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    1. Spartan


      What the hell is this? My ears are bleeding

  2. Spartan

    Interview with a Community Member: Jamie

    Not a bad interview @JuicyJamie
  3. Spartan


    Yeah! A long time ago, about a year or 2 before the lorewipe. I played Nora the mute with The Wolves. Good old times. Hope to see your care packages ingame again, a shame that you can't leave a not anymore since they fucked up the notes.
  4. Spartan

    The art of ambience

    I used to play with ambience music/sounds/tracks when the LW just happened but currently I just play with normal music. Back then I used the Metro & The Last of Us tracks on Spotify, they're the best.
  5. Spartan


    Oh boy, I remember finding one of your packages in Zeleno at the well next to the supermarket. Back when notes were still working. Welcome back
  6. Spartan

    The Black Roses

    One of the images does not seem to work for me: You've explained well why you're back & where you have been. Besides the image error I do not see any other issues. Welcome back, approved.
  7. Spartan

    Blackisted Ban Appeal

    Thank you for your response. But, in reviewing your Steam Account it appears to be very new with very few friends as well you mention in your Whitelist that you are a part of a GTA V RP server however, you only have a few hours in the game. Would you mind explaining that?
  8. Spartan

    *Hangs Up Mod Hat*

    See ya around Taryn. You were a good LM & mod
  9. Spartan


    Please link us all the steam accounts you have access to. Thanks.
  10. Spartan

    Blackisted Ban Appeal

    Thanks for updating your appeal with the correct format. Please link us all the steam accounts you have access to.
  11. Spartan


    Roughly 12 hours after the concert, the high pitched tone is finally fading. It was worth it though, Hilltop Hoods normally play for thousands of people but yesterday there were only 250 and we were at the front row. After 6 years of following them I finally got to see them live 😄 


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    2. gElmo


      Image result for baby driver

    3. Spartan


      Never heard of them @JimRP, you got a good song of them laying around?

      @gElmo pls no

    4. JimRP




      This one is also good and it's based on a true story.

  12. Spartan

    Reducing ban time for leaving threads.

    No one forces you to make a leaving thread. If you won't be gone for at least a month don't make one, if you will be gone longer than a month make one. The month waiting time got introduced because people kept making leaving threads for attention and then come back a week or 2 later. It's a no from me. Add a poll btw, makes it easier to see what people think of your suggestion.
  13. Spartan

    Forgot the Password

    Moved to Questions
  14. Spartan

    Appeal Whitelisting Ban

    Hey @Rej, In all of your 5 attempts, you had 6 questions wrong. Everytime you had either a lore question or a metagame question wrong, often the same question. You were close to being accepted but didn't made it almost everytime with just a single mistake. However, every single answer to the questions about the lore can be found in the lore. Even the question you originally copied into your appeal. With the above stated, we see no reason not to allow you one more chance at our whitelist. This will be your last chance at the whitelist, so we recommend seeking help in our Discord Helpdesk. On the newcomer guide, you can find a lot of useful information about the forum and playing in game in general. We are responsible, providing you everything you have to know and it is on you to read it. If you need help and clarification, our Staff team will clarify any questions you have and explain the rules in more detail. Our Staff members will not tell you the correct answer but will explain the rules to you by using examples. You will come to the right conclusion by yourself. They will show you where on the Forums you can find the right answer. For more detailed questions about the Lore, feel free to contact one of our Support members. You can contact the Supports by PM or by joining our Discord and jumping in the "waiting for staff" channel. Keep in mind that even if you pass all the questions, you still need to submit a Backstory and the story has to fit our Lore. If you fail either the questions or the background story you will not receive anymore whitelist chances. Good luck. Make sure your steam is public and not private so we can process your whitelist. Please check your whitelist page. If you cannot reapply, contact an Admin directly via Discord or PM. Outcome: Appeal Accepted, 6th chance granted. Done by me, checked by @Brayces
  15. Spartan

    Nordic Battlegroup

    The activity of the group is good in general. You do have one member who hasn't played in 2 weeks, 1 member who hasn't played in 3 weeks and then this @Roland guy who hasn't been ingame in a month. Just try and get them active or remove them from the roster until they can be active again. GL getting Rolle ingame