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  1. The reason the prior post was hidden for staff view only is that it involves staff, and as such will be handled internally. Posting it publicly serves no purpose other than to instigate or promote drama, and in the end doesn't resolve anything. That does not, however, mean that the information provided has been ignored, but will be (and has been) passed along to Roland to review.
  2. All I wanted to do was enjoy my day off and play PuBG. Ugh.

  3. Seeing as both of the accused have been perm'd this report will be closed. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  4. Zanaan

    In-game Actions

    If you press period (.) it will pop up an emote wheel. Under that you can find the surrender option. Otherwise you will need to rebind it to f2. F5 is currently the one, but I know it can sometimes bug and show as you sitting down on your end.
  5. Zanaan

    S1: Invalid Execution/Stream Sniping in Kabanino - 2019-05-15 04:45

    Calling in @NorwayRP for his full and detailed PoV and any evidence he has.
  6. Zanaan

    S1 BadRP & NVFL - 20/05/2019 ~ 19:30 Servertime

    Hit/Kill Logs Line 19933: 19:50:37 | Player "Pawel Panotzki" hit by Player "Vadim Hora" into Torso(34) for 60 damage (Bullet_762x39) with KA-M from 61.0274 meters Line 19934: 19:50:37 | Player "Pawel Panotzki" (DEAD) hit by Player "Vadim Hora" into Torso(26) for 60 damage (Bullet_762x39) with KA-M from 61.0274 meters Line 19935: 19:50:37 | Player "Pawel Panotzki" (DEAD) killed by Player "Vadim Hora" with KA-M from 61.0274 meters Connection Logs Line 16897: 17:55:05 | Player "Betka Komarek" is connected Line 22004: 20:47:06 | Player "Betka Komarek" has been disconnected Line 19654: 19:41:07 | Player "Vadim Hora" is connected Line 21915: 20:45:20 | Player "Vadim Hora" has been disconnected Chat Logs Line 19888: 19:46:39 | Chat("Vadim Hora": nice to see you too Line 19890: 19:46:49 | Chat("Vadim Hora": yeah Line 19894: 19:47:26 | Chat("Vadim Hora": anything interesting? Line 19903: 19:48:16 | Chat("Vadim Hora": fucking retard. Line 19909: 19:48:51 | Chat("Vadim Hora": You stupid fucking bitch Line 19919: 19:49:18 | Chat("Vadim Hora": You will pay for this Line 19921: 19:49:25 | Chat("Vadim Hora": Show your bag! Line 19922: 19:49:35 | Chat("Vadim Hora": You owe us. Line 19923: 19:49:44 | Chat("Vadim Hora": you just what? Line 19924: 19:49:51 | Chat("Vadim Hora": mhm. Line 19925: 19:50:08 | Chat("Vadim Hora": They ripped my jacket. *inspects himself* Line 19926: 19:50:24 | Chat("Vadim Hora": stop or die Line 20106: 19:54:29 | Chat("Vadim Hora": she deserved a slower death Calling In: @Pawek Panotzki - Pawel Panotzki For their full and detailed PoV and any evidence they have. Furthermore due to their forum activity @Pawek Panotzki will be temp banned until they provide a PoV
  7. As @JoeyS is claiming his kills were legit only on those not complying, he will be allowed to post a PoV. However he will be temp banned from the server pending the outcome of this report. Calling in @JoeyS - Leo Manarello @Jean - Kaetlyn O Miles @Wee_L - John Brown @Bsigo - Callum Skies For their full and detailed PoVs and any evidence they might have. Due to the nature of this report, no one else is permitted to post unless asked to by the staff team.
  8. Kill Logs 20:08:25 | Player "John Brown" (DEAD) ( pos=<1204.8, 8776.2, 278.5>) killed by Player "Leo Manarello" ( pos=<1220.0, 8755.6, 281.7>) with KA-M from 25.812 meters 20:11:29 | Player "Callum Skies" (DEAD) ( pos=<1204.0, 8796.5, 278.3>) killed by Player "Leo Manarello" ( pos=<1206.6, 8795.0, 278.3>) with KA-M from 3.01202 meters 20:12:37 | Player "Kaetlyn O Miles" (DEAD) ( pos=<1202.6, 8796.6, 278.3>) killed by Player "Leo Manarello" ( pos=<1202.7, 8799.1, 278.3>) with KA-M from 2.56567 meters 20:10:01 | Player "Charlie Callahan" (DEAD) ( pos=<1204.5, 8769.1, 278.6>) killed by Player "Edward J Adams" ( pos=<1215.7, 8765.9, 278.5>) with SK 59/66 from 11.6057 meters 20:10:03 | Player "Denis Sokolov" (DEAD) ( pos=<1204.2, 8772.0, 278.5>) killed by Player "Edward J Adams" ( pos=<1215.7, 8765.9, 278.5>) with SK 59/66 from 12.9552 meters The following have been Permabanned @JoeyS - Leo Manarello @ornbergOG - Edward J Adams Thread will be locked as we continue to look through logs.
  9. Ornberg has been permanently removed from the community. Logs will be looked over shortly for any other people involved
  10. Please link all the steam account you currently own so that we may research this further.
  11. Very well, we will go ahead and close this. We are happy that you came to an understanding.
  12. Greetings @Hank Brooks, please call your original past with the format found here Failure to do so within 48 hours will result in this report being closed.
  13. Appeal closed due to lack of response.
  14. John Wick chapter 3 suffers from one big issue. It feels like it is just too long. Otherwise a fun movie that's more John Wick but... bladders be warned. 

    1. Samti


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