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  1. So a little known (but slowly growing) feature of the dayz expansion is towing, a feature I personally love and use for my shop. However today @K2U @Human and @Riley were witness to a strange event where a little bird towed off @cjackson821's helicopter. Due to the unrealistic nature of this feat, I am wondering if this would be AOGM, or alternatively if the little bird being able to tow could be disabled.
  2. This brings to question though, if you lock a car, does it lock its inventory? Or can people still steal car parts off of them, as well as tires and what have you.
  3. Had a look through Bor today, almost every house has 4-8 apple crates in them. And those were just the houses that were open.
  4. I mean... I have 7ish vehicles atm that I've been able to secure. Just don't leave them parked in the open. That being said I still +1 the suggestion. I live the idea of parking cars and just being able to lock them.
  5. When you get your new license in the mail, and they mistakenly put 3'2" on it instead of 6'2"...

    1. ChewyLR



    2. Elmo


      subtle flex that you're 6'2"

    3. Zanaan


      I wish @Elmo, my brother is 6'8", so I'll always be the short one. 

  6. Eh, I managed to find then once or twice and got some good rp from them. Still remember @GaryCash having an rp flamethrower and wondering if he'd somehow blow himself up. Also ran into them when they were first building up the school and spoke to them briefly, though I think my stumbling across them scared them as much as it did me at the time.
  7. Zanaan


    Daniil strums his fingers against the dash of his current truck as he listens to the radio broadcast. "I was able to recover the truck or one like it provideyesterday with the help of a different third party. I do hope this truck you recovered is not one of mine I have safely tucked away." He paused for a moment before he continued. "I will look into this. If it is not one of my trucks I currently possess it means you may be able to yet provide useful information, so arrangements can be made to pick this truck up off you as well. I will be in touch" He sets his radio aside before starting the engine and heading off.
  8. Very happy to see y'all approved. Now show the server what real hostile roleplay is.
  9. When you run into someone you've personally tortured, and his 3 friends

    Them: "By the way, what's your name"

    Me: "Uh... Yuri"

    Them: "Well Yuri we'll look out for the people that robbed you"



    1. Zanaan


      Ofc they also could have just really wanted the bounty

  10. Zanaan


    After acquiring a radio from a gentleman in Pavlovo military complex, Daniil puts the radio to his mouth as he walks off "Dobre Den my fellow countrymen, as well as visitors to my country. Recently, as in the last hour, a couple of Amerikanski scum decided to hold me up near Balota and steal my GAZ, then hit me over with a shovel leaving me unconscious in the field. As a result I am offering a hefty bounty for the two of them. The successful capture of the two Amerikanski will be rewarded with 5000 rubles. Furthermore, as the vehicle was a gift, I am offering 2500 rubles for the safe retrieval of my covered GAZ truck. Emphasis on covered. I do not wish to bring hastle to anyone else driving a GAZ." He releases the PTT before affixing the radio back onto his backpack, and continues his search.
  11. Daniil looks at his radio with a bit of confusion as he sits up in the bed of his Gaz. "Dobre Den. What seems to be the issue. And of course there's people left. What rock have you been hiding under?" He sets the radio down next to him and opens a can of bacon, awaiting a response.
  12. Posting with permission from @Duplessis Hearing that my mates were about to get into a scrap at the airfield, I drive up to give them the opportunity to move any hostages quickly. Upon my arrival they were talking to @Max Smit who used my presence to bail, and they gave chase. I then drive around, during which @Yankee3175 apparently disappears in front of them. Upon finishing my loop they then load @Max Smit into my vehicle, and we drive off. Now notably, @Max Smit can be heard in Yankee's video talking about the fact that there were 2 people remaining as there wasn't space in the truck. But as he's in my truck, you can clearly tell that he was not double miccing this. This is considerably concerning to me, as it leads me to question just how much was actually being transmitted between the two outside of the brief bit of video evidence provided.
  13. Y'all need to stop passing me on the road. Seems y'all almost get in a wreck every time.
  14. Ugh, can't find a new one for the life of me.
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