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  1. After the Death of his family....A construction working and veteran of war does what necessary to keep alive. A good man at heart but will do anything to protect the people he cares about.
  2. haha that's hilarious. I'm Dale and Hugo was the first person that I met in DayZ (SA) RP about a month or so ago. I ended up running into him tonight and he told me how he had been searching for me all that time. :-) GUESS WHOS BACK
  3. **out of the static a faint voice comes over the radio.... Greetings Fellow Survivors, My Name...Is Hugo....I am broadcasting this message on all frequencies. I have discovered a new faith, stronger than any other on earth. The Dark Lord known only as "The Raven" needs the sacrifice of willing followers....We shall meet at devils castle in 1 hour to sacrifice our lives in a circle of fire to raising the dark lord from the depths...and to claim a seat beside him for the one true apocalypse. All others will meet a terrible end i am afraid... My Name.....is Hugo....signing off **static
  4. Dudes i left notes all over the map, haha and i forgot about persistence HAHA
  5. If you find notes on the ground around the map....you should read them...you never know what you might find. -MM
  6. Make sure you post on the forums as soon as you start DayZRP. I didnt do this and went on vacation. On my return my account was deleted and i had to re apply. Hope this helps -MM
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