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  1. I feel as though if you wouldn't have been so busy telling me i'm rule breaking this and rule breaking that, you could have enjoyed the encounter and we could have rp'd more and more. Again, you escaped... bravo. I couldn't find him... that's why I left after a throughout search of berezino. we did have interaction before that...he started recording after the convesation I told him I could help him in his quest to rid the city of the infected and then when he turned his back I handcuffed him. Thus, I lied to him. Again, my character is not a friendly fellow.
  2. You were lied to... I befriended you and then I robbed you. I made sure you were not hurt from infected or otherwise and I robbed you. It's the apocalypse...just like I told you in game. My character is not a nice guy. Then ... he tried to handcuff me.... bravo... I escaped though. But not before I pulled out my trusty .357 magnum. (I just robbed the bullets from him btw)... I thought to myself.... i'm gonna have some funnn now I asked him to put the handcuffs on the ground.... which, he did... but as another great rp move... he threw them into the grass far away.... I continued the rp and told him to go find them. He searched a bit, but he made a quick move and ducked under a pipe and ran away. Again bravo. Fact is... I would have continued the rp, but I never saw him again in Berezino. I even yelled out sinister-like "lets play hide and seeeeeekkkk!!!!.. Run rabbit run!!!"... unfortunately I couldn't find him. I'm surprised you made it a report my friend. I thought it was fun little encounter. Were you upset that you got robbed? Don't be... if we're going by the rules... you escaped and thus ended our interaction. I could have made things reeeeeeaall interesting
  3. Thank you. Glad you liked. More to come.
  4. So I'm playing on a private server and the server just restarted and my tent is gone. And no, nobody took it. I was literally 5 minutes away, realized I forgot something and the server went down. Went back to my location and its gone. This was the main reason I was waiting for .58 on stable... persistent tents. Anyone else run into this? Very disappointed.
  5. The Tales of Walton Mercy Part 1 - "Always Prepared" [video=youtube]
  6. Thank you for the comment Please feel free to subscribe if you liked it. Much more to come! A lot of footage comes off the dayzrp servers as well.
  7. A fun little video I just made... visit the darker side of Dayz. Hope you enjoy. -WarmBrains [video=youtube]
  8. A fun little video I just made... visit the darker side of Dayz. Hope you enjoy. -WarmBrains [video=youtube]
  9. Hey guys... just had a cool experience on the latest .58 experimental patch. I don't care what anyone says... that a.I. is really coming along! Had to share. [video=youtube]
  10. Well sorry you didn't care for it? I guess i'm still learning. The whole experience was over 2 minutes, please see the video again for time length. Sorry, don't know what else to say? I think anyone, regardless of being backwoods or not, would care about ANY gun they ran across in this environment. And probably would effectively try to ram any magazine they had into it in the hopes it would fit. Like I said, it all depends on where you draw the line. If you really wanna get deep into it, why wouldn't a sick mess like this character just execute him on the street for talking back? Because its against the rules. That's why. Nothing can be perfect. Sorry again you didn't care for it.
  11. Yes, you are wrong in your assessment. My character is a back woods, sick individual. I was in character. While it was a little short, it was not meaningless, because I found the gun I needed on my journey and in case you missed it most of the interaction was in the middle of the road in broad daylight. I had to make it as quick as possible for fear of a Hero coming along. I believe any hero or friend of his would have had KOS rights on me at that point. Any good thief has to be aware of his surroundings. Add to the fact that Elektro was 1-2 minutes up the road, he had no food to begin with, and no ammo in the gun....he was hardly worse off than when I met him. He took off the dress approximately 600m up the road, at the construction area so at that point he was more than likely completely naked. The fact is he just didn't like the dress, but if you're talking survival, the dress has 2 pockets as opposed to none. So he was better off wearing it than the shirt he originally had. Why take off the dress? Perhaps, he found something better... ya never know. My motive and legitimate reason for robbing him in this situation was getting the RAK, and then having the character punish him for his potty mouth whether you like that answer or not. Obviously this RP was good enough to evoke some sort of emotion from him, albeit a bit short. Am I bound to be a hero so he has an "enjoyable RP experience" in your eyes? No i'm not. He's probably never run into something sick and twisted like that in an RP environment and it angered him. That's the mark of a truly good experience. His helplessness. Could I have taken him along with me in the woods and really rotted his brain with Walton Mercy's sickness? Absolutely. But then you could probably be coming back saying I still didn't have a legit reason and I'm only doing it for OOC giggles. Where do you draw the line? Look beyond the character I am portraying on this RP server as I am nothing like him in real life. Please realize I always try to give everyone a good memorable experience. Ask yourself, in an apocalypse would you run into really really bad people? I believe the answer is yes. He ran into it. Maybe next time I will take it a step farther, take him out in the woods and drag him along with me for 30 minutes or an hour while keeping him fed. It's an idea? Then maybe I wont get a silly report filed against me.
