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"The more pizza I eat, the less pizza I have"

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  1. What Animal is the person above you?

    a pigeon
  2. What Animal is the person above you?

    a bitch (female dog, pls no points)
  3. can't kill you, your sister would be too upset to see me again
  4. kill, don't take my report call outs away again!
  5. Willem Nedved's Picture Book

    You need to get out in the sun more often, your face is so pale.
  6. Whack A Cow!

    It's a ghost cow. I wouldn't eat it..
  7. DayZRP Community Memes

    I try my best, good sir
  8. Please no, we can barely handle him on his own... nice interview buddy, it is lacking Tachanka meme's though
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    1. warmr



    2. Spartan


      That is great. You should checkout the YT channel named "The Chanka". Best Chanka memes

    3. warmr


      He was the first additional character I got in siege. >_> Still scared to play that game live, but hey! Terrorist runs are great. 

  9. Storage Wars/ Hunters

    Nice idea, it is a nice IC game. Would love to see this ingame but I wouldn't get a camera crew. No need for that.
  10. I will always be your 1000th bean.




    1. Spartan


      I'm more shocked that you liked something I posted :o

  11. Sad Reacts Please

    2 late, already done. Rip Brady
  12. Sad Reacts Please

    Sad to see you leave the community. Your whitelist will be revoked in 24 hours, yung Brady Come back soon and I will maybe follow you <3