day 365) Expand control to military facility and commence training a standing army (Commence on day 370) Absorb, not conquer, various groups to grow the structure and numbers of the state government (Ongoing) Push back any military force from the area and announce independence of South Zagoria. Promote a diverse roleplay experience both internally and externally Forward the progression of the lore through IC actions Promote cross group interaction creating foot traffic throughout the map Creation of a multi-purpose hotspot (Likely NWAF once beta hits) Kane Aster
  13. Zanaan

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Brutus is infamous 8/10
  14. Zanaan


    When you're working on a group, but have zero idea how it will be received or if anyone will even want to join.

    1. Gaylaxy


      IC recruitment is a good way to find members! Even if its only 3/4, more organic RP and group relations as well as once you get 4/5 you will eventually suck new people in!

    2. Mademoiselle


      Is it a BDSM group? 😛 

    3. Zanaan


      No, no it is not 😛

      In fact it will now be doubly hard with Banks just posting a very similar group (albeit socialist and with a smaller scope)

    4. Mademoiselle


      RIP 😕 join his then ❤️ 

  15. Zanaan

    Hidden Group WIP forum

    While I know we don't allow tree public posting of WIP groups, I think it would be useful to have a forum where people can work on creating the thread for their group, work on the idea, etc privately (such as with admin applications forum), then when satisfied they can request it moved to group ideas.