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"I'd rather be the hammer than the anvil"

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  1. *nods a hello*

    Welcome, congrats on your whitelist
  2. S1 | BadRP / OOC VOIP / NVFL | 11:40 21/10/2017

    Hit Logs: Death Logs: Connection Logs: Chat Logs: N/A Calling in the following people to post their Point of Views & any video evidence they may have: @HazardousMaterial935- Franklin Chorolla | @Spanners- Jonny Jackson
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    I'd rather be the Montgomery than the Rommel


    Image result for troll

    luv u timmy xoxo

    1. Spartan


      you disgust me

    2. Iso


      Rats outlive foxes my friend <:

  3. Chernarus' Got Talent

    try and plan a week ahead so you got more time to see who will join and where to go. You'll probably get more people as this all was done last minute.
  4. Forcing someone to kill your character?

    1) "If you don't shoot me.... I'm going to shoot you." You give demands ( "shoot me") and give clear consequences what will happen if he does not comply to the given demands (or I will shoot you) so you initiate on him, giving him kill rights on you. 2) this part is tricky. Why would your character kill his bestfriend? it will make him feel even worse. You won't be killing him in self defense since you want him to shoot you. What if he calls your bluff but you still want to show that you are serious. If anything, I wouldn't go for a kill shot then, who will kill you when you kill him? I like the idea, I'd love to see this happen with my current character.
  5. Bean's Traveling Pictures

    She looks like she is about to put a hatchet between your eyes..
  6. Why Severograd?

    Hotspots constantly change. Now it is Sverograd but in a month it can be any different town or place on the map. Green Mountain and Kabanino were a hot spot for a long time but now it is Sverograd.
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    • Papa Tachanka

    Your profile song is great.

    Also, Tachanka = Putin


    1. GaryCash


      when i saw this shit it had me rofling

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    I liked your profile more when it was LOTR or Slash themed, @athanhunter 

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  7. @Cody Husky, your temp ban has been lifted. Please keep an eye on the report as we may have more questions.
  8. Chernarus' Got Talent

    I hope someone will record this. Have fun!
  9. TextRP not working

    I had it a few weeks ago, simply restarting DayZ fixed it for me. Maybe try another restart and if that doesn't work you can always verify the cache.
  10. Kelsey Brothers Ltd.

    It would be good to see the headers in a graphic form. Also, the event, I'd make a hyperlink of that. It would look better. Goodluck
  11. Peg’s Place for Media

    Jeez, poor guy. The reaction of the others is great though
  12. hey, that's pretty good. I only realised half way through the video that you had a face cam in the corner