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  1. Forget Antibiotics Bring In A Vaccine

    Free Medics Once again have a solution to your problem
  2. A call to arms by the Black Hat Militia

    Is this song from the walking dead game.
  3. A dirty brown folder

  4. Application to create a clan

    Unless you don't want your character to share his full name.
  5. Yeah I think it is a stupid rule. I'd rather see a new whitelist section where a person has to get their name approved. Existing members should only have to change their names if it is out of the ordinary and they don't have a reason for it. I already asked a similar question in the landmark case Captain Cucpakes v. The Board of Game Masters +1
  6. Survival Camps

    We already have Player Controlled Bases around the NWAF and no one uses those.
  7. [FM] Free Medics

    Don't like the new last name rule. This name is temporary until I think of a better one. How do you think Dr. Fukta Ru-Els would go over.
  8. Name Change Approval

    Hey Admins, before the new rules my name was Captain [FM]. Their is RP behind the name. That being I was the Captain of Navy humanitarian aid ship. I was wondering if I could keep that name, minus the [FM] of course. Thanks.
  9. Steerable light for helicopters

    +1 .
  10. A little idea, but very unsure If it'd work.

    I know that there has been suggestions to add new towns where just people would live. It might be cool to have zombies spawn outside the gates of those towns.
  11. Locked

    I had this happen to me the other day. It was locked for a good 25 minutes. I would get the password right and it would just say that the server is locked. When I would get in the game would freeze before It created character.
  12. Buff Boat Speed

    There is a chance of the PBX spawning. I just found it in a part of the DayzDB map that is too north to show.
  13. Buff Boat Speed

    There is a ton of overlap. Most of the vehicle spawns are the same but the mods have added in a couple more.
  14. Buff Boat Speed

    Funny... the fastest boat is called the fishing boat. If I'm not mistaken their is no PBX on Chernarus. Source: http://dayzdb.com/map
  15. Buff Boat Speed

    I might add to this thread later but just to get it out there. Boats need to go faster. Any joy I get from finding one is negated by the fact that I could run and make similar time. In a country with such a large coastline and several major harbors why would they have the crappiest boats.