  12. Yes we would like to see the full video from your viewpoint, please upload the video and link it here asap. --------------- Here ya go! If you notice, he tries to circle around me and that's when I spotted that RAK I had to have. When I drop the pink dress, there are 2 magazines inside. 1 is a 15rd CR75 mag, the other is the 15rd RAK mag I was talking about. I had been looking for the actual gun for quite some time! Truth be told, I wasn't even going to make him wear the dress until he decided to cuss at me. That's when I thought I'd embarrass the little guy, as he had quite the mouth on him! (I guess he conveniently left that part out of his report) [video=youtube] Overall, you still took it real well buddy. That is, before this silly little report. You're always going to run into real bad people out there in that wasteland of Dayz. Proud to say Walton Mercy is one of em! It just wasn't your lucky day. You'll always remember our little interaction, good or bad, which is what I always aim for! P.S. - I found out later after strolling along that path that you dropped the pink dress in that construction building. I've picked up that pretty little number for the next cowboy I run across
  13. Hi there, Wow... there's no reason to rob is a violation? Is there ever a reason to rob? lol... this is the apocalypse! Survival of the fittest! Everything went down the way he said it did with the exception of the actual reason I robbed him was that I needed his RAK. I had a magazine for it. I would be happy to show via video evidence if the moderators would like to see it? Hopefully, that covers the "no reason to rob" category he's talking about. Realistically, I think he was just more embarrassed that I made him wear a pink dress. My character is not the nicest fellow so I was just staying in character. Never caused him no physical harm and we were literally a 2 minute jog from Elektro, so I knew he would be well taken care of. I would love some clarification on the 'no reason to rob' category as I have to admit, I love robbing people and this would take some of the fun out of it for me. I don't ever KOS or aim to harm anyone (unless they are provoking me and not following direction) and always try to get a good laugh. I got a BIG laugh out of watching him stroll away in that Purdy dress!
  14. [Diary Entry: 1/13/2015] He said his name was Anton. If you ask me he was little too calm for not seeing anyone for weeks like he told me. Liar. Seemed like a nice enough guy. But at this point, nice just isn't good enough. I want my boy. And he lied. So what's to say he didn't lie about everything? About seeing Taylor. No regrets at this point. After being on the coast for what seemed like weeks I made my way to this little mountain town called Novo this evening. Shit rainy kinda evening. Managed to get some clothing and nice automatic shotgun that someone had conveniently misplaced in the back of a vehicle. I'll call her Darla. Darla The Peacemaker. She's now loaded, that town a few miles back Svet, I think its called managed to supply some shells. Just in case... just in case. I've looked everywhere for Taylor. I won't ever stop. Not in this lifetime. I figured I would head to that building that you have to be blind to miss. Tallest damn building in that town. Had to be somebody there that knew something right? Somebody had to have seen him. Someone had to be there. Someone was. I think it was a city hall or something like that. That's where I found "Anton" about 7 or 8 stories up. I won't lie. I was scared. Hadn't seen anyone in weeks. His demeanor was so calm, so "regular" like nothing in this whole shit life had disrupted him. When I managed to catch him off guard, I saw red. Immediately asked the guy to put his hands up. Then all I could see was Taylor's face. I asked Anton over and over again, had he seen my boy. Where was my boy? He acted clueless. I knew in the back of my mind he was probably innocent, but I saw something poking out of his backpack that would be extremely beneficial to me and my search for Taylor. Damn pistol with a scope on it. I'm not huge on guns, but seeing someone before they see me might do me a hell of a lot of good out here. I handcuffed the poor bastard and took his pistol. Sorry bud. I now see Taylor's face every now and then. Just smiling. I'm not sure what exactly I've turned into. A petty thief? Pretty good considering what this world has to offer right now. Before I left, I threw the keys down to Anton and told him if he followed me, I would open fire and not regret one damn thing. He understood. I'm sorry Anton. In another time, another life... I probably would have bought you a cup of coffee. But all that matters now is Taylor... finding Taylor. I left town shortly after and I'm currently held up in the woods a few miles outta town. Its nice here. Woke up after another can of cold spaghetti gave me stomach issues. I hoped it was all a nightmare, but sadly this is my reality. So I write. And I continue to travel. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Going to try to get some sleep. [end of entry]
