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  1. New Character time https://www.twitch.tv/zanaan

    1. Mademoiselle


      B-But... I liked Kane... *Sobs*

  2. Alan Greene

    Prison. Amazing how prison can change a man, how it can truly bring the inner monster out of anyone, turning the smallest spark into the most violent blaze. And over 20 years in one of the worlds shittiest prisons can do oh so much more. Having come to Chernarus as part of research for his thesis for a doctred in history in relation to medieval siege warfare, Alan found himself instead thrown behind bars for a series of murders he didn't commit. Though he reached out to his embassy he never truly got any assistance, and essentially rotted away behind bars, forgotten by all but his fellow inmates whom he at first couldn't understand. Regularly beaten in what constituted an exercise yard, he grew to enjoy his time in his cell more where he studied what he could of the local language such that he could at least understand it with the hopes that he could get an appeal done with proper due process, but once again was denied. With 90 years left on his sentence he finally snapped, bashing his cellmate into the bars of his cell repeatedly until eventually the mans head fit through the bars, and finally earning himself both solace and respect with his other inmates.
  3. Agnes OBrian

    Stubborn and old, Agnes is the matriarch of the O'Brian family in Chicago and possessor of a great amount of wealth coveted by many members of her family. As her memory started to grow fuzzy, and she started having lapses in short term memory, her oldest son James leaped on the opportunity, and under the guise of taking her to Shady Oaks retirement home in Florida, instead abandoned her on a flight to Eastern Europe. There she wondered about for many months, angry both at the growing hostility of the youth around her (mostly caused by the infection) as well as the complete lack of service in various venues she visited, until she somehow managed to cross over into Chernarus. Now armed with her 'beating stick' she has decided to do what is right and teach the youth some much needed manners.
  4. @Mademoiselle and @TheTrueHawk Had a great time bantering in Lop. Poor Ulman
  5. Once again into the fray. Live at https://www.twitch.tv/zanaan

  6. The Railroad

    Civilian, neutral from what I've seen.
  7. Back from dinner, got a couple more hours in me at https://www.twitch.tv/zanaan

  8. Going live at https://www.twitch.tv/zanaan


    Hope to see you all ingame

  9. The Railroad

    Am legitimately glad to see y'all working on making this an official group. Truly hope it goes well for y'all
  10. Was thinking itd be neat if there was a twitch player on the front page for the Dayzrp twitch where admin could host various streamers currently streaming dayzrp and could also have the ask the admins playing directly from the site. It would both promote streamers that stream the game, as well as give a window to the community or potential applicants into seeing what RP is currently like on the server.
  11. The mere fact that you see executions as less severe than permascars says a lot about how little consequence an execution holds. Going to @Rolle on this one to see his opinion
  12. Looking forward to another successful day of RP, now live at https://www.twitch.tv/zanaan

  13. A plea - Open

    Kane hears the transmission and cannot help but fall into a fit of laughter before he responds, but what comes through isn't his usual jovial Jersey accent, but something colder, deeper, and void of any origin. "Ah... I did warn you didn't I... that you would regret what you did to me... It would seem that you haven't come to terms with your own weakness before seeking to weed out the weakness in others. I said it when you took me, and I will say it again now. You are an amateur. And now that your foundation has crumbled, and you feel the noose tighten around your neck... do you stand defiant as I did? Do you look on amused at the paltry attempts of those that hunt you and capture you to cause you pain and suffering? No dear child, you crumble to the ground in heaps of tears, begging for you life like all the vermin that came before you. Still... this presents an... interesting opportunity. You want my forgiveness? You cannot have it. My mercy however can be earned. I am a business man before all else, and value deals and contracts made and honored, so I will give you a single chance. You have three days to bring me the man who carved my nose off to me alive so that I may... enjoy educating him on the proper ways to make a man scream. And you will watch as I do it to him, and you will look him in the eyes so that he knows YOU are the one that caused him all this pain. Only then will you be free of my wrath. I do so hope for your sake though that you can capture him before the mobs do. It would be so unfortunate if he were to never reach me at all. Kane out" Kane grins malevolently as he cuts the transmission, then putting his feet up on the desk of the house in Lopatino he is residing within, starts to hum the tune "Oh happy days"
  14. Had a good adventure with scott, Kevin and Grigory. Never did find the wolves though.