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  1. I found you a new avatar




  2. I dont see a single eagle on your profile... also, it should be orange :troll: 8/10 cause vikings rule
  3. @Higlox, @Hunter8008 & @CrimZenvGG, enjoyed the hostage RP from you 3 today @derNils "see, you just stuff your wood in there"
  4. nice screenshots moved to off-topic
  5. good to see you back bud
  6. dayum.. 007 2.0?
  7. it is not really an exploit if it is a game feature that is meant to be in the game. I get that it is not realistic but a first person only server wont work. We tried it for a long time already. I prefer myself running around in 3rd person because it just feels and looks better. I am barely in first person mode.
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    I dont like your signature. Mean German!

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      Wow you don't love me anymore?

  8. impressive, looks good buddy
  9. I like the first one, looks cool! did you use any filters?
  10. loving that avatar

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    2. Spartan


      get out of here @majoo 

    3. Joo


      @SPURTAN but jamie is late with the game...still fucking great game it is really :) 

    4. Jamie


      I actually did cry and 2 points in the game. A few tears were shed. 

  11. very dobre

    1. Joo


      Very...VERY DOBRE

    2. Spartan


      very very very dobre @majoo 

  12. If only standalone had this many infected...
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    happy birthday Voodoo!

  13. did you verify the files? here is a gif of how to do it: