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  1. Still not MVP tho

    1. DrMax



  2. Oi, I got rights on the use of that name
  3. *presses down ptt* "Oh don't worry. We killed plenty of Russians and communists who didn't get the message after we showed them the way back to Putin's shithole. The usefull and good foreigners can stay." "You know? It's pretty funny. My scouts just told me that you just ate some babies. Keep your propaganda out of here, you Russians won't win any hearts and minds in this country" *releases ptt*
  4. *A voice with a Chernarussian accent comes through* "Ano, and I'm the president of Mars. You got any more fake news to share?" "Besides, the Green Mountain is still ours. The woman and her people are staying there after she agreed on our terms." "Keep your propaganda in that shithole of a country you call Russia." *He shakes his head in disgust before lowering his radio
  5. Nah mate, that was this AthanHunter kid. Havent seen him around for quite a while now
  6. You remind me of a certain sparkling admin with that avatar *coughs* @Ark *coughs*. High quality gif though 7/10
  7. Who dis new phone
  8. Oh shit, who dis? I didn't even know you were back. Welcome Chews
  9. Where were you this evening?


    1. Spartan


      At your m-... nowhere

  10. @Combine @jason hunter @Solo @Beni @Grimnir @Mexi
  11. Nice one Raz but I don't want to go to a prison in South Africa.
  12. That's what I thought, thanks for clarifying RoRo.
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