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  1. I'd like to see a Nocturnal Zombie that actually hunts players down, eyes glowing in the night but not strong enough to kill players in a swipe.
  2. I wanna see a post apocalyptic type of buggy that you can make out of scrap metal or scrap parts of cars.
  3. RIP, Car's are evil man! this glitch happened to me once. I had 2 grenades and an M4. Im re-thinking of what I'm gonna RP this time around.
  4. I've noticed on the next patch that there would be a Prison Island. And to people who played fallout 3, Im pretty sure you've encountered some slavers up there. Why not make another type of player. "Slaver/Jailer". I cant think of how we could pull this off.... but this could be big if someone played the role properly.
  5. I've tried leaving some notes around Novo leaking my location. I guess I was just lucky that the player that was curious enough is not a KoS type of player. We RP'd for a few till we got "rekt" by a script kid.