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  1. Background Elliott Stone or as he would prefer Leaf, was born and raised in a group of Nomads who called themselves Arbor (tree). This group was founded on the principles of Nature and Peace, they did whatever they could to help those in need and to deter the evils of the world. People often looked down on Leaf, his nomadic ways was a stark contrast to modern society and as a result he was often mistaken for a homeless-man and ridiculed for it. But that did not matter, for Leaf new that the people that tried to insult him, did so only out of a lack of understanding. Chernarus was a unique stop on the groups journey. It was a place tainted by war and death. So many suffered and so much evil had been born as a result. Leaf and the rest of Arbor felt compelled to stay, if only for short time, to nurture the the imbalance back to stability. But they quickly realised that the evil born by war had tipped the scales to far. They did their best but the great sickness was to great of a force. And it took them, one by one until only Leaf remained. Alone in a dying world, doing all he could to heal it. Nowadays, Leaf lives a quiet life in a small shack on the outskirts of Shakhovka. Helping those who he comes across and working tirelessly on a way to stop the great sickness that covers these lands. Short Story Within a little shack in the middle of the forest a man with the birth name Elliott Stone helps an injured stranger onto a bed. "Breathe, just breathe. Let your heart be free to fix you. Let your lungs fill you with life... you will be fine, my friend, I have all we need to heal you." "Thank you," the stranger coughs out. "Don't thank me, my friend, it's not I who gives you life. We can thank Mother Goddess for that." The stranger gives a concerned look over in his saviour's direction and watches as the man picks several leaves from various hanging plants around the shack. "I am Leaf, what do I call you?" "um... Lucas" "Lucas? Curious." Leaf thinks on the name while he drops the leaves he'd collected into a Mortar and pestle and begins to grind them together. "Why?" "Why what? My friend." The Lucas coughs, "why is my name curious?" "Lucas is another name for Lucius, son of the devil... I thought that to be curious, that's all." Leaf places his mix into a small cotton bag and hands it it to Lucas. "Place this over your nose and breathe normally. It will help numb the pain." "Thank you, Leaf. And I assure you that my name is just a coincidence," Lucas winces as he laughs at his poor attempt at a joke. "There are no coincidences, my friend, but whoever you are you will be safe here, I promise you that. Now rest, this might be quite unpleasant." Lucas slept for a considerable number of hours. Leaf had been sitting by Lucas' side ever since he had fallen into his deep sleep. He sat there silently, listening to the songs of the birds in the trees. Leaf sat there for hours and hours, just listening. Those songs so pure and peaceful, so so... They changed, the birds no longer sang they screamed, screamed a warning. BANG! The world went silent, as the gunshot echoed throughout the forest. "Get out here!" A gruff voice shouted. Leaf stood up and walk to his front door. It opened with a loud creak. A group of six stood in Leaf's garden. Each holding weapons of frightening variety. "Hello friends, is there something you need?" "We are not your friends," the man said bluntly, "we're looking for a trouble maker, goes by the name-" "Lucas," Leaf interrupts, "Yes, I thought you might" "So he's here then?" the rough looking man says with a smile. "Yes, in a manner of sense." "What does that mean? Is he here or not!" "His body is here. His body was to badly damaged for his spirit to remain." "Alright, crazy man. Show me his body." "Follow me." The gruff man followed Leaf inside. Lucas laid laid motionless on the bed. The man walked over and placed two fingers on Lucas' neck. "Huh, the fucker really is dead... you may be crazy but at least you're not a liar." "Do you wish to take the body?" "Nah, he ain't worth the effort." "Very well, I shall burn it." "Sure, do whatever you want mate" Leaf nodded his head and followed the man outside and watched as the group received the news, there was a cheer from the group and then they moved on, not giving Leaf a second glance. Leaf waited for the birds to resume their songs before heading back inside. Once he sat back down by Lucas' side, he removed the small cotton bag from Lucas' nose and waited. Lucas woke in a state of panic, his eyes searching the room before settling on Leaf. "What was that! What did you do to me!" "My apologies Lucas, that remedy can be quite unpleasant. But it did it's job. Those people who were after you found it quite convincing," Leaf said with a chuckle. "Found what convincing?" "It's a remedy of my own design, hides your spirit deep in your body. If you don't know what to look for, most would assume it was gone." "You... you mean they thought I was dead?" "Yes my friend, very much so."
  2. OliverPlotTwist


    lol wot?
  3. OliverPlotTwist

    This is odd

    There is a big difference between a streamer accidentally talking OOC or killing someone because they didn't full understand the rules and what Psi did. He broke numerous rules more than once.
  4. OliverPlotTwist

    DayZ BETA discussion thread

    The development of a whole new engine for DayZ is a good enough reason for me. Also on a completely unrelated note, what's your avatar from? It looks awesome.
  5. OliverPlotTwist

    DayZ BETA discussion thread

    One of the best thing about the stress test for me was the staggering amount of friendly players I ran into. Everyone was so excited and just wanted help each other test and see the new things.
  6. OliverPlotTwist

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Yes, you're right. I'm sorry. Usually it take quite a lot to rile me up, I don't know why that guy gets me so angry. But that's my problem not his, I'm sure in the long term his presence will be a positive one.
  7. OliverPlotTwist

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    -USER WAS WARNED FOR A PART OF THIS POST- I am happy that some good came from him playing here. A few good beans are always nice and I'm always glad when people who want to enjoy somewhat more hardcore style roleplay joins this community. And believe it or not I don't want to see this community die. I just don't want to see it turn into a GmodRP server.
  8. OliverPlotTwist

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    Okay maybe I should rephrase that. I don't know about you guys but I would prefer a smaller community with some basic idea of fun roleplay over a large community with... his idea of "Roleplay".
  9. OliverPlotTwist

    PsiSyn back in DayZRP.

    I don't know about you guys but I would prefer a smaller community with high-quality Roleplayers over a large community with... his level of Roleplayers.
  10. OliverPlotTwist

    In game Premium poll

    I'm going to say a huge NOPE for the "Selectable custom respawn locations" as a premium perk. Clothing I can get, they're ingame, I can rob/trade to get them. But selecting a respawn is a big no go. Give that to everyone or no one.
  11. OliverPlotTwist

    Excessive Reporting ?

    I remember when I first started I usually just ran around with a mountain backpack full of Mosin rounds. There is a bit of an adjustment from normal DayZ to DayzRP. I think the whitenames just need a little time to get used to things and learn about the whole Roleplay over Ruleplay thing.
  12. OliverPlotTwist

    Google+ Memorial Thread

    Oh yeah, Google+ was a thing.
  13. More pictures of Snow Chernarus Source: https://vk.com/dayz_kolobov
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