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  1. Ukranian Military has been Mobilized!

    Western Media is ridiculous, they make Russia out to be evil, first of all it was no invasion, they were authorized to station troops in Crimea. They must do what they can to protect the surrounding countries, Ukraine has no Nukes, but it has Nuclear Power Plants, which in the wrong hands, is obviously devastating. And then Obama saying ''Peaceful'' Protesters of Ukraine, yea peaceful my ass.
  2. oh no ESO key illness

    *Cough* 966GEYW79MYHGENN5G9W

    Prepare for a craaaaaazy long download, took me like 12 hours.
  4. These forums are addicting

    I know right, I haven't played DayZ in like 5 months, yet I always check these forums..
  5. Fallout 4 disappointment

  6. Worst game you've ever bought

    COD, nuff said. (Although zombies is kickass)
  7. Music in your native language.

  8. Rising Storm Beta Giveaway

    Looks epic, and really fun! Would enjoy it tremendously! Is Red Orchestra 2 required to play this?, Is it just a DLC?
  9. ZUNPC

  10. More info on Donating?

    You get a balance of the money you donated, then you choose the skin you want to buy.
  11. Declaration of War

    Let's see how this turns out!
  12. Someone lit my shed on fire.

    This is why I wanna live in America, Wacky laws.
  13. Someone lit my shed on fire.

    Do you live in a council estate?
  14. Trade Post Population

    Well I'm sure UN and TPD are a more trusted clan, than lets say...S-GRU.
  15. Trade Post Population

    Yea I like that, leave the resources to us UN, to give out.