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  1. Mel Drake

    DayZRP 4th anniversary

    Hard to believe it's been that long, what a trip! Of course, I think I've just been here three, though I did have that long hiatus.
  2. This just scares me and makes me sad. And they caught someone with weapons and the intent to kill a lot of people on the way to the LA Pride Parade. What's even happening? What has any one of my people done to anybody? The discourse of hate and loathing towards gays around the world is toxic and this is the tragic result. I'm still feeling sick.
  3. Guys I am SO PISSED OFF! I got POTG AS MERCY MERCY!!! So I left myself logged into Overwatch so I could DL Bandicam again because I don't have it on this machine. AND THE UPDATE CAME UP AND LOGGED ME OUT. (it was sick we were trying to take the second part of the Anubis temple and I'd gotten separated from the team by an Ice Wall, ran in behind Hanzo's ultimate taking out the enemies and did a triple resurrect on the point to win us the game before getting sniped, I'm astounded BN gave any healer POTG. my team was shit tho)
  4. Forum Name: Mel Drake Battle.net Tag: Pseudandry#1540 Region: Europe during the day in the Americans, Americas during the evening Main Champions: Lucìo, Mercy, Zarya, Mei Basically I'm terrible but I'm trying. Also Lucìo is my new son♥
  5. Mel Drake

    It's all over

    Good luck and god speed!
  6. Mel Drake

    Urban Exploration

    I used to do this about 15 years ago but none of us would have thought to record it. So cool to watch the change in the urbex community.
  7. Mel Drake

    Playing a Schizophrenic

    I don't think I can add much except that I had a decent friend with the condition and an option to consider is a slow deterioration as your character can't get properly medicated. When treated and with the proper support my friends was a pretty amiable guy. When he occasionally let himself go the difference was dramatic. (He eventually had to stay with his parents to keep him on course). It could also lead to an interest in acquiring what you need in a rp way in game at the start, before the character deteriorates to the point of not caring about medicine and treatment.
  8. DayZRP, where it's realistic to strip the landscape like locusts armed to the teeth but not to lock your door around strangers apparently, idk
  9. Mel Drake

    The Raffle (Event Canceled)

    Man this is so cool, shame I can't get regular time off to sign up, but I really hope to see a great video from this
  10. Mel Drake

    Anyone else have a fetish for being tied up?

    That click bait title tho. I have a few ties (because I like them , even as a lady) but I stick with neutral greys and blacks.
  11. Mel Drake

    How would you like your eggs?

    Coddled eggs, which are eggs baked in buttered ramekins or other small ceramic dishes in a pan with water to keep them from cooking too fast. They're supposed to be the same consistency as a poached egg.
  12. Mel Drake

    LiF: Life is Feudal Giveaway!

    My feelings about this overflow I guess I need to get whitelisted for that as well now. Thanks so much, you guys are amazing
  13. Mel Drake

    LGBT Characters

    Well I'm a lesbian and my longest running character in mod was super down with the ladies, and my in game partner and I generally acted as you'd expect any of the straight couples in game to. There was even a whole thing with a lost engagement ring. You should read my old diary #shamelesspromotion My current character is bi just because why not. Tldr : There's been more than a couple non heterosexual characters in game (because we're not all straight here for one thing )
  14. Mel Drake

    Dungeons and Dragons Campaign.

    And this is a problem ?
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