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  1. A look into the MAD HOUSE! *There is a spark of static as the video appears on the screen. On the screen is a man, dressed somewhat neatly, sitting on a chair looking towards someone off camera.* "You should know, Doc, I don't like to talk about my past. It's not a happy place and as you know I prefer to have fun." *The man forces a large smile that stretches and contorts the skin on his face. A man off camera clears his throat and beings to speak.* "I'm well aware of that Jack. But I think it would be good for you to look back in order to move forward." *Jack laughs slowly.* "Very funny Doc. You did always know how to make me laugh. Ask your questions, what do you want to know about little old me?" "Alright then. First, for the record, what is your name?" "Jack stares into the camera with a laborious look.* "For the record, it's Jack Payne." "Very good. When and where were you born?" *Jack looks back towards the interviewer, releasing the tension in his body.* "I was born the 20th of August, 199...6? I think, I always forget that last part. It just slips away... you know?" "And you're place of birth?" "England... somewhere. No one every really... told me. Funny thing that." *Jack stares off into the distance.* "What about your parents? What were their names?" *Jacks eyes snap back at the interviewer* "My parents... my parents hated me. They hurt me, they were bad parents. But they did teach me a lot. They taught me how to be better than them, so that something I guess. But I rather not talk about them... they ain't worth the breath." "Very well. Tell me about the kind of work you did, before the outbreak." *Jack sat up straight* "I was a torturer for hire. Gangs would come to me, I would hurt the person they put in front of me and then they paid me. It wasn't hard work but it was a living..." *Jack stared into the distance again, obviously reminiscing on his past life.* "So... um... has... have those skills translated well to our new world?" "Not as well as you might think. You see the problem is that everyone is so damn focused on loyalty these days. I mean, it was the same back in the old world but I worked hard with those gangs to part myself from their fighting. I was just the torturer! The people I tortured hired me to torture the guys that hired me to torture them because they knew how good I was. But now days everyone takes me ripping out their teeth so personally. It's hard to find work when they think you work for the other guy. But it doesn't matter, I'm working them slowly. They'll get it soon enough." "Very... um... good Jack. Moving on, do you have any friends of family in the new world?" "Well I have you don't I?" *Jack laughs* "Friend o' buddy o' pal. Everyone one is my friend Doc. Even if they don't know it yet. Having enemies is stupid, how are you suppose to get anything done if you always have to watch your back, hmm? Of course sometimes you can't help it, sometimes you get the real dummies that couldn't be your friend even if they wanted to. Bloody idiots... *Jack mutters* "Jack?" *Jack looks up, staring daggers in the interviewer's direction.* "What's up Doc?" *Jack laughs once, slow and deep.* "Lets get back to your past... How did you find yourself in Chernarus?" *Jack smiles and his body relaxes.* "I'm glad you asked. It's a funny story, you'll get a kick out of this. So one day this Mr Gangdude comes walking up to me and goes "I need you to take a holiday, I have the tickets and I'll paid you a hundred grand if you go." So of course I took the deal. Get paid to go on holiday, who wouldn't take that? Turns out that guy sent me away because he didn't want his rival to hire me to torture him. Smart play I suppose. What I didn't realise was what a dump this guy was sending me too. If it wasn't for the outbreak I would have gone straight back and tortured that dude for free." "Well.. thank you very much Jack. I think I have all I need. You are definitely one of the more interesting people I've interviewed." "Well thank you very much. And please don't stand up." "I beg your pardon?" "I mean you can if you want but it won't help. I did say that I don't like talking about my past and I rather it didn't leave this room so I'm gonna have to make sure you won't talk. *Jack frowns* "Sorry." "Please Jack, you don't have to do this! I'll delete the tape, no one has to know." "No... no, I think I'll keep the tape could come in useful. Now come here friend. I'll try to make this quick." *The camera is knocked over in the struggle. Screaming is heard in the background, then the camera is suddenly picked up and pointed back at Jack who is smiling widely waving around a severed tongue.* "He won't be talking about any of this. And neither will you!" *Jack laughs straight into the camera before the image suddenly turns to static.*
  2. There wouldn't happen to be a way to bypass the cooldown? I mean it was an accident and now I can't play at all...
  3. Hi, I accidentally activated a character that I was planning on deleting. And once I did delete that character I found I couldn't active my main because of a cooldown. So I'm kinda stuck without an active character right now. Anyway, I was just wondering, as the title says, how long do I have to wait before I can start playing again. Thanks
  4. OliverPlotTwist

    Server Crashing Bets

  5. OliverPlotTwist

    Server Crashing Bets

  6. OliverPlotTwist

    DayZ Update Thread

    Honestly I think this is my favourite addition This whole patch seems like a nice big quality of life update.
  7. OliverPlotTwist

    DayZ Update Thread

    Yes, I believe it is double tap Ctrl
  8. OliverPlotTwist


    lol wot?
  9. OliverPlotTwist

    This is odd

    There is a big difference between a streamer accidentally talking OOC or killing someone because they didn't full understand the rules and what Psi did. He broke numerous rules more than once.
  10. OliverPlotTwist

    DayZ Update Thread

    The development of a whole new engine for DayZ is a good enough reason for me. Also on a completely unrelated note, what's your avatar from? It looks awesome.
  11. OliverPlotTwist

    DayZ Update Thread

    One of the best thing about the stress test for me was the staggering amount of friendly players I ran into. Everyone was so excited and just wanted help each other test and see the new things.
  12. OliverPlotTwist

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Yes, you're right. I'm sorry. Usually it take quite a lot to rile me up, I don't know why that guy gets me so angry. But that's my problem not his, I'm sure in the long term his presence will be a positive one.
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