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  1. Good to see someone from SKA still hanging in! Look forward to it! Quite a while. You still playing actively? Diggy! Long time no see, my friend. How's it hanging?
  2. What's up. I thought I'd drop by to see what this DayZ Standalone thing was all about. Anyone from my RP DayZ still around? May see Archer Waters back in Chernarus, again, soon.
  3. I might could be convinced to start playing again, if an A2 or A3 mod were brought up. Couldn't ever get into SA.
  4. Archer

    SWTOR thread

    Thank you for recognizing me as the real one. Tnky, Jared and Shane and I are gonna start playing some SWTOR. JOIN US.
  5. Archer

    Who has Significantly changed your RP experience

  6. [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
  7. Archer

    [FANGS] The Gray Fangs (Recruitment Open)

    The fabulous Faaaaanggssss.
  8. Archer

    Payday: The heist giveaway

    numbero 2
  9. I'll bring SKA... "will be fun, eh, capitalist slave?"
  10. I'm finding it difficult to respond to this subject... I can not honestly say that I deserved to be given a second change, as I did breach the rules... and I did do exactly what I knew I should not have. However, I like to believe that because of my behavior prior to being banned, the effort that I put into being a part of this community, and even the bonds I had with select staff members were the reasons that I was allowed to return. I think my overall demeanor was my saving grace, and if it weren't for that, then I do not believe I would be typing this right now. So, even though this affects me and many of my friends, I believe that this policy is a particular kind of lenient. It protects the server from the kind of players not wanted here (though I'll still disagree with certain individuals' bans 'til the end of DayZ), and is forgiving to those who made a mistake, like myself, like ktbur, like Grumby... whitepointer said it best.
  11. Archer

    [FANGS] The Gray Fangs (Recruitment Open)

    [align=justify]You stroll along the dam that holds back the waters of Pobeda Lake, you hear an eruption of laughter come from the nearby encampment. You notice something making a flapping sound in the wind. You identify the source and move closer to inspect it. It's a photograph...
  12. Archer

    [FANGS] The Gray Fangs (Recruitment Open)

    Uhhhhh, well, ya see feller, none o' our folks died up at'cher lake house. One of them Whiskey drinkin' boys did, but that there was 'bout it.
  13. Archer

    New emoticons and post icons

    What are you talking about, they're right here: :banhammer: :troll: i cri evrytim.
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