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  1. Spartan

    *Meows in Chernarussian*

    My man. Welcome back
  2. Spartan

    Well, hello there

    Don't say that name, she died when we switched to the new lore
  3. Spartan

    Frank Appeal

    You can make an appeal here, make sure you read the requirements as they state that you shouldn't make a second account yourself.
  4. Spartan

    Is this thing on?

    Welcome back Plebbles
  5. Spartan

    Well, hello there

    Missed you bud
  6. Spartan

    Blacklist Appeal

    Hello Benjo, Your vac ban hasn't been longer than a year yet and therefore you does not meet the requirements to play on our server. Once your vac ban is at least a year old you can appeal your blacklist again. Outcome: Appeal denied.
  7. Spartan

    Caution Warning Appeal

    We fail to see why your post would have been flame baiting and therefore we have removed your caution & reinstated your post. Signed by me & @Brayces
  8. Spartan

    One Group

    *starts searching for the True Lies font* Good times but bringing it back would just kill the nostalgic feelings
  9. Spartan


    casually closes the thread as Brayces forgot to do it >.>
  10. Spartan

    The Riffs [Strict Recruitment]

    Is that @Grimnir in the logo? Everything looks good to go and I'd approve it if my little stepbrother @cheeks wasn't in this group. *nudges @Brayces to check it*
  11. Spartan

    A New Moon [Closed Recruitment]

    The lore and graphics are looking good but the goals do need some adjustments. The 4th one is the only one that isn't a generic goal. Have a look here for some pointers: If you need any specific help with them shoot me a PM.
  12. Spartan


    The thread looks really good, love the graphics. Goals & lore are fine itself too. Approved
  13. Spartan

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    Everything looks fine now and I've heard some good things about you guys. Approved
  14. Spartan

    This event was literally cancer...

    To be fair, I wasn't expecting this many people to sign up which caused the BPR to be heavily outnumbered. Originally I told the rest to aim for the legs and next to people at start so everyone could enjoy the event and not instantly get killed. The goal for the guards was to die so the event could progress. After the rescue party freed the pilot, she would have been brought to Berhezki. One or 2 wrong turns may have been made by accident but in the end they got there. Once everyone was there it was the goal to make people think it was over so the ambush party could scare the shit out of everyone by shooting next to them for the first few seconds. So much stuff didn't went as planned so we were left to improvise. People had to suddenly leave which had to be replaced and instructed on the spot. The zombies and infected was part of the plan, I dont know how much was spawned in but it was suppose to make it hard for the group. We put quite some effort in the event, hoping to create a fun time for the community. Feedback is always appricated and my PMs are always open for that as long as it is constructive aka not the first post of this thread. I hope most people had fun at least.
  15. Spartan

    Official Lore event - VIP extraction - 13/10/2018

    Hope everyone had fun at the event. There was a bit of a rough start followed by alot of miscommunication that lead to a clusterfuck but I hope everyone had a good time in the end.