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  1. "It wouldn't be a good idea because of the complete engine change, the complete re-write of engine script and all the modding tools are being made to work with the new technology not the Legacy stuff we are replacing. Meaning any mods made between now and beta would become completely obsolete."
  2. You forget that everything on that list, apart from animal companions, is either done or close to being done. It's all on the internal build. We don't have it yet because it's all being made to work on the new engine. Once 0.63 comes with the final parts of the new engine they can finally start to add all these things to the game. Also are you really asking why a graphics designer is working on graphics...?
  3. If you try to make a point, don't use a guy that literally says "I haven't played the game in like a year, I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about."
  4. My thoughts are that we have known that 0.63 is going to be beta for 3-4 months now. Where have you been? I made a whole thread about it:
  5. So I found a list of the features the devs currently want to implement in the 0.63/Beta update: Rework of User Action System Iterating Melee Combat Mechanics Inventory Refactorization Internal Testing of Knife/Axe Prototype Combat Soft Skills Prototype Introducing Animations for User Actions that previously used generic Creating support for vehicles to functionally have more than 4 wheels (V3S for example) Electricity System Prototyping Unjamming Anims for New Player My guess is that this list is consistently evolving, however this should give us an idea of the gameplay changes we can expect in 0.63/Beta.
  6. If you think about it though it's not that ridiculous. That roadmap was created before the devs decided to make a new engine. Everything on that list was going to used on the old Legacy tech, so DayZ would have never been any better than arma 3 in terms of usability. But because of the devs decision to make a new engine we will get a much more refined game. Sure, the game took an extra two years but the end result is what matters. The NBC suits will also have a practical use as well. There are plans to have "infected zones" where you will need one to enter or risk getting sick.
  7. But the massive core issues are what they are working on... I mean they're not making a whole new engine for the lols.
  8. Well I have good news then. The aim of the devs is to make player made bases look like they fit into the world. You won't find any 'Sky fortresses' in vanilla DayZ. Brian Hicks did a bit about how they want basebuilding in DayZ to work back in 2015 if you want to watch: 34:24 Well thank you very much.
  9. Oh yeah beards are going to be a thing. I don't know why I forgot about that. They will grow over time. And you will be able to shave them if you wish.
  10. The devs have said that because of the nature of their engine doing something like this wouldn't be very viable. However the devs have said that they want to add a lot more player models to make up for that.
  11. Yeah I wouldn't expect this update until Q4. But then again we need to consider that they are; creating two entire engine modules, re-writing everything in the new Enforce script, adding testing and designing new gameplay systems and trying to make it all work without any major issues. But if there is any sign of hope the devs have already started testing 0.63 https://www.dayzspy.com/server/ If previous experience is anything to go on we will most likely get more clothes. The majority of clothing items are never shown to us before a update we just kinda find them once the update goes live. Yeah the plane looks really cool. Here are some more pictures if you want to take a look: https://trello.com/c/607yllpt/133-crop-duster-airplane-bumblebee
  12. thank you
  13. Updated the thread with a 'unconfirmed stuff that could be in this patch' section. Enjoy
  14. I was a bit hesitant to show any new vehicles or items because there is no list of confirmed items that will be in 0.63. Maybe I'll add a section at the bottom of 'unconfirmed stuff that could be in this patch'
  15. Considering the majority of the DayZ dev team are now working on the Beta update I thought it would be a good idea to start the "0.63/BETA Discussion Thread" to keep everyone up to date with all things 0.63. Now, the main thing with 0.63 is the pushing of the last of the new engine technology. This being the New Player Controller and the New Animation System. These two modules are what have been holding up a large amount of content from being put into the game. I'm talking vehicles, weapons, soft skills, base building, etc etc. Now I'm not saying everything will come in 0.63 but you can expect a large change to gameplay. So what are the devs currently working on? Well, luckily the devs gave us a nice list in the latest status