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  1. They did confirm server files and tools are coming for 0.63. So that's nice.
  2. Some gifs of the new melee system: Read more in today's Status Report: https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-8-august-2017
  3. OliverPlotTwist


    hmm what? Oh... yes! Thank you
  4. hmm... I think it should be reminded that not everything in these "totally legitimate" videos are confirmed to be in the 0.63/Beta update. In fact we really don't have any idea what items will be added in the next update.
  5. OliverPlotTwist

    Rebirth Media Thread

    I was referring more to the albino people looking like mannequins. But yeah, I guess that interpretation works as well.
  6. OliverPlotTwist

    Rebirth Media Thread

    Y'all an interesting bunch. Also it's kinda sad that you need to dress up three mannequins so you can have more people in your group photo...
  7. Nicholas Epperson (Nico for short) was born in Chernarus. He was the son of Alexei and Sasha Lev who both were killed in a tragic car crash when Nico was less than a year old. With no one in Chernarus to take him in he moved to England to live with his aunt and uncle, taking on their surname. Nico have a very quiet childhood after that, a few close friends and an aunt and uncle that supported him. Growing up Nico quickly fell in love with aircraft, he loved the freedom that flying provided. So after he left school he trained as a pilot and by the age of 21 he was a co-pilot for a cargo delivery company. A company which specialised in deliveries between North Africa and Europe. One day the order came for Nico and Fred (The Pilot) to fly to Krasnostav Airfield in Chernarus to pick up some cargo that would then be transported to Abba Jifar Airport in Ethiopia. He'd never been back to Chernarus since moving to England, so was happy to go. It was a short flight to Chernarus. Once they landed the crew began to load the cargo onto the plane while Nico and Fred spent the night in Novodmitrovsk, getting some rest before leaving early the next day. The next day Nico and Fred headed over to the airport together but were stopped at a checkpoint. That’s when the Infected started to attack. They ditched their car and moved on foot to the airfield. But once they got there they found that their plane was gone. The two of them trekked to the ATC but upon entering Fred was jumped by some Infected and killed, leaving Nico alone to survive the apocalypse. Update, last known: "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness" - John 1:9
  8. Because DayZ feels better. Arma 3 feels too clunky for RP, it feels wrong... Plus, with all the work the DayZ devs are putting into the new engine I find it hard to believe that any DayZ-esk mod for Arma 3 will ever be able to get on the same level. So I'd rather choose something that will be better, over something that can never get any better.
  9. Another Tuesday, another Status Report. Since it's been the summer holidays over in the Czech Republic some of the devs have been off work enjoying some vacation time, so this SR doesn't have as much new information. However it's still worth a read if you want to know what the devs are focusing on at the moment: https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-11-july-2017
  10. I did. The new melee looks really interesting. Also corpses decaying over time sounds good.
  11. It's status report day! Go ahead and read it if you want to know what the devs are doing: https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-27-june-2017 Not much in terms of new stuff. It seems the devs are just putting their heads down and working on getting 0.63/beta out (whenever that will be). But we do have some new gestures to look at, so there's that.