  15. RJ 'Aces' Walton "Ask yourself, when the only light in your life has gone out is it replaced by fire... or... eternal darkness." Background It was never talked about, just expected. RJ was born and bred for military service. Well, atleast it would appear that way until you looked deeper. He came from a long line of US Military Veterans. His grandfather served in the D-Day/Normandy Invasion and "Battle of the Bulge" as an Army medic. His father, a Chief Senior Officer, US Navy, served in multiple submarine deployment units during the Cold War. Both brothers also served, one in the Navy (in and out after 4 years due to injury) and the other an Army Ranger who was part of the 82nd Airborne and was a Veteran of Desert Storm. The only problem it seems, was RJ himself. A troubled individual to say the least. RJ carried with him a bad attitude and had no desire to be told what to do in life. That mindset doesn't mesh well with the military. He knew he was never destined to wear the uniform. He also knew the shame he would carry for the rest of his life being the only man in his family to never serve. He was a lone wolf, a leader in his own right, and didn't want to be a puppet for some government that didn't give a damn about him anyway. His family never could understand him, always pressuring him to "give himself to the greater good of the United States military and make something of yourself". He disconnected with them and branched off. Made his own life. He was wild man in his 20s. Got into a lot of trouble with the law, constantly in fights, no stranger to whiskey and couldn't really get along with anyone...for long. Then his whole world changed. He met a girl, became a father and for the first time in his life he cared about something more than himself. His son became his whole world. The one purpose and the one light he had ever truly known in his own miserable existence. Life with the boy's mother didn't last long due to his stubborn nature, but RJ changed his mindset and set out to be a good father and example for his boy. The stresses and pressures of going into the military are something that he would bear alone and never pass onto his innocent son. That line of oppression had died with him. His son would be free to live whatever life he chose. It was time for a new path and new life with his boy. RJ, wanting to be that shining example for his son - became a teacher. An English teacher. He went back to school, got his degree while holding down multiple jobs and eventually got his secondary-level certification. One day, an opportunity came around to teach English to poor lower class Russian children in the smaller country to the south in Chernarus. RJ thought it was a chance for himself and his son to catch a glimpse of the world that he had never seen. One of the benefits of a past life he chose to never pursue. He booked a one way trip for himself and his boy to Chenarus. He thought it was a 2nd chance at life. A new beginning. In reality it was the beginning of the end. It's now been weeks since Chenarus fell down. It started with a whisper... until slowly there was nothing and no one left. We don't even know what the hell happened. The government tried to explain, but they couldn't. And when they tried again, no one was around to hear it. The government has since disappeared, leaving only traces. All that is left is survivors, which seem to be far and few between. RJ's son was part of that whisper that fell. Yet the circumstances of his son's disappearance are known only to him. And when his son left his world, RJ changed. The reason and the civility within him simply eroded. His once stubborn nature has turned into violent self hatred. Realization that the only good thing in his life is gone and that he is ultimately responsible, has not yet hit home. The one thing that kept him going in his whole miserable existence has departed. Ask yourself, when the only light in your life has gone out is it replaced by fire... or... eternal darkness. The following are accounts from RJ immediately after his son's tragic disappearance. Every man has his breaking point. Even you, reading this right now. These excerpts document the mental transition from sanity and reason to ... the unnatural; caused ultimately by forced and dire environmental circumstances. This is the breaking point and last "dayz" of RJ 'Aces' Walton.
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