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  1. Nordic Battlegroup

    Nice pictures, I like the last one especially. You should add some filters and effects to that one.
  2. Nice one again Brayces but next time when you powergame @elmo you better make him wear a pink mini skirt
  3. S1: KOS at North-East Airfield 15-10-17

    Verdict: @TryaxReck [Invalid Kill - on sight]: Inconclusive. Explanation: A team of staff has reviewed this report and has come to a conclusion regarding it. Let's recap the situation first: @OutlaweTV logged in on the NEAF in the main building. He proceeds to go through a few tents. During this @TryaxReck sneaks up and he states in his point of view that he initiated by text, waited 15 seconds and then shot the OP when he saw him pull a weapon. He initiated because he suspected the OP to be a part of the people who robbed him the previous day. However, the OP states that he did not receive a text initiation and was shot without a warning. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, there are no log files for the day of this report and thus we can not verify if the accused did in fact initiate and waited 15 seconds before shooting the OP. The point of views are conflicting; the OP states that he did not receive an initiation while the accused states that he did initiate by text while being in range. As the staff team we can not take one word over the other and without any video evidence we have to deem this report as inconclusive. We apologize for the failure of the logs. With the above stated, the following applies -- Outcome: @TryaxReck [Invalid Kill - on sight]: No Punishment. Verdict by @Spartan, @Para & @Red
  4. Role playing 101

    It's a nice general guide, there is some stuff in there that I do not like such as putting the " when you use textRP. As a textRPer you have to be quick, type as fast as possible. You don't have time for the " and almost no one does that for that reason. Secondly the powergaming that @Grimnir pointed out. If I got a hostage on his knees tied up infront of me or tied up against a tree I'm not attempting to hit him, I am hitting him. It is not powergaming by the DayZRP rules but yet the title of the guide is "Role playing in DayZRP 101". Maybe change that part or change the title to "Role playing in general 101". Lastly, the thoughts part. It always annoyed me when people typed stuff like *smirks under her mask and thinks* "god, these guys are idiots". personally I do not type down the thoughts of my character, it's not like someone is RPing as a mindreader so it is unnecessary information. I'd like to keep it simple like *She grimaces as she looks at the dead infected* instead of *She grimaces as she looks at the dead infected and thinks* "god, this is disgusting" Overall, it is a good roleplaying guide that might help out some of our newer members. Good job.


    1. Spartan


      Who plays Thermite in Terrorist hunt, huh?

    2. Papa Tachanka

      Papa Tachanka

      I play tachanka on attack.

    3. Spartan



      Put the turret on a segway 

  6. S1: KOS at North-East Airfield 15-10-17

    @TryaxReck, how far were you standing from the OP before you initiated and how long did you wait before shooting him? Was he turning towards you when you shot him or was his back facing you the whole time?
  7. Lost and Alone: Tales of Elizabeth Smith

    Tivian should come and visit Ella & Elizabeth tbf Last time she saw him was actually the part Rogue described in the story above
  8. The Last Light Media Thread

    @Lemons about to shoot @RogueSolace with a bow @Nick Wilde getting archery lessons from Ella @Faith & @Lemons following the fashion trend. Found some English papers, never realised that there were English papers in the smaller towns in South-Zagoria
  9. Lost and Alone: Tales of Elizabeth Smith

    Another great part of the story, I loved how well you described Ella and her motivation behind her actions. Goodjob <3
  10. RP Help Vampires

    I... this....I... I don't know what to say... moved to off-topic I guess?..
  11. The Last Light Media Thread

    It was Severograd. Nice pics
  12. Some Siege highlights of the past 2 weeks:


    People in the vid: @Slash, @Ramon, @Lucass, @Commissar, @Phatal, @Razareth, @Helsing & my fellow ambush recruit @DerSchnitzler

    1. Slash


      Lol nice ambush

  13. Elizaveta Strakova

  14. An interview with Rolle

    Interesting interview, thanks for sharing