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  1. Yes to most vehicles except the gaz box truck, not been updated in over a year. No to modular vests. I see you trying to sneak the mandalorian helmet in. Just no.
  2. JFC this group thread looks good. I do agree that it does seem similar to Inner Circle, but then we don't really know the long term plans of this group. Best of luck.
  3. Yep... I believe in witches now. 



    1. Aron73


      Love it! But there is a pretty easy scientific way to explain that, just as the trick with the interlinked phone books that can take 8000 pounds of pull and still not separate.

  4. Eh, I'll go ahead and drop this and consider an unfortunate (albeit suspicious) coincidence. The logs do show you logging out early, so its possible you weren't aware of my arrival.
  5. No for all but side pistol holster: Gaz mod hasn't been updated in almost a year, so that's a problem the clothing mod looks like sloppy reskins and repacked items from other mods, and could prove an issue The mist one is fine, I guess, but as someone who flew in winter chernarus, this could screw over various vehicles completely. Stalker Detector just seems pointless IMO. A bear detector? Why?
  6. Server and location: S1 Civilian Trader Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14:56 Your in game name: Daniil Turgenev Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Covered UAZ 4 seater Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Pulled up to the civilian trader right as server was restarting, and noticed at least 1 person there. As soon as server restarted I got back in as quickly as possible (game hard crashed) and when I got back in the UAZ wa
  7. Only one I'm not for is the more melee. Looks a little... what was that zombie mall game? But yeah, the rest look good and get my +1. Also my first PK on someone was with a chainsaw so... yeeee
  8. I'll give this one a yes. Not a fan of the masks, but also totally something people would actually do.
  9. *A tired, almost broken sounding Daniil is briefly heard on the radio* Novo... christ. I just can't be everywhere at once to handle this shit. They are getting bolder and have more resources than I do... We need to work together. We can worry about who's land is who's, and who disrespected who after. This is everyone's fight. *The sound of a bottle hitting stone, the sound echoing is heard before he continues* If anyone knows where these assholes are coming from, speak up now. We need to try and take the fight to them. *The radio cuts out then*
  10. Pfft, you were the other guy there? Dude legit was like "where's my friends m16... he had more ammo then this" But honestly I fail to see the big deal. Honestly don't really remember the last time I even heard someone use the N word already.
  11. Normally I'd be against this, but considering recent events I'm all for it. The fact that members of the community have felt pushed out due to attacks regarding these subjects is ridiculous to put it simply.
  12. Look I'm sorry. Literally only time it's done that.
  13. Heads up, you'll need to update your goals to smart goals @ImFrosty Now onto some personal notes. I know you've stated that you wish to come up with some more unique goals already, which is good. Depending on what kind of former prisoners you want to play you could certainly do some interesting things. I'd do a bit of research into Russian prisons in particular, because they are notably harsh and some of the deadliest prison gangs exist within them. Also you might reach out to @Murdercoolwho has portrayed one of, and led a group of, the most violent and unpredictable former prisoner
  14. New PC has been in QC for 12 days. I'm going a wee bit crazy. 

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