report that tells us exactly that: Gameplay team Refactor of hard coded world interactions to script. There were still a couple left (opening doors for example). Creation of core synchronization model for these Moving VOIP to server authoritative completely New weapons API for weapon script implementation Inventory conditions implementation for item states and more Optimizations of item spawning for server performance AI script API for behavior modification New player spawn definition New item spawn definition Vehicle behavior in new technology Backend toolset (srvlet) for central manipulation of economy, and server management (community version) Design team User actions manager for the new synchronization model Player representation refactor and debug functionality for new player (visualization and toggles for testing and manipulation) New hierarchy of item configurations (includes new technology like damage system, procedural coloring and such) Data re-structuralization to suit the new setup (file structures at the moment) Inventory refactor and optimization according to internal version Integration of soft skills to actions in game Electricity and its implementation Placing of items in world and its implementation Animation team Implementation of animation player turns Polishing new weapon animations (unjamming) Implementation of hit reactions to melee combat in the new system Work on inverse kinematics and item poses Tweaking player graph Implementation of detailed user actions animations Engine team Toolset refinement New inverse kinematics implementation New physics representation for non-player entities New shaders for trees and grass Hit reactions in animation system Synchronization of new animation system Player turns Aiming model Art team New models (Updated list from latest SR) Programmers • AI script implementation • Zombie behavior script representation • Wind rework and debugs • Inventory and item conditions • Item spawn definition • User actions in multiplayer • Exhausted and hurt player animation support • Network traffic optimization • New version check (to prevent edge cases of connecting to a different build of a game) • Lightning fixes (new lightning setup) • Sound event manager • Tons of crash fixing • Tons of bug fixes Animators • Weapon mechanics animations polishing (unjamming, reloads) • Inverse Kinematics poses • Mocap (Player turns and more) • Hit reactions on player • Animation plugins • Cow and Bull refactor for the new animation system Designers • User actions in multiplayer • Player representation • New item hierarchy definition • New player and item spawn definition • Inventory UI refactor • Lifespan • Tree fire geometry • Tons of bug fixes Audio • Positional environment audio QA • Playtest 0.62 • Door rework priority assignment (standardized door sizes) • Performance profiling in 0.62 • Client performance benchmarks in 0.62 Something I want to put some emphasis on is the Toolset. The devs have said they want to release a handy toolset that contain the much-requested server files. This toolset will allow you to adjust things like the CLE, Infected, etc etc. Picture time: Alrighty, first we have some new animations for Unjamming, chambering and general reloading: (this video has some other animations that have not be confirmed to be in 0.63, so take them with a pinch of salt) Okay, up next is a video almost everyone has seen. New Player controller/camera/animations. Also some short gifs of the same sort of stuff. We also have a video showing of the new soft skills. Now keep in mind that this video is old so things might have changed and also that the effect of the soft skill has been increase in order to quickly demonstrate it. **Nothing past this point is confirmed to be in 0.63** Now as I mentioned before. A lot of content is stuck behind the last two bits of the new Enfusion engine that DayZ will be solely running on from 0.63 onward. And when I say a lot I mean it. So here are some pictures of things that 'might be in 0.63 but don't hold your breath': Weapons: Bizon SMG (yes that is a kobra sight) Saiga 12 CR 550 Mini UZI PK Machine Gun M249 Scout Rifle Non-Lethal Weapons M12 Shotgun Vehicles: Bumblebee Four Door Hatchback (WIP) Sarka 120 Multicar LittleBird Bicycle Dirtbike Items/clothing: Leather Shit (Crafted) Hunting Vest Tactical Helmet Military Grade Night Vision (WIP) NBC Suit Basebuilding: Watchtower Generator Construction Lights Extension Cord Concept image And that's about it. **Remember** None of this past section is confirmed to be in 0.63 it is just things that have be held back because of the new Engine. It is possible we might see none, some or maybe all of this in 0.63. Well that's all I've got for now. I'll keep the thread update if any new information is released or I find some more information. If you have any questions about this update I will do my best to answer them. Peace.