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  1. Thread locked. If your friend feels his ban was unjustified he can appeal via support ticket.
  2. If you truly wish to have your account removed put in a support request here https://www.dayzrp.com/support/. However do not let yourself get bullied into it simply because people are misplacing blame on you. You did nothing wrong.
  3. Zanaan

    Kill rights and stealing 3.0

    Stop looking for excuses to shoot people just because you can. All three situations the person is no longer in possession of your item and has essentially returned it to them. Yes you would 'technically' have kill rights, but all three situations would likely get you banned for ruleplay. Remember this is an RP server. If you want to retaliate, initiate.
  4. That's simple, either check to see if anything was taken, or initiate. Just because you have kill rights, or think you do, does not mean immediately using them is always the best route.
  5. Zanaan

    Kill rights and stealing

    My understanding from that report is that nothing was actually stolen. While yes he grabbed the protector case, he then put it back without taking anything from it. That is why the kill was invalid as nothing was stolen. Now had Jack actually taken the case and attempted to run off with it, yes he would have granted kill rights to the accused in the report. From the rules: Hostile actions are player interactions where you or your group members lives are threatened by other players, you are forced to do something against your will under threat of violence, someone is stealing from you, etc.
  6. Well that was... a thing.  I'm still honestly just mind fucked right now.

    1. Falk



    2. Lyca


      Falk... that was my reaction first 😛 

      And yeah I am blown away too. And here I thought we are just a online gaming community 😄

    3. Shroud


      Who woulda thought, i could tell by your first post you thought it was just a IC thing, i was thinking the same, what a twist

    4. Lyca


      Well I was confused tbh... cause apocalypse... IP adresses... I thought it was just a meme and a joke. 


    5. Zanaan
    6. Viking


      I mean at this point I wish you wouldn't have banned him, I wanted to apply and see what everything was about

    7. Terra


      I will hire him for my group... he can do his "thing" while being banned, right? Hopefully I pass the backround check...

      genius GIF


    8. yuthee


      I'm glad I'm not the only person that saw this as iffy and was super confused at first as he tried to play it off as normal and okay to do... 🤔 Thanks for cleaning up the trash Zanaan. 

    9. Killstar


      what happened i am confusion and I wanna know 😞

    10. Para


      The fuck happened? 

  7. Zanaan

    Alpha Company 3-34 [Always Recruiting]

    You know what. No. Just reread your last post to make sure im not crazy. You are researching members of the community's personal history without permission. You may think you are doing them a favor, and hell in a couple cases you might have, but in the process you've violated the trust of the community. @J1988Dizzle will be permanently removed from the community and the group archived. I apologize to anyone affected by this.
  8. Zanaan

    Alpha Company 3-34 [Always Recruiting]

    So... just to clarify. You are running background checks including logging the ips of members of the community without their consent?
  9. Zanaan

    RP scenario question

    3.1 You are required to role play your character at all times while in game. No OOC events or communication may take priority over your role play. You are not allowed to ignore other players attempts to role play with you. I mean that pretty much sums it up. If you are attempting to roleplay with them, and they are ignoring you, then they are violating the rules. Saying you are attempting to do a secret raid or whatever is kinda moot if they see you and are attempting to roleplay with you. They could have deflected, bought time, even attempted to distract you with the roleplay while others proceeded to flank or break in from a different area. They cannot just sit silently and ignore you while you are standing next to them trying to RP with them.
  10. Zanaan

    Alpha Company 3-34 [Always Recruiting]

    Perhaps I wasn't clear. Do. Not. Do. It. And yes it violates rule 1.1 of the community rules, as pretending to have this information is trolly, provocative, and, with the claims of obtaining personal information on users, could be perceived as harrassment. 1.1 We demand all our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times. Do not insult, bully, harass, troll or provoke other DayZRP members.
  11. Zanaan

    Alpha Company 3-34 [Always Recruiting]

    So @J1988Dizzle... While I understand you are doing this as some sort of IC recruitment thing, the claims made here, as well as follow up claims of obtaining users ip addresses can be distressing to users. Do not do this. I recommend letting those that you've sent such messages to that it is only meant to be taken IC and you do not actually have any such records, nor are they actually suspected of such crimes.
  12. Well shit. I actually liked Awimba.
  13. Can you please explain to us why you made the account @Jimi in December and a new account @JimiForReal just recently?
  14. Going to be playing some Uno live at 

    Feel free to drop by and say hi, ask questions, whatever.

  15. Zanaan

    S1 - NLR 03/16/2019

    Thank you @DK_Major your temp ban has been lifted
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